Curie: The History And Secrets Of Fallout 4's Best Companion

One of Fallout 4's strokes of genius is the complex and engaging companion system that provides players with an opportunity to develop a genuine bond was an NPC partner, learn about their rich backstory, and help with some unfinished business. The writing for companions missions in Fallout 4 is some of the most interesting and layered in the game.

Of the 13 companions available in Fallout 4, none are more intriguing than the robot companion Curie. Curie's story begins as a mystery, and as it progresses, will pull on your heartstrings like no other side quest in the game. Helping Curie solve her problem will quickly become a top priority for you, and we have all the details to help you find Curie, acquire her as a Companion, complete her story, and earn some fantastic rewards.

Who is Curie?

Curie is a robotic scientist found in Vault 81. You will first encounter her during the "Hole in the Wall" quest. In order to meet Curie, the Lone Survivor will need to travel to vault 81 and locate Dr. Forsythe. To activate the quest and find Curie, you will first need to donate blood for the residents of Vault 81. Come back after some time, and you will find a young boy who has been moved to the infirmary. He was wandering through a secret path in the vault and was bitten by a diseased mole rat. Talk to Dr. Forsythe to begin the quest.

Curie is located deep in this secret area of Vault 81. As you explore the hall, killing infected mole rats, you will learn that the true purpose of Vault 81 was to create a universal cure for all disease by infecting and experimenting on the vault dwellers. The vault's Overseer, Dr. Olivette, protected the people by sabotaging the experiment and trapping the scientists in the secret vault. The scientists continued to develop the universal cure while trapped in the vault by experimenting on mole rats. One of the scientists, Dr. Collins, upgraded a Miss Nanny model lab assistant robot with greater functions and responsibilities in order to help find the cure. This is Curie.

How Do You Get Curie As A Companion?

Eventually, all of the scientists died of old age, but Curie continued to work. Over time, her upgrades led her to develop a level of sentience uncommon for synths of her type. Eventually, Curie developed the universal cure and fulfilled her purpose, but she was still trapped in the vault.

Years later, one of vault 81's dwellers, Bobby De Luca, discovered a way into the secret vault. The disease-carrying mole rats continued to populate the lab areas, and it was one such rat that bit the young boy and sent the Lone Survivor on a course to eventually meet Curie.

Curie will provide you with the universal cure, which you can either take for yourself or give to the young boy to save him. Either way, finishing the "Hole in the Wall" quest will allow Curie to be available as a companion. Curie wants to fulfill her creator's last wishes by exploring the wasteland and continuing on with his research.

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How To Get Curie's Side Quest, "Emergent Behavior"

Like the other companions in Fallout 4, you'll need to raise your affinity with Curie to at least 250. To do this, you'll need to perform acts out in the world that Curie finds favorable while traveling with her as your companion.

Accepting and completing the "Rogue Robot" quest from Isabel Cruz, the robotics expert, will earn you good favor with Curie. When Isabel confront you during the "Restoring Order" quest, you will need to resolve things peacefully in order for "Rogue Robot" to be available. Similarly, helping settlers will increase your affinity score with Curie. These quests are repeatable, so this is a reliable method for increasing your score to 250.

There are a lot of other ways to raise your affinity with Curie, as she will appreciate kind and generous actions. Any time you can resolve a situation peacefully, Curie will surely appreciate it. Avoid behavior that will lower your score, such as killing non-hostile NPCs.

Once you have reached friend status with Curie, she will ask you for a moment of your time. Curie feels that her scientific research has plateaued and that her current form lacks "human inspiration." She asks the Lone Survivor to help her gain a human body.

How To Help Curie Get A Human Body

The next step is talking to Dr. Amari in the memory den. If you haven't progressed far enough in the story, you'll need to continue until you complete the "Dangerous Minds" quest in order to get this dialogue option.

Dr. Amari will tell you that she has performed a number of procedures on humanoid synths to wipe their memories when they wished to escape the Institute. Sometimes, these procedures failed, and the synth bodies are kept in stasis. Dr. Amari suggests that Curie's consciousness can be transferred to one of these host bodies.

Return sometime later and Dr. Amari will have a synth body available and will transfer Curie into it. While interviewing Curie after the procedure, Curie expresses the strange sensations of being human. First, she notes how odd it is to hear with human ears, then, while recounting a memory of the death of one of her scientists, she experiences her first human emotion: grief.

Can You Romance Curie?

Now that Curie has a human body, it is only natural for her to explore human desires. Once you reach max affinity level with Curie, which is 1,000 points, you will see a new dialogue option: flirt. Flirt will initiate a dialogue check and it's important to have a sufficiently high level of charisma so that you don't fail these checks. You can use alcohol in a pinch to raise your charisma if you haven't invested heavily in the stat.

Eventually, "flirt" will be supplanted by "romance." Passing this speech check will cause Curie to fall in love with you and give you 2 unique perks: the Combat Medic perk, which allows you to heal 100 hp if you fall below 10%, and the Lover's Embrace perk, which provides a temporary 15% experience boost every time you and Curie sleep together. Who said robots don't have feelings.


Curie is one of Fallout 4's most interesting and well-developed companions. She has an incredible background, which only adds to the game's story. Because of this, it is definitely worth finding her and letting her join you.

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