'Cyberpunk 2069' Wisely Changes Its Name To Cyberprank, But Still Seems Pretty Shady

There's a game coming out this month called Cyberpunk 2069. No, it's not that Keanu Reeves thing. It's a totally different game than the ambitious Cyberpunk 2077 that's slated for next year. To make that difference all the more clear, the developer of Cyberpunk 2069 decided to change the name of its game to Cyberprank 2069. Because it's a totally new product that is in no way inspired by the hype surrounding Cyberpunk 2077. Nope, not one bit.

If you look at the Steam page for Cyberprank 2069, you'll discover a "new generation RPG game." Apparently, in 2069, "people will be enslaved by a race of intelligent computers. Now it is cyberghetto. The main character is a cop from the past. His task is to become the most wealthy resident of the city of the future."

So this is an open-world RPG that takes place in a cyberpunk world and aims to explore the unsettling effects of humanity's dependence on technology. It will also offer customization and explore the complicated morality of making money in a corrupt society. Definitely not at all like Cyberpunk 2077. It even says it's not on the Steam page!

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TheGamer was unfortunately not the first to discover Cyberprank 2069. That honor goes to Reddit user 3Darling, who shared it over on the PC Gaming subreddit. If the comments speak truly, the attention from the post actually inspired the change in name. It was called "Cyberpunk" 2069 at first, even sharing a very similar logo font to Cyberpunk 2077. The rebranding to "Cyberprank" supposedly happened suspiciously after the Reddit thread gained steam.

Perhaps even more surprising than the rather blatant similarity, however, is that Cyberprank 2069 has a listed release date of July 2019. It could come out in two weeks or even two days. That makes rebranding the game very risky. Changing the title can throw everything about your marketing campaign off, and yet they're doing it right before launch? What kind of mad visionaries are we dealing with here?

Not just that, but the screenshots on the Steam page look entirely empty. We see no character models, just environments that look kind of like someone modded GTA with more neon signs. It's possible that the developers are holding back in order to surprise players. Or the game just isn't finished and actually won't release in July. You can decide which it is for yourselves.

via: Cyberpath

Cyberprank 2069 will release any time now on Steam.

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