15 Crazy Mistakes You Never Noticed In Skyrim

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still has fans discovering new secrets. Though the game was first released in November 2011, the open world role playing game is still promoted by the famous developer. Bethesda continues to re-release Skyrim, with an upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch and even Virtual Reality, but many gamers prefer to play the original game. With over 200 side quests to uncover, it’s no surprise that new content is often discovered.

With this new content, fans also realize some mistakes found within Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls series is made up of multiple games, but even Bethesda gets confused on a large amount of lore they have created. Skyrim may provide gamers an immersive experience, but some mistakes hinder gameplay. Bethesda took notice after fans gave them feedback. Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard discussed that they hope to decrease lag time and glitches. Thankfully, they’re working on resolving these issues before starting the next Elder Scrolls installment.

Not all mistakes can be found in the gameplay. The story also suffers from plot holes. The region of Skyrim has inconsistencies that kill immersion. Though devoted fans might state that mods will fix it, some issues could have been resolved during quality assurance before the game was released.

We’ve listed some of the craziest mistakes that can be found within Skyrim. Just a warning: once you notice these mistakes, you may not be able to unsee them.

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15 Maybe There's Medieval Perfume?

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Skyrim is set during a time of medieval fantasy and civil war. Most of the people you encounter are residents within a city. They continue to live their lives normally. Bethesda has done an excellent job showing us how these villagers work, sleep, and eat. They work hard, and the dirt is evident on their faces and clothes. However, they’ve failed to display the most basic functions shared by a majority of residents in Tamriel.

Most of the houses are small shacks lacking a bath basin or basic medieval toilet. For players who enjoy role-playing and immersion, this small but noticeable mistake can hinder players’ gameplay. Did villagers bathe in the cold rivers of Skyrim? Did the cities have an underground bathhouse that Bethesda failed to mention? Perhaps in the next Elder Scrolls, our character can enjoy a hot bath after a long day of adventuring.

14 Faster Than The Speed Of Dragon

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Dragons cause panic among the residents of Skyrim. With no phones or carrier pigeons, the only way to warn other villages of a dragon threat is sending a messenger on foot or by carriage. As the Dragonborn, that messenger is usually you.

The Dragonborn and Hadvir were lucky enough to escape from a dragon. The dragon is already on its way to Riverwood and Whiterun. After first arriving at Riverwood, you learn from Hadvar’s Uncle that the small village is unprepared for a dragon attack. He asks you to warn the Jarl of Whiterun. You have to outrun a dragon, which is usually impossible. Dragons can fly and cover more ground quicker than you can on foot. Of course, the game has the dragon wait patiently until the story line is ready for you to fight the dragon.

13 I'll Help You With That In A Second

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When playing Skyrim, you’ll quickly notice that there is way more side quest content than the main quest. Most of the side quests are simple fetch quests. You’ll quickly build up a list of side quests to do when you’re ready. Though there are several to choose from, there is little motivation to complete them. Few quests that need to be finished immediately.

In “Amren’s Sword,” Bandits will make camp until you reach them to recover Amren’s stolen family sword. When reaching the end of the quest “In My Time of Need,” you have to help Saadia escape before she is captured by Redguards. She will wait until you’re ready, even though she could be caught at any time. If you’ve opted to bring Saadia to the Redguard, he will wait by the stable until you’re ready to lead her out.

12 They Haven’t Lost Their Step

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The Falmer originated from the Snow Elves of Skyrim. They have lived underground for ages with a festering building hatred for surface dwellers. They live in the Dwemer Ruins and have adapted to their environment. Though they are blind, their other senses have improved almost too well.

When fighting these creatures underground, they attack as if they are not blind. They fight like any other normal enemy, such as a Draugr, who can see. Their aim using bows and arrows or magic is perfect, even if the Dragonborn uses Sneak or Invisibility. Have their senses become so finely tuned that they can detect any movement? Bethesda gives little information on the mutations of the Falmer. We only know that these creatures have mutated from eating poison mushrooms from Blackmarsh.

11 This Police Force Is Very Inept

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Criminals who get caught by the city’s guards are quickly sent to jail. Visit a prison, and you’ll notice that most of the cells are empty. The guards do their best to help you take down random attacks within villages or maybe launch a few arrows at a dragon that has moved too close, but they do a poor job at capturing those who do criminal acts.

Riften is one of the few places that has a refuge for the thieves and bandits of Skyrim. We can find bandits camps scattered around the country. In larger cities, there are no additional refuges for bandits to reside. Cities would be the most obvious place for thieves to live since there are a plethora of valuables to steal. Instead, most of the bandits are away from cities, and you must search for them.

10 Sounds The Same To Me

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Though you’ll spend hours exploring caves and the city lands of Skyrim, you will also have to enter villages to trade and rest. Communities contain a handful of NPCs, but if you meet one, you’ve met them all. These non-playable characters are similar to any other NPC you’ll meet in a city or village. Similar NPCs is an issue that all role-playing games, and it is unfortunate that Bethesda did not attempt to create unique settlements.

If you’ve spoken to an NPC, you’ll also notice that the males and females all have similar voices. Bethesda boasts that they hired around 70 voice actors, but there are over 60,000 lines of recorded dialogue in the game. For most of the races, only one female and one male were used to record lines of NPCs. The voices fail to be unique, which is a mistake Bethesda made. Similar sounding NPCs break immersion for gamers.

9 Fight One And You’ve Fought Them All

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The primary focus of Skyrim is to fight the dragons who are trying to destroy the world. While exploring the world, you’ll hear a flapping of wings and a random dragon will swoop down to attack. You’ll quickly notice that the dragons lack variety. Seeing the same dragon might make you question if you killed the last one. The next dragon will likely attack the same way unless you meet a uniquely named dragon.

