15 Current Console Games That Are Way Overrated (And 15 Gems Everyone Missed)

Every console generation, we have those mega-hits that are completely unavoidable. These games, such as Red Redemption 2, completely take the industry by storm, and change the way that we think of gaming as a whole. These games often end up as some of the highest selling titles of the whole generation. And then, there are the games that receive the same amount of recognition, even when it's not really deserved. Those games would be the Fortnites and the Maddens. The games that just receive way too much attention for what they're doing. Basically every single annual franchise around at this point.

On the flip side of that, we also have the games like Golf Story that just do not get the recognition they deserve. Those fantastic games that just seem to miss all of the biggest headlines. In this article, we'll be jumping straight into hipster territory, discussing the 15 most overrated console games of this generation, along with 15 hidden gems everyone missed. Without any further ado, Let's get into it!

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30 Overrated: Fortnite

via: youtube.com

Listen, this game is not that good. I'll admit, there are some good aspects of it. The developers keep things fresh, they switch up teams and sometimes add Thanos to the game, but other than that, there is only one game mode in Fortnite (except for the paid one that no one seems to know anything about). I played this game for a while, but it is just so repetitive! I understand why Fortnite is fun, but not why Fortnite is the #1 game in the world right now.

29 Hidden Gems: TowerFall

via: mattmakesgames.itch.io

Remember the Ouya? Ha. This was an Ouya game. Ahem, anywho, TowerFall is a title that is in the vein of Super Smash Bros., it's a party fighting game. It has a great art style, good controls, and is really just a balanced, good old time. While the single-player isn't anything too great, and the game doesn't feature any online multiplayer, those aspects can be overlooked to see the fun party game that TowerFall is. Hahahaha, Ouya...

28 Overrated: Call Of Duty WWII/Black Ops 4

via: youtube.com

I'm gonna go ahead and make the bold suggestion that Call of Duty is the same package with a few new bells and whistles resold to us every year. I mean, Black Ops 4 managed to buck the trend and add a Battle Royale mode, you know, for creative reasons, totally not to chase a trend.

While the gameplay is always quality, there is absolutely no reason this should be the highest selling game year after year.

At the very least, Red Dead 2 will buck that little trend this year.

27 Hidden Gems: Gravity Rush And Gravity Rush 2

via: dengekionline.com

Gravity Rush, originally for the PS Vita, and it's sequel (for the PS4 because no one owns a PS Vita) are great titles! Their combat system revolves around the protagonist, Kat, shifting around gravity to fit her scenario. It's incredibly creative and makes for some fun and unique combat situations. Combine that with a great narrative and amazing art style, and you have a package that deserves so much more notice than it got. Make Gravity Rush 3 happen, people!

26 Overrated: Madden

via: madden-school.com

Ugh. Sports games.

Ok, maybe I'm a little bias here, but don't try and tell me that Madden is not the same game every single year.

Yeah, I know they stepped it up a bit with their new story mode in the newer releases, but after the first one, the quality there took a hit. There's no reason for these games to sell as many units as they do every single time, at all. But here they are, selling millions while Action Girlz Racing for the Wii gets paid dust.

25 Hidden Gems: Alien: Isolation

via: motherboard.vice.com

Oh, a good licensed game? Tell me more! This stealth horror game, based off of the Alien franchise, is actually quite an enjoyable title! The game plays well, it looks and sounds great and it fully delivers the spooks! What more could a guy ask for? This was one of the early PS4 and Xbox One titles that bridged the gap between this and the last generation and was missed by a lot of people. If you're looking for a fun game to try out, this one is worth a second look.

24 Overrated: Five Nights At Freddy's Games

via pinterest.com

Did you expect to see this game on the list? Or rather, this set of games? The Five Nights at Freddy's titles were pretty groundbreaking in their deliverance of lore that set the internet ablaze, and that part of the titles is really interesting! 

However, am I the only one that doesn't really find them… scary?

Like, they get one jump out of me maybe, and that's it. I just don't feel like they really deliver on their main purpose at all. While the lore surrounding them is fun, the game itself is a bit lacking.

23 Hidden Gems: Detroit: Become Human

via reddit.com

THIS GAME. Detroit: Become Human tells the story of a group of sentient androids living amongst humans as they fight to be more than just servants. 

It's a compelling narrative in which every single choice that you make matters. Every single one.

There are an incredible variety of different outcomes that can occur depending on how you make your choices, meaning no two playthroughs will ever be the same. And, surprise, it made me bawl for like, minutes. It went on far too long for any adult to cry about a video game.


via: pinterest.com

It's like Fortnite but you gotta pay. Yay. I really don't understand why these games are so popular. At the very least PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (why that has to be in all capital letters I don't know) has more than one map, but honestly, that still doesn't justify its price. It has a few legs up on Fortnite, and a few down, but when I can play one of these games for free, that's the one I'm gonna choose.

