20 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Dot From ReBoot

ReBoot is the KING of 90s shows. No ifs, ands, or buts. The Canadian made CGI show about the inside of a computer (and those who either want to protect or control it) was magnificent and dazzled viewers of all ages. Thanks to an interesting plot that evolved and changed, a diverse cast of characters to love or hate, amazing voice talent, and a team that really cared about the story they were telling.

Well, at least until the final season, which started off great by introducing Daemon as a villain. This was pretty cool... and then the My Two Bobs Arc started and, well... yeah. If you've watched the show then you're already aware of the disappointment that whole Arc was, as well as the huge let down of it's ending. If you haven't seen it then I'm not going to be blackening your first view of the series by talking about it.

The end of the series, however, thankfully wasn't enough to fully stain its legend and ReBoot still holds up a lot better than most of the shows on television today. This is primarily thanks to its strong character development, and you can't talk about ReBoot's amazing characters without mentioning Dot Matrix.

While she starts the show as just a friend of Bob's, who owns a diner he hangs out at, she winds up eventually organizing all of Mainframes defenses and turning into a hardcore Guerilla warrior.

Below are twenty crazy things you might have forgotten, or that you never knew about the sprite.

20 Survival By Mistake

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While Bob was off being the catalyst to everything terrible that happened in the series before he ever came to Mainframe, a young Dot Matrix was helping her father get ready for his big presentation.

An inventor who had finished his next big unveiling called The Gateway Command. Welman Matrix was a bit of a nervous man, inexperienced at public speaking, with a tendency to forget the words to his speech. He relied heavily on his daughter to help him prepare.

His invention, despite being created with good intentions sadly proved to be disastrous to Mainframe when it dragged the Virus known as Gigabyte into the city, the Virus quickly destroyed the machine and accidentally caused a massive explosion, nullifying Welman and destroying the city. Dot only survived because she was late.

19 Ms. Monopoly

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Dot is basically a business mogul and over the course of ReBoot winds up owning most, if not all, of Mainframe. She's either owner or partner in so many different ventures that she has to keep a second organizer just to keep track of them all. At some point, she even winds up hiring a bunch of pirates so she can sell things to other systems!

It's this kind of organizational savvy that leads to her being the logistics behind Bob and then later the entirety of the city. At least you know she'll always be on the good guy's side since if Mainframe were ever deleted, that'd be one huge investment loss on her part.

Maybe that's the real reason she fights so hard to keep Mainframe safe?

18 Too Feminine

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ABC network was weird in the 90s, it's also why Dot's Season 1 and 2 design was so conservative. They put the creators of the show through a nightmare of rules and restrictions in order to have them meet their broadcasting standards. One of them was that Dot wasn't allowed to be too feminine.

Fearing what a green lady could do to our youth with her feminine wiles, the creators were forced to make some changes in her design including slimming her chest down.

Eventually, when they escaped ABC and began airing on other networks, they were able to get away with a lot more, hence why Dot's design changed and Enzo became Matrix. They were suddenly allowed to target an older audience.

17 Quite The Set Of Pipes

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Turns out Dot Matrix likes to sing and boy can she ever. During an episode where Enzo's birthday was coming up, Dot was planning on throwing her brother a surprise party. She sat down with Emma See the Program Sensor, to see if they could find an act suitable to perform at the big bash. This proves to be a poor idea as Dot winds up being driven half insane by Emma's constant rejection of act after act. Turns out none of the acts are appropriate in Emma's opinion as they don't follow Mainframe's censorship laws.

Social commentary done right.

Eventually, with no other option, Dot dons a swanky red cocktail dress and much to everyone's delight performs a jazzy song she titles "You're Alphanumeric."

16 A Tragic Failure

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Who can forget the episode where Dot screwed everything up when, for a rare moment, her organizational tendencies slipped?

Given a task by Phong to free a sector from Megabyte's control, Dot, with the help of a local, gives an impassioned speech essentially asking for the resident's social insurance numbers so they can be registered into Mainframe's Principal Office. The people living in the sector hesitantly decide to trust her and hand over their lives, however, she lets the device she's recorded all the numbers in out of her sight for a moment. This allows their guide to double cross them and steal the files, delivering them to Megabyte instead.

Before Dot can retrieve them, she winds up trapped in a game she loses and returns to Mainframe to see the totalitarian hellscape it's become under Megabyte's reign.

15 Righting Wrongs

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Thankfully her nightmare is ended when she wakes up back in the game she thought she lost, realizing she'd been granted a vision of the future (thanks, Phong) of what would happen if she failed to retrieve the information she'd lost.

Aware she's unable to give up, Dot manages to win the game she's trapped in and remembers that although Megabyte might have the files that they're encrypted and so she still has time to fix her mistakes.

