A Secret Message In The Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Reveals Game Details And "Release Date"

Cyberpunk 2077's E3 trailer revealed more about the game than people might realize on their first viewing - encoded at the end for a single frame lie several juicy details about the upcoming RPG.

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated upcoming games. Developed by CD Projekt Red, best known for the acclaimed Witcher series, and based on a long-standing tabletop RPG setting (the same that inspired the first version of the card game Netrunner), the game has a tremendous pedigree behind it. The thing is, no one outside of CD Projekt Red knows anything about it.

Until now. At E3 2018, CDPR released a new trailer for the game (the first in several years), complete with a secret, blink-and-you'll-miss-it message from the developers to the fans.

The message can be seen at exactly 1:39 of the game's trailer, right when the logo flickers:

You'll want to hit pause at just the right moment, and use "," and "." to move forward or backward a frame at a time. The full image can be found here.

In short, the message gives some crucial details on the game.

First of all, it'll be out when it's done - so no concrete release date here, but we can trust that the game won't be rushed.

It will be "seriously big" - and presumably open world.

There will be free DLC. "Expect nothing less than what you got with The Witcher 3," which was a lot.

The game will be DRM-free on PC, which means it will probably come to other platforms than Steam.

There will be no microtransactions. As they say in the message, "in a single-player roleplaying game? Are you nuts?"

You can finally create your own character, as opposed to the Witcher series in which you always played as Geralt of Rivia, the titular Witcher.

via gamespot.com

The text also suggests that more details will be available as people are allowed to play the game at E3, and we can't wait to hear some of those reports.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is most peoples' most-anticipated game at E3, and it likely won't be out until 2019, or beyond. In the meantime, what's everyone else looking forward to? What will fill that mega-RPG gap?

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