The Top 10 Cutest Dog Pokémon

These cute dogs are Pokémon's goodest boys.

All Pokémon are special in their own way; even Trubbish. But there's one kind of monster that is special-er than all the other kinds, and that's DOGS. Think about it: dogs are man's best friend in the real world, and Pokémon are clearly a trainer's best friend. When you combine the two, what else will you get but the most loyal furry friend you've ever had?

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There are a lot of dog and doggy-related Pokémon across the hundreds of Pokédex entries the series has accumulated. But for this list we're looking for the cutest, sweetest, most adorable pups the tall grass has to offer us.

10 Electrike

Our first puppy is Electrike and oh my gosh he's sleeping. Look at the way he's all scrunched up like a cat, isn't he precious?

Electrike doesn't rank any higher on this list because there is something about their shape that's kind of...weird. They have a really big and bulbous head and a spiky butt, and they don't look like they'd be particularly good for cuddles. You probably get a static shock every time you pet one. But if you're looking for a high energy friend to go on adventures with, Electrike literally runs faster than the eye can see.

9 Furfrou

These dogs are clearly poodle analogs and have an aristocratic background. According to their Pokédex entries, they were once designated to be guardians of a king.

The biggest draw for these fluffy guys is the ability to style their plentiful fur into a variety of fun shapes and themes, like Pharaoh or Dandy. These are the kind of Pokémon you'll see in dog shows all trimmed into crazy shapes. But don't let their snobby appearance fool you - they're extremely loyal and will only let their fur be trimmed by someone they trust.

8 Houndour

Houndour first appeared in Gen II when Pokémon started to get a little edgier. These street dogs certainly look fierce: not only do they resemble Rottweilers, a popular guard breed, they're also adorned with metallic cuffs and ridges and what seems to be a skull on their heads.

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They're also extremely intelligent and work as a pack to take down their prey. They're most well known for their incredible ability for teamwork and, should one align itself with you instead of a pack, it'll be the most trustworthy partner you could ask for.

7 Snubbull

Snubbull are likely to appeal to a very specific kind of person, those people who see a weird-looking animal and excitedly proclaim "it's so ugly it's cute!"

This Pokémon has a very fierce appearance and, according to Pokédex entries, sometimes scares off potential playmates without meaning to. In contrast to its angry looks, it's a very affectionate companion and makes friends easily; some even go so far as to call them cowardly and the poor things are prone to getting bullied.

Luckily they've become a popular lady's companion in the Pokémon universe, so they've got someone to dote on them.

6 Poochyena

Don't count this little out because of its size. Poochyena is known as the Bite Pokémon because of its tendency to take a chunk out of anything that moves and ask questions later. They're tenacious suckers too and will chase down prey until it becomes too exhausted to fight back. But if their quarry turns to fight back, Poochyena flees.

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They're more tenderhearted than they look; even their massive fangs and bristling fur are simply intended to make them look bigger than they are. Maybe you can win this pup over and be the protector it needs?

5 Riolu

Riolu is the pre-evolution of fan-favorite Pokémon Lucario, and this puppy-sized version is even cuter than the original. They're Fighting-type and, like most Fighting Pokémon, are very dedicated to their training and to getting stronger.

Apparently Riolu pack a lot of power into their little bodies, as they can run straight through the night. They also have the ability to read auras just like their big brother and can tell when people around are happy, sad, or afraid. Sounds like Riolu would make a great service dog.

4 Growlithe

The OG puppy Pokémon, Growlithe was a coveted Pokémon due to it being exclusive to Pokémon Red. Since then, they've become a symbol for all that's good about canine Pokémon.

They're the companions of Officer Jennys the world over and one even makes an appearance in the backstory of Team Rocket's James. They're loyal to a fault and often described as brave and trustworthy, willing to face off against much larger foes to protect those they care about. What else could you need?

3 Yamper

The newest addition to the collection of puppy Pokémon, Yamper made its debut in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Based on its appearance and the fact that Galar is inspired by the UK, people seem to think that Yamper is based on a Welsh corgi, the signature dog of the Queen of England. And gosh are they cute. The way the yellow of their Electric-typing is incorporated into their color scheme really makes them seem vibrant; we love its little yellow nose!

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You can probably use them to charge your electronics, too. And it has a heart on its butt, really, how much cuter can you get?

2 Lillipup

Oh my gosh, it's so little! Lillipup only weighs 9 lbs and as we all know, anything small is automatically an order of magnitude cuter. Look at how proud and happy it looks. Its little face is so fluffy that it can apparently use its fur like a mini radar dish and take in information about its environment.

Lillipups are also some of the smartest of all the dog Pokémon and are said to have great judgment. They can assess their enemy's strengths and weaknesses in a moment and know to avoid a battle it's sure to lose. But if there's a chance, Lillipup charges in with great courage.

1 Rockruff

We're literally going to cry, Rockruff is so cute. Like, wow, Game Freak really hit it out of the park with this one. There's just something about Rockruff's big blue eyes, its floppy ears, its big bushy tail that scream "perfect pup!"

It can read its partner's emotions and will stick close when they know their trainer is sad. These little guys don't quite know their own strength and will sometimes rub their rocky necks against someone (to show they love them!) without realizing it hurts. But if you can handle their power, they'll make a great lifelong companion.

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