A Work Of Art: 15 Lame Custom Funko Pops (And 15 That Are Dope)

Some custom Funko Pops put the real ones to shame, but others seriously need a little extra work.

Funko Pops seemingly took over the world out of nowhere; it’s not like we really needed more things to collect, but it didn’t take long before everyone latched onto the hot new toy. Truthfully, I’ve never bought one; after my short-lived but very heated Amiibo addiction, I decided I didn’t need another collectible in my life (and my wallet surely thanked me for that). That being said, however, it’s been pretty hard to hide from Funko Pops as they continue to dominate the market.

Constantly, I find friends who have them littered throughout their rooms, plenty of stores keeping them stocked and in your face, and currently, I have a little sister just begging me to buy her the Crash Bandicoot one. Whether you buy them or not, it’s pretty hard to deny this seemingly overnight sensation.

And one of the biggest reasons for Funko’s success has to be attributed to the quality of their products. Even a true cynic like myself can’t deny the cuteness of a miniature Bob Ross or the adorableness of a Funko Pop-styled Cuphead and Mugman. Thankfully, I’ve fought off the urge to pop a few into my cart, but I fear the day for when I can’t fight this trend anymore.

Leave it to artists, and DYI experts on Pinterest, Reddit, and Etsy to showcase their creativity firsthand by reworking and reimagining some of our favorite Funko Pops. Some Pops I came across completely blew my mind, but I won’t lie to you, there were more than a few that could use a little extra time in the studio. So today we’re gonna look at 15 Custom Funko Pops that blew our socks off and 15 that could use a little constructive criticism (hope we don’t hurt any feelings)!

30 Needs Some Work: Looking More Like An 80s Rockstar

via: pinimg.com

Here we have an honest attempt at the bearded lady from American Horror Story’s fourth season, Freak Show. We gotta admit that Kathy Bates who takes on the role in Freak Show looks a bit unappealing for most of the season, as it’s pretty hard to pull off an attractive bearded lady.

But I’m sure even Kathy Bates would be slightly offended at the sight of this custom-made Funko Pop.

Won’t lie, it’s still better than anything I could probably do, but that isn’t really helping this one out much.

29 Seriously Dope: He Hopes His Prices Aren't Too Low

via: reddit.com

Don’t know if any of you guys and gals have heard of this small little underground show on Adult Swim called Rick and Morty? It’s got maybe a few fans, I’d say, but if you’ve seen the show then your sure to recognize this guy right here.

Ants In My Eyes Johnson is a character with a few too many ants in his eyes... oh, and did he mention that he doesn't feel pain too?

This character was gold during the episode Intergalactic Cable and we’re glad that someone out there took the time to make this outstanding Funko Pop.

28 Needs Some Work: The Joker, But With A Bad Case Of Acne?

via: cloudfront.net

There are some seriously dope custom-made Jokers out there on the internet, but unfortunately there a few that are pretty underwhelming too. Here we have a case of the latter, as these custom-made Jokers are pretty bland and a little underdeveloped.

At least this is good enough so that we can recognize the character and the malice behind his eyes, but the rest of it comes off uninspiring.

And the artist got a little too generous with the red paint, as it seems like half of the Jokers face turned into a Jackson Pollock painting.

27 Seriously Dope: “We’re In The End Game Now”

via: redditmedia.com

Shoutout to Reddit user Derrico13 for making this phenomenal Funko Pop that also causes us to relive the depression we all felt after Infinity War. Thankfully, we’re not looking at a Spider-Man version, or I’d have to watch THAT scene again and I don’t think my tear ducts can handle another “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel too good.”

Derrico13 has a whole line of endgame Avenger Funko Pops, including teenage Groot, Black Panther, Bucky Barnes, and yes, even Spidey. All of them are just as amazing as Doctor Strange up there, so we’ll save you some time and link the rest here.

26 Needs Some Work: BB-8, The Merc Without A Mouth

via: pinimg.com

Well, you can color me impressed for the creativity in combining BB-8 with Deadpool, but that’s kind of where the admiration for this one ends for me. The paint job is actually pretty decent too, but something just feels off about the whole thing.

You know technology has gone too far when you’re seeing Funko, BB-8, and Deadpool all combined into one.

This is actually one that could land in the “Dope” section if you like the idea here, but to me, this just feels like a Frankenstein-type monster that really shouldn’t have been made.

