Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Amazing Cosplays That Have Us Hyped For The Game

Fans are psyched for the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 game. These cosplayers make Night City characters like V and Johnny Silverhand look so real.

With the release of of CD Projekt Red's much awaited open-world game Cyberpunk 2077 only about five short months away, it's hard to not get hyped. We're all desperate to know even more about the game and get our fix of its addicting and immersive world and characters. If you're just as excited as us, you'll definitely appreciate these amazing cosplay creations that fans have already made in expectation of the game next year. From bringing different versions of V alive to even depicting Keanu Reeves' character, these are 10 incredible costumes that bring Night City alive right before our eyes.

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10 It's A City Of Dreams. And I'm A Big Dreamer...

So far in Cyberpunk 2077 we've only seen one version of the famed V, with her signature dark red hair. However, Reddit user and cosplayer Aelirenn decided to bring the character alive with an alternative blond hair look, which makes us wish we had more photos of the character creation options. She looks absolutely amazing in her V photoshoot, and what's even better is the fact that she shared her progress in creating V's signature jacket that she wears at the beginning of the game. Aelirenn truly looks like a seasoned resident of Night City, casually preparing for the next gig.

9 The Real You Is Not Enough

Some of the best things about the game are its striking details. From the clothing to the cyberware wiring visible on the character's faces as well as the guns, the developers truly worked hard to bring the world alive. Likewise, cosplayer Oichichan didn't spare us from any details when she constructed this incredible homage to the original female V character. Her gun is almost a replica of the actual pistol seen in the gameplay, and the LED details inside the collar of her jacket just bring this whole costume together.

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8 My Name Is V.

Making the most amazing costume is one thing, but to enhance your cosplay creation through image manipulation is an entirely different skill. Cosplayer Octokuro definitely knows this when she brought V to life in this photoshoot that looks like a still from the game or an actual official piece of artwork. Honestly, she could easily just be a character in the game and we wouldn't bat an eye; that's how good her costume and the holographic details added in post-production are. And let's not forget about her gun that looks sleek and strikingly close to the actual in-game pistol.

7 Be Whatever You Want

This list wouldn't ever be complete if we didn't include the absolute king of cosplay, the man who has everyone in awe whenever he releases a new photo of himself in a costume. Maul has outdone himself once again by bringing male V to life in his Cyberpunk 2077 costume and he looks absolutely stunning. Our favorite details are his arm cyberware, which isn't usually seen in most Cyberpunk 2077 cosplays, as well as the jacket that has the look of a perfectly worn gear that a professional mercenary in Night City would be sporting to bump up his street cred.

6 We Have A City To Burn

When it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 cosplays, cosplayer Alex Wolf decided to think outside the box and went for something much more ambitious than what we usually see: Johnny Silverhand, or Keanu Reeves' character. It's definitely not easy to become one of the most iconic actors of our time, which is why this costume is so insanely good, because Alex Wolf pulls it off to perfection. We love his cybernetic arm and the bulletproof gear he has on, as well as the hair and glasses that just give him that signature Keanu look.

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5 Partners In Crime

So far the longest uncut gameplay footage we have of Cyberpunk 2077 is one where we play as female V, joined by Jackie, her sidekick. It's unclear how important of a character Jackie will end up being, but he's made quite a few appearance so far. Thankfully, he's also been interpreted by a bunch of talented cosplayers, as seen here by Octokuro and her friend darky_310. The feel of the photo is further enhanced by the background, which was added post-production and really gives the phenomenal costumes that Cyberpunk 2077 feel. It's almost like we're in Night City ourselves with these two.

4 Street Cred

We're all eager to find out what kinds of outfits we can rock on our main character in-game, which is why full-body outfits like these from Maja Felicitas are the best form of fan service for cyberpunk genre lovers. We love that she's gone for an alternate hairstyle here to give V some variety, and we have to appreciate the armored boots that she's also sporting. Much like with Maul, Maja Felicitas has opted for the arm cybernetics which look good even from afar. Her pistol and jacket match the actual gear seen in the gameplay footage, making this one of the most accurate cosplays.

3 Cyberware

In some of the gameplay footage we've been able to see tons of different play styles. You can be a netrunner, a strong solo able to mow down enemies or an agile cyberninja with arm blades to cut through your enemies. Irina Meier's V costume is incredible because it showcases the latter weapon so perfection with its fake cybernetic handpiece. It takes a lot to create these types of props; to actually wear them in a way that's natural is a talent of its own. Just seeing this photo alone makes us want to try the cyberninja build once the game comes out.

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2 Night City Never Sleeps

We wanted to include this special alternative photo from cosplayers Octokuro and darky_310. Their photoshoot is so fun to look through because of how much of the story they're able to bring alive simply with their poses and their costumes. We know that Jackie might have something going on with V from the gameplay we see, and they no doubt go drinking after every gig together. This is a great photo that potentially shows what the game has yet to illustrate to us, a budding friendship — or more? — between these two partners in crime.

1 Another Side Of V

It's evident that the female V has received a lot more attention through the lengthy gameplay demos that we've seen. However, the male V deserves some love too. Alex Wolf didn't just settle with the challenging task of bringing Johnny Silverhand to life, but also created his very own version of V, with truly intricate facial cybernetic wiring and gear that might as well have been pulled straight out of the game itself. The colors and the background all complement that neon-colored Cyberpunk 2077 feel we've all come to love and eagerly await for.

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