21 Hidden Gems: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

via: gamersyde.com

This game, UGH. So good.

This was the game that proved Uncharted could be done without Nathan Drake.

 It was stunning as ever, the writing was brilliant as ever, and the gameplay was solid as ever. This game had everything that makes Uncharted great, in a small, concise package that cut the fat and kept the story moving at a great pace. While Uncharted seems to have come to an end, I'd be perfectly content with more side stories like this for years to come.

20 Overrated: Grand Theft Auto 5

via: usgamer.net

Let me be clear, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great game, filled to the brim with content. There's so much to do and explore. However, this game is 5 years old and is literally still in the top 5 games sold every month, usually 2 or 3. How? It's the highest grossing entertainment property ever.

I get that it's a fun, but like, is it that fun?

To be completely honest, I'd rather play Saints Row than GTA, whatever that says about me.

19 Hidden Gems: Kirby Star Allies

via: nintendolife.com

Good Lord this game is stupid cute. I saw a lot of hype for this game pre-release, but didn't see much when the game came out! It's fun, the tried and true Kirby formula with some fun twists. Some components of the game can be pretty challenging, while others are friendly enough for even non-gamers, meaning there's something here for everybody. The game has continued to see support with free DLC, and hopefully, a larger audience will be exposed to this game sooner rather than later.

18 Overrated: Rise Of The Tomb Raider

via: gamespot.com

Don’t get me wrong, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a good game!

The issues with it start in at being very foundationally the same game as 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot.

While the sequel changes some things up, it mainly stays the same as the previous title gameplay-wise. Once again, this doesn’t make the title bad by any means, just a bit overrated. That most definitely didn’t stop me from playing through the entire thing as fast as possible like a maniac.

17 Hidden Gems: Hyrule Warriors

via: escapistmagazine.com

I do not like the Dynasty Warriors games one bit. They just, don't do it for me. Weirdly though, Hyrule Warriors HECKIN' does it for me. Even though the Zelda aspects of this game are mainly just a shiny coat of paint, they manage to transform the game completely and turn it into a fun, nostalgia-filled adventure with Zelda heroes such as Agatha the Bug Catcher, the real Hero of Time. Hopefully, since it's on 3 different Nintendo consoles at this point, it's finally getting some recognition.

16 Overrated: Rocket League

Is soccer. That's it. Soccer. Truly, what is so enthralling about this game? 

I've played it, enjoyed it for a few minutes, and then put it down.

I can see the aspects that players would appreciate, but I don't quite understand why is such an enduring title for so many people. I'm not hating on the game by any means, and driving a Samus Gunship-esque car is pretty cool, I'll give it that.

15 Hidden Gems: Infamous: Second Son

via: justpushstart.com

Infamous: Second Son is such a forgotten gem in the PS4 library. A 2014 title, the third game in the Infamous series features a gameplay system that feels fluid and fun all around, combat, upgrades and movement alike. This is one of those titles that can be enjoyed just from traveling around the city. The varied powers featured in Second Son also allow for more diversity in gameplay than previous Infamous titles. It's a blast to play, and totally worth your time.

14 Overrated: Pokemon Quest

via: polygon.com

This game was over-hyped, and I don't think anyone would disagree with me at this point. Pokémon Quest made headlines simply because it was the first Pokemon game on the Switch, when it was simply a mobile port that had almost nothing going for it. 

Truly, it's just boring.

I have a particular grudge against this game because I was streaming it one day and my system overloaded and somehow fried my capture card and webcam. It was a lot of money. So, I mean yeah I'm a little bitter.

13 Hidden Gems: Yoshi’s Wooly World

via: nintendonewsfix.com

THIS GAME IS THE WOOLIEST CUTEST GAME OF ALL TIME. Wooly World is a Yoshi adventure with charm oozing out of it. The yarn aesthetic is absolutely wonderful and allows me to play as anything from Princess Zelda to Watermelon Yoshi. The levels are always a blast to play, and 100%-ing them can be very challenging, offering something for all players. While this game did get a 3DS release after the ill-fated Wii U version, I do not believe Wooly World gets the love it deserves at all.

12 Overrated: The Division

via: news.softpedia.com

Now, I am not one for first-person shooters, but this game had me so excited! I couldn't wait to pick up this game! And then I got it. It was ok. 

Like, I was promised a unique experience when in reality there was nothing different from every other FPS on the market.

It didn't really have anything that kept it feeling like it's own unique experience. I traded it in for like $3 at GameStop a few weeks later.

