Teaser: Crypto Appears In Apex Legends, But Keeps Getting Away

Crypto has now made his first corporeal appearance in Apex Legends, adding even more hype around his rumored release as the next playable character in Respawn's battle royale. Last week, the banners scattered around King's Canyon went dark, indicating Crypto's involvement in sabotaging the "Apex Games." Now, the new character can be spotted in the depths of "Labs," the latest structure Respawn injected into King's Canyon.

Venture into the main entrance of Labs, hang a right, kick down a set of blocked doors, and inside you can peer through a window revealing the hacker in action.

Crypto will instantly sense a player's presence upon peering through the window, and reacts by cutting the lights and bolting out of the room at full speed. Clearly, he seems to value keeping his activity as covert as possible.

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Regarding his appearance, Crypto can be seen sporting a white coat, black pants, and some sort of technology-infused backpack. He looks to be a bit above average height, so players can expect his "hit-box" to be simple enough – nothing awkward like Pathfinder or large like Caustic and Gibraltar.

However, the most interesting part of the cameo is, perhaps, his airborne drone. It looks to be accompanying Crypto in a loyal manner, liken to how a dog might follow its owner around. The appearance of the drone provides even more evidence that his rumored abilities are, indeed, what we think they are. For those that need a refresher, here is what we know about his supposed in-game abilities:

• Tactical Ability: "Surveillance Drone" - Deploy an Aerial Camera Drone / 10 second cooldown if destroyed / Max 200m distance traps.

• Passive Ability: "Neurolink" - Crypto and his teammates see what his Surveillance Drone detects up to 30m distance.

• Ultimate Ability: "Drone EMP" - Charge up an EMP blast from your drone. Deals Shield Damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

Each of the leaked abilities involve the use of a drone – and with Crypto's very first appearance in King's Canyon – the drone is present and ready for action. We've seen it in his teaser poster, but now it seems definite that he will be utilizing his drone in combat. The only question that remains: when will we get to play Crypto? Most are speculating that they will hold out for Season 3 at this point, which should release sometime early October.

Source: VG24/7

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