25 Seriously Dope: The Real Deadpool Comes In To Steal The Show

via: redditmedia.com

Now this, my friends, this is what you call perfection. The blue slippers with the socks, the cross-eyed face, and you just gotta love that Green Lantern poster. This one comes from abbernaffy_customs on Instagram, where you can see that he has no limits to his creativity and artistry when it comes to designing Funko Pops.

The cool thing about this one too is that the uglier it looks, the better it really gets, as Wade Wilson truly has a face that we’re not even sure his mother would love at this point... but we’ll still love him anyways.

24 Needs Some Work: Keep That Thing Away From Kids

via: cloudfront.net

Here I have more of a problem with the source being Jabba The Hutt rather than what the artist put out. Because even compared to the original Funko Pop that was designed, I think this custom one has it beat out.

But I really gotta say that Jabba looks like a creeper here.

He’s looking extra slimy for some reason, and that tongue waggle thing that he’s doing, just no, all of the nos to that. I would get so weirded out having this thing around and for that alone, this thing earns a place here.

23 Seriously Dope: Look Out Quahog, There’s A New Guy In Town

via: reddit.com

Wow, all I really can say is just wow, because Reddit user Adiroit has truly delivered something special to the world of Funko Pops. If you’ve seen early episodes of Family Guy, then you’re sure to remember when Peter actually had a striking resemblance to this Pop we see here.

In the episode, Peter ends up getting plastic surgery to look like the stud we see here.

Not sure if the creator had inspiration from that episode or if he just wanted a suave looking Peter Griffin; either way, we love it.

22 Needs Some Work: Sans? Is That You?

via: DeviantArt.com

I actually had to pull up a picture of Sans from Undertale because this custom-made Funko Pop made me question everything I had previously believed about Sans' looks. At least we can still make out who the artist is trying to represent, but that might be the best compliment I can give this one.

Also, it might’ve made this one look weirder, but isn’t Sans only supposed to have one blue eye?

If my younger sister came to me with this I might be inclined to be a little nicer, but compared to the rest of these customs I really can’t at all.

21 Seriously Dope: We’re Actually Pretty Glad Thor Didn’t End Him

via: Reddit.com

Expect a few characters from the Marvel universe to end up on this list, because apparently there’s no denying Marvel’s popularity, even in the custom Funko Pop world. And here we have an artist that seriously elevated Thanos’ Funko Pop design.

The real Funko Pop Thanos is modeled after his Infinity War design, but Reddit user LegendaryMoji decided to model his after Thanos’s comic design. While I love the look of Thanos in the movies, I ultimately gotta give LegendaryMoji props for making this outstanding custom.

20 Needs Some Work: Han’s Not Pulling Off The Look This Time

via: thumbs.worthpoint.com

Growing up with Star Wars, one of my favorite moments from the OG trilogy had to be how well the carbonite scene was handled. The tension was always built perfectly, and seeing Han’s terrified demeanor of being trapped in the carbonite was always icing on the cake.

And that takes us to this custom-designed Funko Pop which loses all the personality that the iconic scene had.

Technically, this one is fine, but it lacks all of the subtle details that were packed into the real one, making it pretty easy to put here.

19 Seriously Dope: The It Universe Takes Over Rick And Morty

via: Reddit.com

So I haven’t used the word “perfect” much this article, in an attempt to reserve it for the truly perfect custom-made Funko Pops. But this, THIS is the closest thing I’ve seen to perfection ever in the Funko Pop world.

Who knew that Rick and Morty would be a perfect candidates to replace the IT clown and Georgie?

We have Reddit user abbernaffy_customs to thank for this one, and we hope that we find this one in the MOMA some day, as it truly belongs to be seen by everyone.

18 Needs Some Work: Looking Weird, Not In A Good Way

via: DeviantArt.com

I’m already not the biggest fan of the Jared Leto Joker, as he mostly just looks like the result of a Hot Topic employee throwing up on the Joker from The Dark Knight. I do feel like he gets a bit more hate than he deserves, but this Funko Pop here isn’t really helping out his case.

It’s like all the problems of Leto Joker are pointed out by this Funko Pop, and we’re left with a man that looks to be a Joker wannabe rather than the Joker himself. And I absolutely HATE those tattoos, as I could never see the Joker sitting down long enough to get “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha” tattooed on his chest (rant over).

