Critical Mode Is Coming To Kingdom Hearts 3 Soon, Says Co-Director

Critical mode will soon be added to Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts fans don't have that long to wait for a critical mode in Kingdom Hearts III, with the game's co-director promising one will come soon, during the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) on Tuesday.

The latest game in the franchise dropped in January, 14 years after Kingdom Hearts II launched, with many other releases occurring between the two numbered titles. However, it doesn't come with an extremely difficult mode and there have even been complaints from players who claim the game is too easy.

Speaking to USGamer's Caty McCarthy during Tuesday's conference, co-director Tai Yasue vowed that such a mode will be available soon, although there aren't any dates set just yet.

"It's coming soon," he said. "We don't have any dates yet, but we really heard our players saying that they wanted a more difficult mode, so that was something we definitely wanted to address and we wanted to get it really right."

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"So it wasn't like a really superficial thing with just like the parameters changed a bit. We really want to adjust things, add things as well to make it more technical and more offensive. I think you're going to see new types of ways of playing the game. It's not just difficult and we also wanted to assure lets our players clear it even if you're playing in level one."

Critical mode found its way to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix as the developers added another level atop Proud Mode. The latest installment of the game will soon boast one of its own.

If you're looking to play KH3 and you're also up for a wee spoiler, Yasue also spoke about the game's secret boss, who happens to be waiting behind a battlegate in the Keyblade Graveyard and was designed a bit differently from prior secret bosses.

"The concept was if you learn the moves, you could clear it," he explained. "So it's not just difficult, it's not like impossible if you actually learn each stage of the AI of that, and you can sort of figure out what the best moves are, and you don't actually have to level up. We also wanted to make sure that everyone could actually clear it at the same time. So if you do level up, you can beat it. But if you're like a hardcore gamer, very good at action games, you should try level one, and if you try on level one you could also beat it if you actually learn its moves. So, it's a secret boss, but it's not just about being fair and strong. It's about being able to understand it."

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