Daemon X Machina, Nintendo's Mech Battle Game, Is Interested In Player Feedback After Demo

Daemon X Machina was originally announced during Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation. Since then, there has been little word about the mech action title. That changed in Nintendo's February DirectDaemon X Machina's producer, Kenichiro Tsukuda, appeared in the video to talk about the title. The game has a demo up on the eShop now, titled "Prototype Missions."

While the demo serves as a way for players to try out the title, it also serves as feedback for the development team. Tsukuda says an online survey will be sent to some after playing Prototype Missions. If you played and were not selected however, Tsukuda welcomes feedback on social media.

For first impressions based on the demo, Daemon X Machina is looking to be a fun beat 'em up style action game. Before starting the fight, you customize an avatar, with more cosmetics unlocked later on. The first mission perfectly introduces you to the gameplay. There's a lot on the screen, but controlling the mech is relatively simple. You'll navigate the ground, jump and fly, shoot down enemies, and more. You're tasked with completing an aptitude test in order to become a certified mercenary. Afterwards, the real action begins. There are four missions to complete. You'll be fighting off powerful robots, and even defending a library.

In an interesting twist, after your mech breaks down, it's not game over yet. You'll control the human with a little machine that hovers around and shoots enemies, reminiscent of the pods from NieR: Automata. The game is certainly frenetic, and if you're not careful, your health will deplete quickly. There is definitely an intriguing futuristic storyline in the background that the game will likely expand on. Perhaps the only weak aspect is the dialogue. The characters do not leave much of a positive impression, but this is just a demo. Regarding any negatives with the core gameplay, the mech can move kind of slow through the city. But overall, the gameplay will likely satisfy those who enjoy action and robots.

Daemon X Machina does not have a release date, but Tsukuda says the game is aiming for a summer release.

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