11 Hidden Gems: Until Dawn

via: onlimegames.ru

Until Dawn is storytelling in gaming excellence. This is another butterfly effect game, in which all of the choices you make affect how your game turns out, namely, who lives through the night. The game follows a group of teens who go up to the mountains for winter, and shortly after, all heck breaks loose. I won't spoil any story beats, but Until Dawn features a truly entertaining storyline that has all the twists and turns to keep you wanting more.

10 Overrated: Yooka-Laylee

via: arstechnica.com

The Kickstarter funded Yooka-Laylee succeeded in what it was trying to do, it recaptured the vibe and gameplay of Banjo-Kazooie perfectly. That's the problem though, that's just about all it does.

Yooka-Laylee is a backward-looking game, that aims to replicate rather than push forward.

While that's not necessarily awful, it just doesn't do anything terribly new or exciting. So, in the end, Yooka-Laylee is a pretty good game, but I wouldn't stretch to call it anything beyond that.

9 Hidden Gems: Battlefront II

via: constantlyrespawning.com

Lol. This one. The Star Wars game I was excited to play until, you know, all that happened. This game looked so promising too! However, over the past year, the developers have definitely doubled down on this game and given it the content it needs to be a great package.

While it will never be the Star Wars: Battlefront package we want, it's really the one we deserve.

It's worth checking out in between fall's huge releases.

8 Overrated: Cuphead

via: wccftech.com

Here we go… Cuphead is just a boss rush that uses unfair gameplay mechanics to punish players for things they couldn't predict. Yeah, I said it. Fight me. Really though, that's what this game is. While I will commend its absolutely stunning visual style, I otherwise don't get the huge love people have toward this game. It's a boss rush that features tons of cheap mechanics to pad out the game. I can't wait to read all your hate mail!

7 Hidden Gems: No Man’s Sky

via: galacticobserver.com

Remember that time where No Man's Sky released and basically lied about what game it was going to be? Well, it's that game now finally! Despite the horrible rollout of No Man's Sky, the developers have stuck with the game and released patch after patch to slowly turn this game into the title it was meant to be. Considering you can find this game for incredibly cheap at this point, there's no reason to not check it out next time you see it in the bargain bin, where most copies are at this point.

6 Overrated: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

via: forbes.com

The Walking Dead's third season, A New Frontier, was a step up from the second season in a lot of different aspects, with one major factor being that your choices matter! Just kidding! In the greater Walking Dead narrative (spoilers ahead) Clementine ends up leaving Javi and the rest of the group, meaning nothing that you decide impacts the next season. While choices matter in its own enclosed narrative, they simply don't for the overall arc.

5 Hidden Gems: The Walking Dead: The Final Season

via: za.ign.com

In the same vein, The Final Season does what A New Frontier planned, makes your choices matter.

Since the final season is, just that, the final season, Telltale (and now Skybound RIP) has the ability to make every little choice matter, as the game should have been to start in season one. As Clementine's journey begins to come to a close, we will have control over a large portion of it unfolds.

4 Overrated: Dark Souls 3

via: playstationlifestyle.net

To be completely honest, "writing this article was as hard as Dark Souls 3!"

Seriously I don't get why this game is the bar for… everything.

It's pretty cool, stupidly hard to the point that I have a problem with it, but I just don't get why this game is thrown around as the icon of the gaming world. While the earlier titles were a huge game changer, this is more of the same, and not the difficulty bar that a Spyro the Dragon remake should be held to.

3 Hidden Gems: Golf Story

via: gamespot.com

Golf Story is so good.

It's literally just a golf game with a truckload of RPG elements and I love it.

It has tried and true golfing mechanics that feel so rewarding to play with, and you can also you know, just like help people with problems, and isn't that what life's really all about? The finely polished game is perfect for the Switch, and hopefully, the next Mario Golf game we get is half as good as this one.

2 Overrated: Destiny/Destiny 2

via: gametyrant.com

I just really don't get all the hype behind this game (I'm pretty sure I've started every single entry like that but it's fine). Yeah, the raid aspects of the game are certainly interesting, but the rest isn't too inventive, which may or may not be the reason Destiny 2 was free on PlayStation Plus. That does not bode well for the rest of that series. Either way, the titles look like they're losing their sheen more and more by the day, and some reinvention will inevitably be in the cards.

1 Hidden Gems: Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

via: heypoorplayer.com

Blossom Tales is A Link to the Past! A Link to the Past is good! Blossom Tales is good! 

Seriously though, Blossom Tales is essentially A Link to the Past, and considering how great that game is, Blossom Tales is certainly worth a try.

While it's not delivering anything super new to the table, it certainly scratches that 2D Zelda itch we all have every now and then. If you're looking for a great Zelda title, check this game out.

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