Critical Role Separates From Geek & Sundry

The crew behind Critical Role is moving to a new studio, meaning they can give fans new shows separate from the Geek and Sundry label

Popular role-playing series Critical Role is striking off on its own, complete with a brand new studio and content. Rachel Romero announced that, while the main series will still be hosted by Geek and Sundry, the group behind it is branching off to create new content under their own brand. New shows, new merch, and even more fan interaction are just a few of the things to expect as Critical Role embarks on this new quest.

The announcement came via a post on Critical Role's official site. In it, Romero details that most of the changes are a result of the Critical Role crew moving to a new space. With a studio all their own, they're able to work on more content that's 100% owned by them. She points out that such an arrangement gives them "the freedom to be as adventurous and creative as we can be."

The changes are also detailed in what seems to be the first of a series called State Of The Role.

This initiative begins immediately with the reveal of Critical Role's own independent Youtube and Twitch channels. Two new shows have already been announced: Marisha’s Honey Heist 2 (Electric Beargaloo) and one focused on Matthew Mercer's fireside chat and NPC builds. Aside from those programs, there is also a plan to highlight cosplayers in a new monthly series.

As for the actual Critical Role show, Geek and Sundry will still be hosting it. It will also still be hosting Talks Machina. Both will appear on the same channels and on the same schedule even after the move. Romero makes it a point to say that "Absolutely nothing is changing with how you watch our shows currently."

Being an independent platform does give Critical Role a new place to sell its stuff. New t-shirt's themed after the crew's exploits will be made available on the official Critical Role online shop. The shop debuted with a new "Mighty Nein" shirt designed by Bryan Weiss.

via: shop.critrole.com

These announcements will no doubt be exciting for fans of Critical Role. The brand looks to be expanding quickly with the addition of new shows and new merch, all under its own independent banner. However, having the main show still on Geek and Sundry shows that it's not entirely its own thing quite yet. In an age of endless media, becoming a self-sustaining brand is truly a challenge. But the Critical Role team is taking it on with enthusiasm. May this roll of the dice be in their favor.

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