Thinking quickly, Dot manages to hack into Megabyte's system and retrieve the files before he can crack into them, averting disaster and saving the day.

The sector's inhabitants quality of life is vastly improved as well, just like she promised.

14 Ripley? Is That You?

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Bob isn't the only one who can win a fight. Dot has proven this a few times but one of her most memorable was when she donned an exoskeleton and then engaged in a fight with Megabyte.

After the virus manages to get inside the Principal Office in perhaps his silliest scheme (essentially.... he mails himself there and then pops up out of the package like the worlds worst birthday surprise) he injures Phong and manages to finally get to the command core.

Megabyte quickly defeats Bob and sends him and Dot running, looking for a backup power source to get Glitch back online. Once he starts an erasure command, however, Dot is forced to come back swinging in order to foil his plan. After a short but heated battle, the pair manages to eject Megabyte from the building.

13 Commander In Chief

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Already in charge of all the CPU's, which are essentially Mainframe's policing force, Dot received a serious promotion when Phong wound up trapped in a game and took command of the entire city during a crisis.

It's pretty much a worse case scenario situation for Mainframe as well, with the city on the verge of total shutdown. Dot quickly begins to evacuate the city as the game, which had fallen, was badly corrupted and a lethal danger to everyone within Mainframe.

Thankfully her prudent decisions and skilled leadership prove unnecessary as Bob, Enzo, and Phong, manage to win the game. Their actions defeated Megabyte and fixed the crisis he'd caused in the first place.

12 Abduction And Battery

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Dot's abduction by the Web Creature was the beginning of bad times for Mainframe and wound up causing the loss of Bob and Enzo becoming a Guardian.

In an amazing X-Files spoof episode (where Bob is tracking down a series of mysterious kidnappings theorized to be a creature from the Web), Dot is sadly one of the first victims. She winds up being restrained by the creature so it can draw energy from her, it's too bad she was captured so soon as things might have been different had she been there to guide Bob.

At first, Mouse is suspected of being the culprit thanks to her fangs. Bob manages to prove she isn't but in doing so sets off a bomb that was intended to destroy Mainframe and the Creature with it.

Doing so causes a big burst of energy the creature uses to make a portal to the Web so it can call its buddies.

11 Time For The Big Guns

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After being freed from the Creatures grasp and recovering, Mainframe went to war with even Megabyte pitching in to help fight against the onslaught.

Dot essentially grabbed the biggest gun she could find and set to work, fighting alongside Bob, Megabyte, Mouse, and others, while they desperately tried to close the portal opened to the web. Despite many losses, it looked like the fight was going to be won. Sadly, Dot and the others put too much faith in Megabyte. While she was busy fighting off the invader's, Megabyte delivered a cheap shot to her, breaking her new toy and quickly incapacitating Bob in a missile pod (which was then launched into the portal where it closed, trapping the Guardian outside the city).

It was her who then tasked Enzo with the grave responsibility of becoming Mainframe's new Guardian.

10 To Mend And Defend

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With Mainframe now under heavy assault by the virus's Hexadecimal and Megabyte, (and Bob gone) someone had to step up to fight against them. Enzo wasn't experienced enough yet with his Guardian abilities and seemed to struggle with a lot of the pressures his new job came with.

So it was up to Dot to take charge of the city. While Phong was still in charge of the main city, Dot took full command of its defenses, organizing the citizens to fight against the viruses plaguing it.

With almost no resources and no time to rest, she managed to lead the remaining Nine CPU ships to victory against Megabyte's ABC's, forcing the viruses to retreat and nearly deleting Hexadecimal in the process.

9 The Faithful Aide

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Dot couldn't do it all alone though, throughout it all she's had a loyal assistant able to get her through the hard times. Specky, the nervous second in command.

Specky has provided the series with tons of great lines and moments. "Yes, sir! M-Mam! Sir-Ma'm!" He tends to get forgotten a lot when talking about Dot's accomplishments, however, most people don't even know his name. Poor Specky, we hope Dot pays you well!

Either way, without him, Dot and Mainframe would have failed long ago so it's a good thing she keeps him around as he's been instrumental in most if not all her plans after season 2. This goes to show that even the most unlikely of characters can be heroic when needed.

8 I Fell Into A Burning Wall Of Fire

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Fire, see it burning in the skies, a deadly flame that never dies, will the city stand or fall... A FIREWAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL.

Who can forget the random song that played during the Firewall arc? Most would credit Dot coming up with the plan to seal off the Principal Office with a giant firewall (since she's come up with nearly every other plan that's worked in the series before this point) but it's actually Phong, Mouse, and Enzo, who had the idea.

