Critical Role: Campaign 2 Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

The popular web series Critical Role features voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons. Let's sort the characters into Hogwarts Houses.

Critical Role is what you get when a bunch of nerdy voice actors comes together to play Dungeons & Dragons. With a main cast of Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, Laura Bailey, Sam Riegel, and Matthew Mercer as the DM, this web series has soared into popularity and gained a loyal fan-base affectionately known as "critters."

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Currently, the cast is playing their second campaign with the Mighty Nein, set in another continent in the world of Exandria. The world of Exandria is full of magic, though not in the exact same way as the world of Harry Potter. But it is fun to imagine which house these characters would end up in. Here are some of the Campaign 2 Characters Sorted into Hogwarts Houses.

10 Beauregard - Ravenclaw

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

When Beau is first introduced she's shown as being brash and is more inclined to use her fists to solve problems. But there's much more to this firecracker of a monk beneath the surface. Beau would do well in Ravenclaw, with her background in the Cobalt Soul and her own desires for seeking out the "Truth."

Her thirst for knowledge and information has been a major drive for her throughout the campaign and, she has one of the highest Intelligence stats, only coming second to Caleb. Only than Intelligence, Beau shows many other traits that have been associated with Ravenclaw. She has a strong sense of individuality, as she still maintains her own ideas and opinions, even if it might put her at odds with those around her.

9 Caduceus - Hufflepuff

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Caduceus was introduced in Episode 28 "Within the Nest" and helped rescue Fjord, Jester, and Yasha from the Iron Shephards. Caduceus has been the group's "moral core" as he tries to guide everyone to realize their own purpose, and encourages them to be more honest with allies.

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Caduceus' kind and gentle nature make him a perfect fit for Hufflepuff, as one of the traits they're known for is kindness. Caduceus' worship of The Wildmother and talent for communicating with Nature fit's well with Hufflepuff's connection to the Earth as well. He sees himself as the nurturer of the group from healing them to acting as their sounding board.

8 Caleb - Slytherin

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Caleb is a man with a dark past and a few skeletons in the closet. Even as he's grown to truly care for the rest of the Mighty Nein and goes to great lengths to protect them, Caleb has his own personal goals he wishes to accomplish. As intelligent and book smart as he is (he has the highest Intelligence of the group), he has quite a few traits that make him a better fit for Slytherin.

What seems to drive his desire for knowledge is the power to accomplish his goals. He's stepped into the role of being a leader for the Mighty Nein before, and he has a strong bond with the Mighty Nein but isn't quick to trust people outside of the group.

7 Fjord - Gryffindor

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Fjord has come a long way from how he was at the start of the campaign. Initially, he possessed qualities that made him fit in Slytherin, he showed cunning and ambition when it came to acquiring more power from his patron U'k'otoa. But Fjord chose to walk another path after a change of heart with his former patron.

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He's shown many traits that are often used to describe Gryffindors. He showed courage against U'k'otoa by defying him, even at the cost of losing his powers, even bravely fighting alongside his friends despite his disadvantages in battle.

6 Jester - Ravenclaw

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Jester truly does embody her namesake with her seemingly puckish personality and desire to make people happy. She's shown to be a little naive of certain things, as a result of her sheltered childhood, but has a deep understanding and insight of many things, including people.

That wisdom makes her a perfect candidate for Ravenclaw. Aside from their wit and wisdom, Ravenclaws have also been noted for their creativity. Which Jester has a lot of. Whether it's her artistic abilities or her creative outlook on life (and pranks), she makes for a perfect fit in the Ravenclaw house.

5 Nott - Slytherin

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Nott at first just seemed like an ordinary goblin girl with a paranoid personality and kleptomaniac tendencies. However Nott is a deeply layered person with a tragic backstory that makes her more manic personality traits make sense. Aside from Caleb and Beau, Nott has the highest Intelligence in the group and has demonstrated it by deconstructing a gun without any prior knowledge of guns and her proficiency in alchemy.

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She was behind getting her and Caleb out of jail and was his main protector before they joined the Mighty Nein. Both of those show resourcefulness and cunning, which are traits that the Slytherin house admires. And though her relationship with Caleb is deeper, she still helps him to become more powerful so that he will help her.

4 Mollymauk - Hufflepulle

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Though Molly was only with the Mighty Nein for a short time, his presence left a big impact on the group, and Critters as well. The show didn't get a chance to dive too deep into who Molly was as a person but what was discovered was that, despite maybe being a little chaotic at times, Molly had a very good heart.

He was loyal to both the Mighty Nein and the traveling carnival he had once been apart of. He was fair and accepting of everyone and especially kind to Yasha and Caleb, making him a perfect fit for Hufflepuff. Molly didn't seem to have any desires for power or knowledge, rather he wanted to enjoy his life and fill it with extravagance.

3 Yasha - Hufflepuff

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Yasha is the more stoic of the Mighty Nein, though her quiet and standoff nature stems from being more socially awkward than anything else. She can be a beast in combat but seems to have a much more gentle soul. Yasha treats her friends with compassion and does her best to try to make them feel at ease with her size and strength, especially Nott.

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She has shown kindness and patience for her friends, and though she has a competitive streak, she enjoys hobbies like collecting flowers and has even helped Caduceus with planting stuff. All of these traits make her a perfect fit for Hufflepuff.

2 Reani - Gryffindor

Via: Ari Official Artist For Campaign 2

Reani is the character of Mica Burton, the latest guest to the show. She's an aasimar druid from Uthodurn that quickly befriends and aids the Mighty Nein in their quest to find a white dragon. Reani is described as being overtly optimistic, kind and jovial who is quick to make friends and trust people. Despite being friendly she has a pretty strict moral code that doesn't let her tolerate anyone or anything that she perceives to be "evil".

She has a strong determination to exterminate evil. She's daringly put her life of the line for her "duty" to Samliel from helping the Mighty Nein to going on dangerous missions into the Savalirwood. These traits of her align her more with Gryffindor out of the other houses.

1 Essek - Ravenclaw

Via: Ranmaru

There isn't too much known about Essek, a drow mage from the Kryn Dynasty. He holds a high position in the Bright Queen's court and becomes the Mighty Nein's steward as they allied themselves with the Dynasty. The abilities that he's seen exhibiting points to him possibly being of the wizard class, meaning he has a very high Intelligence.

Matt has described him as being very charming and hardworking, which are traits used to describe Ravenclaws, but arrogant of his own abilities. He doesn't seem to actively seek out more power in the same way, for example, as Caleb does.

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