Crusader Kings 3 Announced At PDXCON

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PDXCON ends with the announcement of Crusader Kings III.

If you’re a fan of grand strategy games, then you already know all about Paradox studios. They’ve built a niche for themselves by appealing to PC gamers with a brain. Rather than appeal to the twitch shooters and MMOs that are oh so common, Paradox sticks to turn-based and real-time strategy games such as BattleTech, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, and Stellaris.

While those three previous titles might make it seem like Paradox is also focused on sci-fi as a genre, their most popular title is actually rooted in history. Crusader Kings II came out in 2012 and in the span of a few short years gathered over 1 million players. Its formula of recreating the dynasties of Medieval Europe and allowing players to steer the course of history was a winning one, with Crusader Kings II receiving no less than 16 expansions, the latest being Holy Fury released last November.

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Rather than continue to build on Crusader Kings II, Paradox has decided it’s time to rebuild the game for a new generation. And by that we mean a new generation of gamers and not a next-gen console since the franchise is still strictly for PC.

Last weekend in Berlin at PDXCON, Paradox announced that Crusader Kings III will arrive in 2020. The game will build on Crusader Kings II with new models, a new map, and an easier tutorial and ongoing gameplay tips to hopefully broaden its appeal to new players.

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Most of the game appears to be the same: players will choose a dynastic based in the middle ages and guide it into the Renaissance. You’ll do everything that a medieval family would do, namely courting alliances, acquiring wealth, navigating complicated political plots and intrigue, and trying to continue your familial line while a plague ravages a third of the population.

It’s a bit like historical fan fiction as Crusader Kings typically includes a bunch of historical figures, such as William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, and Saladin. The only difference is that your choices will determine how history is altered. Maybe you become friends with Genghis Khan so he doesn’t sack your city? Seems like a good choice considering the benefit of hindsight.

Crusader Kings III arrives sometime in 2020 for Steam and on the Xbox PC Game Pass. More deets as we get them from Paradox in the coming months.

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