CS:GO Joins The Bandwagon By Introducing Respawn & Ping System To Battle Royale Mode

Counter Strike Global Offensive has now joined the likes of Apex Legends by offering its users a new respawn and ping system, along with a whole host of other fantastic features.

Many people were unsure whether Valve was just joining the bandwagon and trying to capitalize on a growing trend by starting its own battle royale style game. At first, it seemed like a ploy, along with making the game free to play, to get new players interested. The plan has worked for the most part and now updates show that the developers are taking steps to ensure that users know they are taking the new game mode seriously.

Valve is a company who has taken a lot of flack from the community lately due to updates not seeming to address serious issues that still plague the game. While the developers are working to correct these issues, the new additions added into this update prove that Valve is listening to its userbase and doing the best that it can to create a truly enjoyable game. It's clear that they wanted to do something a little different and in keeping with the gun mechanics of the game, the team has shown that they aren't willing to make things easier for new users for the sake of a larger player base.

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While you might think that a respawn system isn't exactly groundbreaking, you might change your mind when you learn that it follows in the steps of the Battlefield games. According to Eurogamer, players won't need to be revived by squad members, instead they will have the ability to join their squad anywhere on the map. Additionally, valve has added in a new ping system along with new items such as bump mines that send either you or your opponent flying. They have also helped players to easily distinguish between friend or foe by giving friendlies a blue uniform.

Though everyone isn't a fan of the new battle royale system, its popularity is great for the game itself. Not only will it bring potential new players to the game, but it will give the company a new revenue stream that will allow them to make the traditional game even better in the future. It lets new players know that the company cares about their product and takes user feedback seriously. It shows that the company is willing to adapt and do everything it can to keep one of the last great pure FPS's going strong.

All that aside, there are some concerns within the community that changes within the battle royale mode may impact the game itself. Valve has been adamant in the past that it will keep equipment and weapons changes separate from the traditional game, but it's hard to be certain of that. After all, if there's a sudden surge of players joining the new game mode, Valve may be eventually pressured into making its traditional game mode more like battle royale.

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