No Excuses: Crossplay Should Be In All Multiplayer Games

Crossplay should now be available in all online multiplayer games. If Fortnite can do it then so can everyone else.

Enough is enough. Crossplay should now be available in all online multiplayer games. If Fortnite can do it then so can everyone else.

We've all been there. We discover that someone we know loves a game just as much as we do. On occasion, it might even be a game we play online but due to no one else we know owning it, we have to rely on the kindness of strangers. We'll talk for hours with this new partner in crime, only to discover that they play the game you share a love for on a different platform. Dream shattered.

That begs the question, why does owning a different console prevent us from playing with an entire section of a game's community? It's the exact same game created by the same developers, what's the issue? Well, creators of the platform itself, of course. However, Epic has managed to break down that roadblock. Last year, Epic managed to broker a deal allowing Fortnite players to play with all others, regardless of platform.

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We thought Epic had ushered in a new era with that groundbreaking move. However, despite the developer offering up the software it used to get the job done to others for free, very few others have followed suit. The frustration continues and we don't really understand why. The ability to play a game with our friends, regardless of the platform they might be using, would make us far more inclined to buy it.

There is one major downside to crossplay, and it comes from PC players who use a keyboard and mouse. Controller players argue that opponents using KB+M have an advantage over them in certain games, and they have a point. Epic heard these complaints and reacted to them. For Fortnite, it now uses a cascading system in which KB+M players are not pitted against controller users unless they are in the same party as them.

As much as the gaming community likes to criticize Fortnite, including many of its own players, it has been an industry leader in a number of ways. The ushering in of crossplay might be the most important to date. Platforms need to stop seeing each other as enemies and work together, at least when it comes to online gaming. Allowing a PS4 player to game online with their Xbox One friends is going to make sure you retain a customer. Continuing to put a stop to that could mean you lose them.

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