Critical Role's Animated Kickstarter 100% Backed In 45 Minutes

Critical Role

Critical Role’s animated special Kickstarter has been fully backed in just 45 minutes.

And it looks on track to hit its stretch goals almost as quickly.

Last week, we learned through Critical Role’s various social media outlets that they’d be crowdfunding a very special project. We didn’t specifically know what it was until a helpful Twitter user cracked the code on the image that said “help us animate Vox Machina,” thus revealing the intent of the Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter began today, March 4th, at noon PST, and it was fully funded within 45 minutes of starting. That’s $750,000 USD in less than an hour.

So without a doubt, a Vox Machina animated special is going to happen. We also got some juicy details on just what this whole animated special will entail.

The 22-minute special will feature Critical Role’s original Vox Machina campaign cast return to Tal'Dorei to a time before they even started broadcasting their games on Twitch. That means they’ll be at level 7, which is high enough to get into some juicy spells but not so high they’re going to be taking on Ancient Dragons or anything.

Critical Role has tapped animation studio Titmouse to handle the tough bit of bringing the characters of Vox Machina to life. Titmouse is the company responsible for Big Mouth, The Venture Bros., Metalocalypse, and Niko and the Sword of Light, while the script will be written by veteran TV writer Jennifer Muro.


And of course, the voices will all be provided by the original cast themselves.

The Kickstarter campaign is being handled with 100% transparency as to where all the money will be going. Most of it will head to the animation studio, while 17% is spent in campaign rewards. 9% gets taken by Kickstarter to fund their own organization, and less than 1% will go to “operational costs”, which is sure to mean things like feeding and clothing the campaign manager.

Reward tiers range from simply getting a ringtone version of the Critical Role theme song at $20 to being credited as an executive producer at the $10,000 tier. The $1,000 and $2,500 tiers are all sold out, which included all previous rewards as well as an invitation to a private screening of the show in Los Angeles once it’s made.

Currently, the campaign is sitting at $1.2 million--er, sorry, $1.3 million… ah, actually it’s past that now. Let’s just say it’s well past its original $750,000 goal and well on its way to reaching the stretch goals, which includes an additional 66 minutes of animation (for 88 minutes total).

Check out the Kickstarter page for an idea of what to expect in terms of animation. The campaign will continue until April 19th, but we suspect it will have reached all its stretch goals well before then.

Expect to see Vox Machina animated sometime in the Fall of 2020.


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