Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Starting A Gaming Twitch Channel

Ray Fisher, the actor known for playing DC's current live-action Cyborg, is starting a gaming Twitch stream during Comic-Con weekend.

San Diego Comic-Con is a good time to reconnect with our favorite actors. And by "reconnect" I mean stand in line for hours for a chance to view them from a distance. You can get an autograph or even a photo with them... if they do signings and you're lucky enough to get a ticket. With so much hassle involved, one has to wonder if there isn't a better way. A platform where you can interact with celebrities from the comfort of your own home. Enter Infinite Poseidon.

You probably know Infinite Poseidon by his given name, Ray Fisher. He's the man behind the booyah in the current DC movie universe. Fisher debuted as Victor Stone in a brief clip during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then actually became Cyborg for 2017's Justice League. He even made an appearance at 2017's SDCC to hype up the film alongside the rest of the cast. Since then, we haven't seen much of him.

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Fisher did appear in the latest season of True Detective as Henry Hays, but he's noticeably absent from DC's current offerings. With the success of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam!, Warner Brothers seems more concerned with solo films than any Justice League reunion. Sadly, that concern hasn't resulted in any progress on a Cyborg solo movie. Fisher believes he's not done yet, but he seems to have time to kill in between acting gigs. To fill that void, he's starting a gaming Twitch channel.

His first stream will begin on July 20th, 3PM EST/12PM PST. His Twitch handle is InfinitePoseidon, which seems like it might fit better for Aquaman, but who are we to judge? According to him, he was a gamer long before an actor, so maybe InfinitePoseidon is an old gamertag.

As for what games he plans to play, he's asking viewers for input. He seems to be focusing more on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. He mentions not having an Xbox or gaming PC, but is open to the possibility if viewers clamor for it. So we probably shouldn't expect the next Fortnite/Apex pro, but a more entertainment-focused stream. Then again, who knows? Maybe he had an aimbot installed during his time as Cyborg.

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