Daemon X Machina Is Getting A Fancy Limited Edition Exclusively For Europe And Australia

Marvelous First Studio has garnered a lot of support from consumers anticipating the release of Daemon X Machina. Now, it has announced a special limited-edition version of the game available in both Europe and Australia that features an Arsenal statue.

Marvelous Inc. is a studio that is a sort of jack of all trades when it comes to developing games as it has done everything from platformers and beat 'em up games to JRPG's like Rune Factory. Not only has it shown their versatility when it comes to game creation but it have also shown others in the industry how to handle both criticism and feedback from consumers. Recently, it released a trailer detailing the fixes to Daemon X Machina that it made in response to that feedback and now it plans to reward that passion with a special limited-edition version of the game for those in Australia and Europe.

Although some people might feel that limited editions are rather expensive, it's always nice to see a company give their consumers more options. It certainly defeats simply giving a voucher to download it online like some companies and retail outlets do these days. Additionally, it's a good sign that companies aren't ready to give up manufacturing physical copies of games just yet.

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Gertlush Gaming notes that European and Australian buyers will get their hands on a steel book, custom crate box, art book, and an 18-centimeter Arsenal Statue. The Orbital Limited Edition's price isn't yet known, but it's safe to say that we will get more details on that later once the release date gets closer. Additionally, the company has yet to reveal a limited-edition for other regions of the world, but it's hard to imagine that they won't, given the amount of interest this latest release has gotten.

While the Orbital edition isn't entirely different from other games' special edition releases, it's still a good opportunity for consumers to further support a company which deeply cares about their opinions. If the sale of the Orbital edition does well, it will show other companies the true value of taking user feedback to heart.

Ultimately, it's nice to see that some companies are still putting forth an effort to create unique physical copies of their games. While the cost is sure to be almost double that of the default game price, it's worth it to many just to have something tangible in tandem with their purchase.

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