Players Are Finding Really Creepy Easter Eggs In Red Dead Redemption 2

It wouldn't be a Rockstar game without easter eggs, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of them. The game takes place in the Wild West, a land full of strange tales and superstitious folk, so the setting lends itself all too well to secrets of a more supernatural nature. Players have already discovered a few shockers, and we're here to break them down for you.

Credit to Kotaku for the initial story.

Cowboys vs. Aliens

Perhaps in a nod to the awesome comic and its terrible movie adaptation, Rockstar threw in an actual UFO.

At nighttime, it can be found floating over a small run-down cabin. You can see in the video that it even makes eerie UFO sounds and is impervious to bullets. Even more unsettling is that these aliens seem to have racked up quite a body count, as the cabin is full of skeletons. Many fans have come to the conclusion that an in-game cult worships these aliens and possibly even makes sacrifices to them. There's at least some grounds for that theory in the strange drawings that appear all over the Red Dead world.

via: kotaku.com

The Come Out At Night...

There are several spooks and specters to be found in RDR2. The ghost of a very tragic woman haunts the swamp area, and she's apparently very persistent. The Kotaku article reports that she can be encountered at least 16 times. The swamps also play home to a group called the Nite Folk. They come out at night and are strangely pale, leading some to claim that they're undead. Whatever they are, their tendency to ambush unsuspecting cowpokes makes them an unwelcome sight.

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There's also a strange optional boss that claims to be a vampire. Arthur can take him out easily enough with bullets, but the guy is also crazy strong. Enough to one-shot Arthur with a punch. Also odd is that looting the "vampire" while inventory is full brings up the same notification you get while skinning an animal. Whatever he is, Rockstar definitely didn't code him like the other human NPCs.

Ghost Train!?

The last supernatural element, at least that we know of at the moment, is more cool than creepy. The swamps of Lemoyne has a stretch of railroad. Go there at night and you might find a ghost train.

Yes, an entire spectral train.

It spooks your horse, and can't be damaged or boarded. There doesn't seem to be any way to interact with it, but it's still awesome nonetheless.

Beyond that, there's also a creepy cameo from the first Red Dead Redemption, a connection to a GTA cult, and even a possible time traveler. Check the Kotaku piece for more in-depth coverage.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently available for Xbox One and PS4, and is selling very well.

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