23 Creepy Toys That No One Asked For 

Toys can give hours of entertainment, especially to children who are just oozing with imagination juice. To a bored kid, even a simple doll or action figure can give endless possibilities. These crafted bits of plastic make kids revel in a reverie filled with joy and laughter. While little tykes see toys as the perfect pastime, they're not the only market for these fantastic chunks of plastic. Toys are often seen as collectibles by adults as well.

It's safe to say that toys can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, not all toys are designed to look aesthetically pleasing. In fact, some toys are just downright macabre. Toys that take inspiration from horror films take away the notion that they're designed solely for children. These types of toys aren't even meant to be in the hands of kids due to their nightmare-inducing features.

Of course, just because certain toys are designed to please horror fans doesn't mean that they're the only types of toys that are considered creepy. There are also some truly creepy toys that were supposedly meant for children too. It might sound odd but there are tons of children toys that can easily make one ask the question “what were they thinking?” How these types of toys came to be is anyone's guess. One thing's for sure though, they will definitely be seen as nightmare fuel by others. Here are 25 unnerving toys that might make you wonder why they were even made in the first place.

23 Creepy Crawly

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It's quite weird how such a creepy-looking character like BabyFace can be found in a wholesome animated film like Toy Story. Those who found BabyFace's appearance creepy can finally relive the nightmare in real life with this remote-controlled abomination! Spiders can be creepy enough on their own.

Add a blind doll head on top of them, then we've got ourselves instant nightmare fuel. To make thing's worse, even its remote controller has a creepy doll head on the tip of its antennae! How was this even a child's toy, Disney?

22 Nun Of It Looks Good

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The titular character of the 2018 horror flick The Nun gets its very own figure through this 8-inch monstrosity by NECA. This Nun represents everything that shouldn't be associated with the venerable sisters of the cloth. Speaking of which, this nun is also wearing actual cloth making it even more realistic, and super creepy!

Just when fans thought they've seen enough of this nun, this figure comes out.

A representation of a demon nun is the last thing anyone would want in their bedroom. Besides, its horrific expression kind of beats the purpose of making one's personal space feel safe.

21 Straight Outta The Toilet

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Some toys are great for stimulating a child's creativity but the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn manages to do so in such a creepy way. It's like bringing a thought that belongs in the bathroom straight into the living room. The toy comes with a toilet accessory, which already conjures up an odd thought on its own.

However, the weirdest part of the toy is the process of “playing” it. Kids will have to follow a long step-by-step process just to see their toy heed the call of nature. That's not exactly something that everyone would consider as “play-time.”

20 Monster Mom

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If fans thought Friday The 13th's Jason Voorhees was bad, wait till they see who he looks up to. This “Lady of the Lake” action figure by NECA is none other than Jason's mom herself! Where else would Jason get his deranged psychopathic tendencies from?

Mother knows best, just not this mom, she only knows what's worse.

This chunk of plastic seems more like a pile of rotting flesh. If its mangled face and tattered clothes aren't enough to creep you out, perhaps its eerie synthetic hair will.

19 A Toy To Cry For

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Some dolls give their owners lots of reasons to play with them while others, like Tomy's Yume-Chan doll, comes with features that discourage kids from playing with them at all. Yume-Chan comes with a crying feature that can be triggered in a cringey way. You're supposed to insert a syringe into her arm to make her cry...

It's quite creepy how this doll was intended for children given its strange manner of play. What kind of toy encourages kids to make them cry by injecting them with a gigantic syringe? It's like they want children to fear check-ups.

18 More Tricks Than Treats

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Sam might seem like an innocent costumed trick-or-treating kid at first but don't let his childlike stature fool you. His deceptive nature is exactly what makes him the embodiment of Halloween. This rare Mezco vinyl figure of Sam from the cult classic horror film Trick'R Treat has creepy written all over it!

Standing at 15-inches tall, this figure is anything but tiny. Why do they make these eerie pseudo-children monster characters this big anyway? Of course, its large size alone isn't what makes this figure creepy, it's what's hiding behind its mask that makes this toy truly haunting.

