After 6 Years, Cube World Is Finally Coming Out

Procedurally generated and voxel-based RPG Cube World will be available in its final form by the end of October according to an announcement from the game’s developer. This news comes six years after the first alpha for Cube World was released.

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Cube World is essentially an RPG in a Minecraft-style world. Aside from the aesthetic similarities, Cube World and Minecraft share some mechanical underpinnings as well. Both games rely on procedural generation in developer-created worlds. The main difference between the two games is gameplay. Cube World is a class-based RPG in which characters level up over time by fighting monsters, while Minecraft focuses on collecting materials, as well as building and crafting. Another key difference is Cube World's customization. Players can customize their avatars at the start of the game and can alter in-game items.

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While a six-year development time is not uncommon for indie games, it is a bit strange that we hadn't heard more news about the game. Besides the occasional screenshot or video of the game, there was no news.

Now that the Cube World is officially coming out, it remains to be seen whether it will still be of interest to players.

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