17 Seriously Dope: Still Can’t Get Tickets For Hamilton? Get These

via: etsy.com

The coolest thing about Funko Pops is that you get to see characters that you probably never expected to see. I mean, who would’ve expected Bob Ross, or one of my personal favorites, Eleven from Stranger Things equipped with a box of Eggos?

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to Funko Pops, and now we get to see Funko enter Broadway territory.

Created and sold by BroadwayPop on Etsy, the three main characters from Hamilton will cost you a pretty penny of almost $200 dollars, but they’re cost is definitely justified to some mega fans.

16 Needs Some Work: Yet Another AHS Mess-terpiece

via: pinimg.com

Funko Pops actually has their very own line of American Horror Story-inspired Funko Pops, and I gotta say that they seriously set the bar high. But even if I ignored those, I’d still have to say that this looks more like a DIY project in an insane asylum.

If you’re purely looking at creepiness, then this version of Twisty the clown will probably go over pretty well for you.

I would expect this to be on a shelf in a psycho’s basement, so in a way, it’s pretty cool, but maybe cut back a little on the creepiness.

15 Seriously Dope: The Custom-Made Crash Bandicoot

via: Reddit.com

This thing is just oozing detail, from the individual carves into the mask to the question marked box that looks straight out of the games. And there’s probably no better time to make a custom-made Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop, as I’m sure many of you have been enjoying the heck out of the new game.

This is another custom done by abbernaffy_customs from Reddit, and it shows how to perfectly transform a regular Funko Pop into a masterpiece. Too bad it doesn’t look like he sells it, because this thing is flawless.

14 Needs Some Work: The Combo That’s Seriously Overpriced

via: Etsy.com

Okay, we’ve seen some expensive Funko Pops like the Alexander Hamilton set, and a few others, but I’d say they were, or were pretty close to, justifying their price. But this one, no, nope, nada, and all the rest of the nos you can give me.

On Etsy, these two go for $300, making them not only our most expensive vinyls on this list but also the most overrated.

Just like the movie they come from, these two are alright at best (and no, I’m not talking about Wonder Woman’s standalone film).

13 Seriously Dope: Don’t Mess With Logan

via: Pinterest.com

It’s almost as though these vinyls keep getting better and better as this list goes on, as we now get to see a Wolverine that looks like an exact clone of how he looked in Logan. The hair is gelled up, the outfit is looking fire, and the veins popping out of his head are the final touch making this a perfect rendition of Logan.

There are some really cool versions of Wolverine scattered across the Funko Pop markets, but I really do think that this one takes the cake. John Lucas Reyes, the creator of this vinyl, deserves all the praise you can give him, and then a little more after all that.

12 Needs Some Work: Creative Yet Tacky At The Same Time

via: Etsy.com

In case you haven’t solved the mystery of who’s being portrayed here, this here, believe it or not, is Bucky Barnes. Instead of sporting his iconic Winter Soldier outfit, or his Infinity War getup, this is the summer edition of the iconic villain turned hero.

My main problem with this one is that it just looks like the artist threw on a few household items onto Bucky and then charged $75 dollars for it. Yeah, this thing will run you $75 big ones on Etsy, making this another strong candidate for being an overpriced vinyl.

11 Seriously Dope: 80s Bowie Is The Best Bowie

via: Pinterest.com

I searched long and hard to find the artist for this one, but I kept being redirected to popvinyllist.com. So if someone from there made it, or if we’ll never find out, just know if you’re the artist behind this masterpiece we thank you.

This is precise as precise gets, as this Funko Pop does the late-legend David Bowie so much justice.

Any Bowie fan (myself included) would probably love to have this to display on their desk whether they were a fan of Funko Pops or not.

10 Needs Some Work: Yet Another Joker That's Seriously Weird

via: Etsy.com

Sorry to all the Joker fans out there, as I’m sure you were expecting a few Jokers to end up in the “Dope” section, but I just kept stumbling across renditions of the clown prince of Crime that failed to live up to his reputation.

This one is probably my favorite out of the three Jokers we saw on here but it still fails to truly give us a Joker that I absolutely love.

I’m really digging the kiss marks all over his face, as I can only assume Harley Quinn was the one doing the smooching, but there’s just too much glitter for me on this one.

9 Seriously Dope: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Flavored Batman

via: Pinterest.com

We’ve seen some interesting collaborations on this list, from Rick and Morty/IT to BB-8 mashing up with Deadpool. But I think this one right here has to take the cake, or should we say strawberry?