17 Not Just Your Imagination

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The infamous Sir Growls-A-Lot stuff toy by Terror Teds is known for going viral in various social media platforms. This bear initially starts out looking so sad, it's almost as if it demands your care and pity. However, giving it a hug is a big mistake.

It's safe to say that this bear made lots of children cry. It lulls them into a false sense of security before it starts showing its menacing side and monstrous teeth! The fact that it comes with a deceptive nature that catches children off-guard scaring them in the process makes it such a creepy creation.

16 Not The Doll You Grew Up With

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Evangeline is the seemingly normal name of a toy from the doll series by Mezco. However, this doll is anything but normal. Having this doll around is like inviting bad omen into one's home. How could it not when it has petrifying eyes and a broken face that's literally falling apart?

The fact that she represents an ominous superstition about broken mirrors is bad enough, her frightening visage is even worse. For having such a beautiful name, this doll ironically projects such a ghastly image.

15 A Stomach-Churning Idea

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Play-Doh apparently made a toy called the Poop Troop Set. This gives children the opportunity to customize their very own poop characters. It's like Mr. Potato Head, except with excrement as characters instead of vegetables.

It's the perfect toy for losing one's appetite.

At first, it sounds like an innocent idea, one that was driven by the popular emoji character. That's until people eventually realize that, at the end of the day, children are playing with poop. How is playing with poop a thing? It's a thought that's disgusting nonetheless.

14 It's Not Clowning Around

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The 7-inch Ultimate Well House Pennywise by NECA makes the notorious terror clown from IT even scarier than ever. Nothing in this toy represents a joyful clown that's merely playing around. No, this clown means business!

The toy comes with a slew of interchangeable parts and heads including the creepy clown head, the mad clown look and all the way to the monstrous clown beast head. It's like a choose-your-own-nightmare building set. Needless to say, this is definitely not a toy for kids like Georgie.

13 Twice The Trauma

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Troll dolls used to be all the rage back then. It's crazy how kids used to play these dolls without being bothered by their discomforting looks. Anyone who thought these dolls were creepy, have yet to see the double-headed troll monstrosities created by Uneeda in the 1960s.

This doll proves that two heads are creepier than one.

Uneeda's vintage two-headed troll doll is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Not only does it have the same strange looks of the popular troll dolls, but it also comes with another head that looks just as weird!

12 That's Not How The Nursery Rhyme Goes...

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Little Miss Muffet might be known as an innocent nursery rhyme to most people but that's not exactly what the folks at McFarlane Toys had in mind. This re-imagined Little Miss Muffet figure shows how a mere spider managed to send Miss Muffet trembling in fear. Of course, the spider in this version is no average spider.

It's a ginormous eight-legged behemoth that tries to make Miss Muffet its dinner! It's hard to see this harmless nursery rhyme the same way again after seeing it being twisted into a dark and foreboding tale.

11 They're Unbearable

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How can these bears by Fuggler not be considered as creepy? In fact, some of these bears can look downright cringey to some people. They might seem like ordinary bears at first, that's until people realize that those teeth aren't supposed to be there in the first place!

Of course, Fuggler bears were designed to look like abominations but that doesn't mean that everyone is willing to subject themselves to these gross-looking little buggers. Good luck lulling kids to sleep with this freaky thing, lying around like it's watching their every move.

10 Scream Queen In The Making

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Those who find the Xenomorph's design surprising are going to hate this massive wall-mounted Alien Queen Figure by Hollywood Collectibles Group. This life-size replica from the film Aliens is big enough to make unsuspecting visitors shriek in terror. Every unnerving detail of the intimidating Alien Queen has been meticulously replicated in this figure.

If its frightening pose and razor-sharp teeth aren't enough to make people scream then its ridiculous price tag just might be enough to do the trick. According to the product's official website, it costs a whopping $1,600!

9 The Mechanical Menace

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The Musical Jolly Chimp toy is notorious for creeping audiences out, from horror films like Monkey Shines to popular video games such as Fallout 4 and Five Nights at Freddy's. It might seem like a mere battery-operated mechanical toy that's innocently banging its cymbals. However, the way it does this can appear quite sinister.