Thanks to the wall, the city was safe. For a time at least, even though Megabyte could breach the wall he could only do it one small spot, allowing the CPU's to open fire and decimate his forces. This caused him to retreat which let Mainframe focus on beating Games while they tried to come up with a more permanent solution.

7 Stone Cold

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While Bob might have a problem with deleting viruses, Dot doesn't. When he was around, she did her best to follow his ideals, taking a softer route with Megabyte and Hex then she probably would of otherwise. But once Bob is trapped in the web, she loses all sense of mercy.

Megabyte got that one betrayal off on her and she has no intention of ever allowing it again. During several conflicts, she's deleted many of his men and has attempted to wipe both him and Hex off the databanks a few times.

When Daemon rolled up into town, she had a plan all set and ready to go, involving fragmenting her into a billion pieces. Sadly, she was infected before she could pull it off.

6 Injured Mind

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All the stress of losing her whole family (and the constant wars and battles after Bob was launched out of Mainframe) didn't just go away when Matrix and Bob returned. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect even the most talented and resilient combat leader.

Over the course of the series, the stress changed her and made it harder for her to make impartial decisions. Once Daemon was dealt with, she was a wreck. Thankfully, she began positively seeking therapy because she knew and understood her issues and was intelligent enough to seek help.

Thankfully, she manages to overcome her mental illness and retakes up the mantle of command, hurling herself back into the fight with renewed vigor and determination to mend and defend.

5 Never Surrender

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After losing so much, Dot didn't want to lose her home as well. Eventually, the time came when they could no longer hold the Principal Office against Megabyte's ambitions. With no shields, no firewall, and no troops capable of resisting, Dot still wanted to try. But with such limited resources, not even Mainframe's Mastermind could see a way out of this one.

She eventually, at Phong's urging, gave the evacuation order, leaving the Principal Office and Phong behind. Mainframe soon became Megaframe and under the viruses new totalitarian Order, was transformed into the nightmare from her previous visions.

Still, she fought and rebelled, never giving up the fight or the war, constantly resisting until (with Bob and Matrix's help) they managed to retake the city.

4 Intentionally Losing

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Sadly, retaking the Principal Office couldn't undo all the damage that Megabyte's reign had done and the city was slowly destroying itself. Dot and the others put up a valiant effort but all hope seemed lost.

There was one final plan though, and it was to purposely lose a game that started coming down during the cities dying throes. This mad plan would damage the system more suddenly and violently, and would hopefully cause the User (the mysterious entity that governed all of their existence) to perform a full system reset.

Phong quickly collected everyone's information and saved it to a backup so they'd all be restored if that happened.

Not knowing their futures, Dot and Bob embrace as their world comes crashing down.

3 From The Ashes

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In a fortunate Deus Ex Machina, the user does decide to restart the system, causing Mainframe and it's inhabitants to be reborn anew. Dot and Bob, finding they hadn't been deleted embraced and shared their first kiss in the new Mainframe.

Their survival wasn't the only surprise the restart had to offer them, the Matrix family grew a size larger that day as Enzo wound up having two backups on the system, his younger innocent self before all his hardships and his wearied soldier persona.

Both Matrix and Dot decided to welcome this new addition to their family, treating Little Enzo like a new younger brother that had been dropped into their laps. Dot couldn't be happier to have the little brother she lost back.

2 Altogether Now

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During the events of Daemon Rising, a supervirus named Daemon threatened to infect the entirety of the net and had already taken over the Guardian Corps, leaving Matrix and Bob the final two uninfected Guardians. Mainframe found itself entirely unmatched as they lost more and more of their troops and high ranking officers to Daemon.

Finding themselves fighting their friends and families, they began to seek new help, in the form of Nibbles the Null (since he's Dot's father).

Yeah, Dot's dad was Megabyte's pet null this whole time, discovering this thanks to Hexadecimal who then assisted Dot by helping her find her father and returned him to his sentience by forming him a body made out of Nulls.

This finally brought the shattered Matrix family back together... for a time.

1 I Have A Plan

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ReBoot had plenty of catchphrases. "Alphanumeric", "This is not good...", "Glitch!," "Convenient Plot Device!"

Dot's was the famous "I have a plan," and she really did. The brilliant commander was never at a loss for ideas. Sure, sometimes she got overwhelmed and didn't have the tools at hand for a foolproof plan out of nowhere, but she always came back with one.

Undoubtedly the brains behind the rest of the cast, it was clear the others couldn't get by without her. As evident in those few times she uttered the words "I DON'T have a plan," causing everyone to double take at her and then look horrified into the camera like they were posing for a surprise selfie that none of them were ready for.

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