Critical Role Is Going To Kickstarter For A Fully Animated Special

Critical Role plans to create a Vox Machina animated special, and it will take to the popular crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter to do so.

"ICYMI, on March 4, we’re launching a Kickstarter project to create a Vox Machina animated special! We’ll have more details to share leading up to our big launch," Critical Role said on Twitter.

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The company first announced the move to Kickstarter using a cryptic code that user Timothy G. Elsy (@TimothyGElsy) cracked within only 20 minutes. Using a Rosetta Stone-type graphic, Critical Role posted a series of symbols that Elsy translated as "Help us animate Vox Machina."

The cryptic Vox Machina message posted on Twitter. Credit: Critical Role

When asked on Twitter how he did so, Elsy said he broke down the symbols and noticed several of them appeared to be repeating. He solved the last word (Machina) first and used that to help him figure out the rest of the phrase.

What exactly the animated series will feature, and which voice actors they will use, is up for debate right now. But what's known for sure is Dungeons & Dragons remains extremely popular decades after its release, having found new life on Twitch, YouTube channels, and in other online watering holes where fans can gather.

The series would probably need to be community-driven to get the best traction from Critical Role's enthusiastic audience. Perhaps the team could integrate some of the top fans into the storyline, or they could ask people for suggestions on how the next campaign could proceed. It also might be fun to ask the community to add puzzles and participate in creating the graphics, leveraging the creative expertise that D&D fans are known for.

All we know for sure is that the Kickstarter campaign will launch on March 6th, so stay tuned for more details when they come next week. While we all wait to hear more about the big news, you can watch Critical Role live every Thursday at 7 p.m. PST at on their Twitch channel. You can read more about Vox Machina's history and past campaigns on the Critical Role Fandom page.

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