The depiction of this infamous toy varies, sometimes its eyes have an eerie glow, other times, its teeth appears razor sharp. The actual toy itself doesn't look any less creepy either. One thing's for sure, it certainly makes people feel anything but jolly.

8 From Adorable To Abominable

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Cherubs are often depicted as cute little baby angels but the 2015 horror film Krampus turned these angelic beings into vicious demonic troublemakers. The level of detail in this Cherub replica toy by Weta Workshop is so intricate that it's downright creepy. It takes nerves of steel to ask for something like this.

There's nothing more unnerving than seeing something that's supposed to be gentle, equipped with a creepy maw and piercing talons. As if that's not enough, it also has a petrifying gaze and paralyzing expression that could make even horror buffs shiver.

7 Shock-In-A-Box

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There might have been a time back in the day when this Jack-In-The-Box toy by Mattel was considered cool. Now, it just looks plain creepy. Whoever thought that a clown with a worm-like body that unsuspectingly pops out from a box was cute?

Pop goes the evil.

How can this be fun to play when it's now being used by horror films like Krampus to scare the living daylights out of people? Nowadays, the out-of-tune melody that comes out of these vintage toys further amps up the shock factor, especially when one can't tell when it will pop out, the anticipation can be quite nerve-wracking!

6 Horror Brought To Life

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For some strange reason, the doll in Annabelle looks a whole lot creepier in its regular form compared to its more angry-looking possessed form. This large 18-inch Annabelle scaled replica doll by Mezco looks exactly like the one in the film. The attention to detail in this doll is so staggering that it could make even horror fans feel uneasy.

Its chin is chipped, its clothing is dirty and it looks like it's being sold in an antique store instead of a hobby shop. The question now is, who's brave enough to take her home?

5 The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Do you want to build a snowman? After seeing this extremely scary-looking snowman by McFarlane Toys, probably not. The Twisted Christmas series is designed to turn every Christmas fable into a living nightmare and this snowman is of no exception.

It'll be hard to see Olaf the same way ever again.

It's a good conversation piece for horror fans, not so much for everyone else. It might not be the best idea to put this thing close to children, or anywhere near Santa Clause for that matter. Frozen fans everywhere are shaking.

4 Little Miss Darkness

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Hasbro's vintage Little Miss No Name dolls were designed to garner pity so that people would buy them just to take care of them. But don't be fooled by its sad, puppy dog look. Staring into its creepily large eyes could make one think that these dolls want their owner's soul.

If that's not enough to send people shuddering, it also has one hand raised in a creepy manner, as if it's trying to take its owner to whatever depths of the underworld it came from! Of course, its creepy blank stare doesn't make things any less unnerving either.

3 The Brotherhood Of Crazy

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The infamous Leather-face from the Texas Chainsaw films is already a scary figure but it seems like his older brother Nubbins is even eerier. Nubbins, aka The Hitchhiker, was a deranged criminal who's almost unstoppable until he was run over by a truck. The 8-inch Nubbins Sawyer toy by NECA features two versions of him.

There's also a macabre corpse version included. A figure of Nubbin's corpse is freaky enough but the fact that it can be used by other characters as a human puppet only makes it creepier!

2 Mistaken Identity

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Toys that are supposedly based on actual people are often a case of hit or miss. Some toys nail the look while others end up looking like someone completely different. In the case of Disney's live-action Beauty and The Beast doll, it's the latter.

According to Telegraph, netizens found the doll's face eerily similar to Justin Bieber wearing a wig, while others described the bizarre look as being “so tragic.” To some, the mere thought of a doll that's supposed to look like Emma Watson ending up looking like Justin Bieber in drag is creepy enough.

1 A Recipe For Disaster

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Clowns can easily make anyone feel uncomfortable. Then again, so could dolls. Combine both and what we get is this nightmare known as the Jethro Clown doll by Effanbee. This doll has a creepy baby for a face and a tall and lanky clown for a body.

When was mixing clowns with dolls ever a good idea?

What makes it even scarier is its unassuming expression. It's like nobody can ever tell when it will just come to life and cause mischief without anyone knowing about it.

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