Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Facts You Need To Know From E3 2019

Easily one of the most hyped up games on the horizon, Cyberpunk 2077’s release is slowly getting closer. Just a year ago, gamers were salivating for any bit of news whatsoever. With the last couple of E3’s, there’s substantially more info regarding the game out there. Yet, there’s still a whole lot that CD Projekt Red is keeping under their hat.

With the release of the latest E3 cinematic trailer fans have so much to be excited for, while simultaneously still knowing very little about the game. There were some pretty major revelations made at this year’s E3 though. From the things you didn’t see coming to the stuff you didn’t even think about; here are 10 facts you need to know about Cyberpunk 2077 from E3 2019.

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10 It’s Releasing Next Year

There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 for a while now. Most f the rumors surrounding the game had to do with whether or not the game would release on current or next gen hardware, and when it was coming out.

Well both of those questions were answered. The game will indeed release on current gen consoles, but more exciting than that is fans will finally be able to play the game on April 16th. Though it’s still a good 10 months away, it’s closer than it’s ever been.

9 There’s A Sweet Collector’s Edition

A big budget game getting a collector’s edition isn’t anything all that surprising. But while a lot of games’ collector’s editions end up falling flat, Cyberpunk’s looks like something that may actually be worth its insane price tag.

The collector’s edition comes with a ton of cool trinkets, most notably a massive collector’s edition box, figure of V on his bike and a hardcover art book. There’s a ton of other cool stuff; like a collectable steelbook, metal keychain and world compendium. It really looks like they went all out with this.

8 Actions Will Have Consequences

Plenty of games try to give players various choices that they have to make throughout their playthrough. While this sometimes comes across as half-baked, Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be intent on making player choices impactful.

With Jackie’s apparent death in the trailer, it very much seems like player’s could get to make choices in the game that greatly affect the narrative. Depending on how it’s executed, this could be yet another feature that will have players singing the praises of the game.

7 Driving Is A Thing Of The Past

With Cyberpunk being such a big open world title, players can expect to drive around a lot to get from one destination to another. But something in the new trailer suggests that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

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It seems as though cars in the game will be self-driving, and also come equipped with their own weapons systems. So not only does that mean less driving, but an extra helping hand in battle as well.

6 Things Are A Little Different This Time

With the one year gap between trailers, things were different from the first time around. While a lot of the content shown was new, there are of course some similarities – most notably in the dynamic between V and Dexter DeShawn.

Things between Dexter and V seem much more different this time around. As was illustrated in the trailer, this is likely the result of a botched job. If anything, this indicates that the choices you make in the game will have some effect on how you interact with certain NPC’s.

5 Cybernetics Will Be Incredibly Versatile

One feature that will likely be a talking point for many are the various cybernetic enhancements players can equip. These seem like they will affect both appearance and functionality.

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As seen in the trailer, these enhancements will range quite dramatically. V is shown to use some of his enhancements for combat while they’ve also been shown to be useful for hacking as well. Speaking of…

4 Hacking Cybernetics Is A Thing

Given what was shown in the latest trailer, it seems that hacking isn’t just applicable to drones, robots and weapons. Apparently, hacking or interfering with someone’s cybernetics is also a possibility.

The trailer showed V’s cybernetics being interfered with which significantly affected how capable he was able to defend himself. It’ll be interesting o see how this feature is implemented into the gameplay once more of that is shown

3 “The Other Side”

It may have been easy to overlook with all the hullabaloo surrounding the cinematic trailer, but a short gameplay teaser was also shown at the reveal. There’s a a lot of interesting stuff going on in there, but one bit of dialogue is particularly notable.

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Around half-way through you hear a character say “few have gone through to the other side”. It’s an ambiguous line yes, but teases something that could not only play a big role in the game’s narrative but gameplay as well.

2 Gameplay Will Be Shown In August

While select members of the press will get to see more gameplay during this E3, most fans won’t be so lucky. It’s not all bad news though, as fans will get something come this August.

Dedicated fans found a secret message in the collector’s edition unboxing video. The message basically says that fans will have to wait till PAX in August to get more of their Cyberpunk fix. It may seem like a long wait, but hey, at that point the game will only be another 8 months away.

1 The Keanu Reveal

While most of the post E3 hype surrounding Cyberpunk will be around Keanu Reeves’ role in the game, what’s really notable is who he’s playing.

Reeves will be playing Johnny Silverhand, a character that appears in the original table-top game, set 57 years prior to the video game. He appears to be a hologram in the trailer, and his role remains a mystery. Though, it seems as though he’s there for more than just fanfare.

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