The majority of the dragons you fight in Skyrim are the same. Their fighting pattern is always to fly in the air, land, breathe fire and maybe swipe at you with their claws if you’re too close. You can defeat the dragons with bows or spells. It quickly becomes repetitive, but it is a necessity to defeat them to absorb their souls, which can be used to unlock new shouts.

8 They're Climbable, Until They're Not

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At E3 in 2011, while presenting Skyrim, Todd Howard gave the famous quote “See that mountain? You can climb it.” A majority of Skyrim’s map is made up of mountains. Though the mountains are not pre-rendered backgrounds and can be interacted with, not all of them can be climbed. Most of the mountain peaks are unreachable unless you glitch yourself up to the top. Even if you do, there is nothing to be achieved.

The world of Skyrim is open to exploring, but not everything is worth exploring. Many of the environments are similar, especially the dungeons within caves. Fast travel on the map or by using a carriage is always an option, but if mountains can be climbed, players should be able to walk over them to reach their next destination and not a hindrance.

7 That's Some Good Food Preservation

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When you’re not fighting dragons, you’re likely to be in an old cave recovering an ancient relic. Most of the enemies you face haven’t seen another living creature in ages. These enemies don’t need food or water to survive, but you do to regain your health. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of fresh food inside of canisters and chests all around these caves.

There is no explanation of why fresh vegetables can be found inside of caves. Many of the quests givers will tell you an area hasn’t been explored in years or you will have to use a lost relic to unlock a door, yet fresh food can still be found. This is an obvious design mistake. Instead of spending time placing food inside of caves, more time should have been spent working on other gameplay glitches in Skyrim.

6 Empty Promises

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With the amount of thievery, serial murders, deaths at sea, and now dragon attacks, some of the residents of Skyrim seek solace with spiritual endeavors. Unless you want to get married and require Mara’s blessing, the Dragonborn may ignore most religious options.

If you do choose to help the religious icons of Skyrim, there are several that want you to aid them. All you have to do is promise them your soul. Your soul can be promised to anyone with no consequences. With some dragon souls you have absorbed at the end of the game, your soul may be too powerful to belong to any of the deities of Tamriel. If you made the promise to a deity, it’s not mentioned at the end of the game, so it’s more likely that the Dragonborn made an empty promise.

5 The People Of Skyrim Aren't That Creative

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The world of Skyrim contains several hidden areas containing secret treasures and awards. In one of the over 200 quests in the game, you will be forced to explore some of them. Most of your time in these caves will be spent battling Draugrs, but you’ll also have to complete puzzles to progress further.

Unfortunately, the puzzles lack any creativity. Unlocking a large door can be done with a simple item. A sliding image puzzle can be answered by looking at the solution on the wall next to you. Slightly more complex puzzles only mean toggling through different Words of Power to dash through obstacles. Bethesda wants you to believe that the ancient residents and heroes of Skyrim were intelligent, but their puzzles state otherwise.

4 You're Never Really Hated

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Play Skyrim, and you’ll be thrown into side quests that have nothing to do with the main quest lines. Your Dragonborn can choose almost any side quest unless it’s been previously failed or you haven’t met mandatory requirements. Though having a variety of side quests sounds great at first, it can throw a wrench into your character’s backstory of you role play.

Any side quest is open to you, no matter what kind of character you play. If you’re accepted the way of the vampire, you can still complete quests for Meridia. The Daedric Princess only called out to mortals and made her hatred for any undead life forms, including vampires, known. She will still accept your Vampire Dragonborn and reward you with the Dawnbreaker, a sword granted to Meridia’s champions.

3 Sorry, (Mostly) Only White Kids Live Here

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The children of Skyrim have little importance to the Dragonborn. These essential, non-killable characters are usually seen in cities, arguing with each other or begging in streets for gold. Most are orphans, hoping you’ll accept them into their family. Adopt one child, and you’re adopting them all. Skyrim’s children all share the same basic face model. The males and females of their race have the same voice actors and actresses.

Bethesda has a major issue with both the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series’ children. They’re more like afterthoughts, characters that needed to be added but have little purpose. Quantity over quality was more important to the developer. Since children are essential to extending humanity and other races, Bethesda could have made them more unique.

2 Maybe They Think It's Just A Costume?

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Besides your task to take down the evil dragons of Skyrim, you also have the option of joining a guild. From the Thieves Guild to the Dark Brotherhood, there are both good and evil groups available. You are not limited to a single guild and all hope to recruit you.

Once you join a guild and visit another, they will not recognize your alliance to the others. You can wear your assassin’s gear from the Dark Brotherhood and no one in The Companions will bat an eye. The guilds either don’t realize there are other competing groups out there or choose not to notice. Adding consequences of being a guild member and meeting a rival group or at least having a guild notice your unique guild garb would have been an excellent addition from Bethesda.

1 Nobody Really Cares What You Do

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Walk into any city, and both the residents and guards will comment on your status as the Dragonborn. They’re scared of dragons and appreciate your help. You may be granted the title of Jarl for helping the people of the city. Depending on if you’re playing a good or evil character, no one will notice your misdeeds unless you’re caught breaking the law.

For all of the side quests and all of the good that can be done, no one cares. Of course, communication may play a key role here. Word of mouth is the only form of communication. That did not hinder word of your Dragonborn status being spread quickly. Bethesda could have added a feature to the more you accomplish, or the more evil deeds you do, people will notice and comment when you appear. Instead, you are only the Dragonborn, and your good and bad deeds go unnoticed.

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