A Car Crash We Can’t Look Away From: Cybertruck Gets Modded Into GTA V

Further enhancing its status as a meme, the Tesla Cybertruck has been modded into Grand Theft Auto V.

GTAV Cybertruck

Further enhancing its status as a meme, the Tesla Cybertruck has been modded into GTA V.

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk personally introduced his electric pickup truck to the world. Called the “Cybertruck,” the thing looked like it was basically designed in a video game from the late ‘90s or early 2000s. Although it has a state of the art electric powertrain with 800 horsepower and a self-reported 500-mile range, the dang thing looked like it was made by a game dev who didn’t have nearly enough time to 3D model an actual car.

And now it’s all come full circle with the Cybertruck finding its way into GTA V.

Our first mod, as seen through the eyes of YouTubers Elite Rejects, looks like something that actually did come out of the '90s. It certainly has the same shape as a Cybertruck, but the model is absolutely awful. The windows are flat and monochrome instead of transparent, with the car's texture looking more like wood or stone than metal.

The car's edges look so sharp it'd be dangerous to even touch it. Which, in the world of GTA V, makes it an even deadlier weapon than what's already available.

Our next mod is far more generous to the Cybertruck. From channel Fred Walkthrough, the Cybertruck model has transparent glass and an actual interior--you can even see the steering wheel and cup holders.

Taking part in several drag races, the Cybertruck makes no noise as is appropriate for a battery-powered car without an internal combustion engine. It’s also fast: Musk said that the top-tier Cybertruck will be able to run from zero to sixty in just 3 seconds, putting it on par with some of the world’s fastest cars.

It’s still a bit of a work in progress, but this mod is expected to eventually make its way to the wider world once the bugs have been worked out.

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The Cybertruck has also been modded into Minecraft, Rocket League, and perhaps most surprisingly, Goldeneye 007 for the N64. It even has a Goldeneye version of Elon Musk who looks absolutely horrifying.

(Source: Eurogamer, YouTube)

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