I really don’t know how the artist thought of mashing up Batman with a chocolate covered strawberry; he must’ve been pretty hungry.

This one comes to us from Tom Shultis from Twitter, and I really gotta applaud this man for his seemingly unbound imagination and artistic creativity.

8 Needs Some Work: Feeling A Bit Self-Conscious

via: Etsy.com

So we know that Two-Face is supposed to look a little deranged/uglier on his second side, but this is probably going a little too far, or perhaps not far enough. This version of Two-Face makes his distorted face look completely undeveloped when compared to the rest of him.

The best part of this vinyl is the part that is already established and the parts that were affected by acid are the parts that make us cringe the most. This one's just not cutting it compared to the rest of these customs.

7 Seriously Dope: Maybe The Best Version Of Him

via: Pinterest.com

Boy oh boy, do I just love some vinyls that scream DETAIL, and this Spider-Man vinyl right here is doing its best opera impression and giving us a A above high C level of detail.

I don’t even know where to start with this one, as almost every part of it is something that I would consider perfect.

The web attached to the light post, the usage of the vintage camera, and even the small papers littered on the ground are enough to bring a tear to my eye. KemilyCustoms of Etsy sells this one for $100.00 and this one might really be worth it.

6 Needs Some Work: The Invisible Man That We Don’t Want To See

via: Etsy.com

With a lot of the customs that fall into this section, they just give off a vibe that they were crudely put together. Not sure if that was because they were built from the ground up, or if it’s just the artist’s first few attempts, but this vinyl has that same problem.

I love the idea of turning the Invisible Man into a vinyl, as he’s one monster that doesn’t get enough attention nowadays. But I could barely make out who this even was before reading the title and going “Ohhhhh.”

5 Seriously Dope: Dia De Los Muertos Snow White

via: Pinterest.com

When I see really good painting, like, really good painting, like we see here, I always wonder how these people do it. The symmetry here is awesome and it’s especially cool to see that Snow White has a perfect outfit for Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of The Dead.

We’re thinking that the artists behind this one might’ve drew some inspiration from Pixar’s recent movie Coco.

The artists behind this one, ImaginationTherapy, have a collection of Disney princesses in the style of Day of The Dead, and most of them are just as cool as the one we see here.

4 Needs Some Work: Enchantress Is Looking More Like A Diva

via: Etsy.com

I initially thought this Kane from WWE without his mask, and my second thought was that it had to be someone from the women’s division of WWE. Well, you can only expect my surprise when I found out I was wrong in both cases.

Instead of this being a WWE superstar, the vinyl we see before us is actually everyone’s FAVORITE villain, Enchantress.

If the sarcasm wasn’t obvious enough, I hate Enchantress, especially the way they represented her in Suicide Squad; and this vinyl isn’t doing much to help her case.

3 Seriously Dope: Vault-Tec’s Number One Scientist

via: Pinterest.com

I’ll admit it, I just can’t shake my bias when it comes to anything Fallout, especially when we’re dealing with something from New Vegas. And here, we get to see a small perk fleshed out and turned into something magnificent. The tongue waggle, the specs, and that fresh combover make this vinyl a strong contender for one of my favorites. This one comes from benz_custom_pops from Instagram, and he really knew how to get on my good side with this Fallout-inspired vinyl.

2 Needs Some Work: I Might Not Want To Watch An Aliens Film

via: Etsy.com

So our final custom-made vinyl comes from a pretty professional studio, but I gotta say that this thing scares me in ways that I never wanted. Sure the design is actually pretty good, and it looks like it stays pretty close to the source material but this is a case of something that just looks weird when translated to a Funko Pop vinyl. It just looks creepy in the worst way, as a flesh-colored alien is something that I think would just translate poorly into a vinyl, as we see here.

1 Seriously Dope: There’s A New Colonel In Town

via: Twitter.com

Yup, we saved the best for last, and we hope you’re hungry because this man’s got 11 herbs and spices in that plastic chicken. I would probably want to own every single custom that we put in the “Dope” section, but we think we have to crown this as the champ amongst the customs.

The colonel is looking extra crispy here, and we’re truly surprised that Funko hasn’t hired this artist yet. Now I want to see the artist FunkoBoss take on other fast food mascots like Wendy, The King, and the creepster from Jack in the Box. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going out for some chicken.

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