24 Danny Phantom Fan Comics That Are Extra Sweet

We all remember Danny Phantom as a top classic cartoon to be dished out by Nickelodeon. It had action, it had comedy, and it hit fans hard. Really, a story about a boy who turns half-ghost and battles other ghosts terrorizing his town? That’s the kind of story that really sticks to your head. Sure, it can be silly and the villains wacky, but the series had its moments and fans saw all kinds of potential for the series.

Really, when it comes to exploring the fan works of the Phandom, it’s pretty much a journey throughout. From funny things to dramatic photos of Danny, this is one of those series that pretty much blew up because of the fans. Not just because of the dark side that was found with the series, but also because of the fan ships. Honestly, this may have been one of the first cartoons to have shipping wars, if you think about it.

That aside, Danny Phantom is a series that’s just fun. It has its debates, true, but the fan works, mainly the comics, just have so much enjoyment to them. From quirky pieces about the different characters or pieces that highlight different pairing scenarios, they give a lot of fun ideas. These are the type of comics that leave a smile and show different and possible sides to the characters. Really, if you’re looking for different ones that bring out the fun of the series and the characters, here are some that may leave a smile.

24 They've Grown

via: amethyst-ocean.deviantart.com

Guess some things really don’t change; with how long Sam had to keep herself buried, something like this is pretty much expected. Clearly though, this is sometime in the future, what with the long hair and the two of them looking just a tad older. Just the idea of them having been dating but Sam is still trying to deal with expressing herself is rather cute if this is the turn-out. What makes this even better is that it seems Danny doesn’t realize how his looks are affecting Sam. It makes sense given his personality, but can you just imagine what would happen if he realized his effect on the girl? Cue the sultry music!

Going back to Sam being flustered and Danny being oblivious here, though. It’s funny to think that while they’ve grown here, some of their old dynamics remain. Not as bad as before they got together, but some of it is still there. On the other hand, you can’t really blame Sam for her state here. Facing those abs, anybody would get a little flustered. And it doesn’t help that this piece looks way too realistic. Really, Amethyst-Ocean does way too good of a job with their works.

23 When You Got Best Friend Privileges

via: pinterest.com

Having ice-powers must be real useful for hot days, if this photo has anything to say about it. Seriously though, they say that a photo holds a thousand words, but Danny’s face is the one holding the thousand words here. Really, that’s a face that’s practically screaming “Don’t you DARE” at Dash. Guess he’s only got room for his friends.

Well, it makes sense they get privileges.

Well, they have been with him every step of the way. That and it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to become some sort of public air-conditioner. On the other hand, this sort of makes for a fitting image for the rare OT3 that a group like theirs would crop up. Hey, it’s not the weirdest ship of the series, ever heard of "Sue Killer?" AKA the Danny and Dani ship? No real bashing against the ships of the series, but this is his younger female clone we’re talking about… so, yeah, back to this here. More than the whole OT3 thing going on here, anyone else think that this is just a solid image showing how Danny and his school are dealing with knowing his alter-ego and how comedic things can get?

22 When Shipping Gets Awkward

via: foxyelie.deviantart.com

If some of you are not familiar with the whole “Secret Trio” thing, here’s a short run-down. They all have secret identities, have friends who act as support and all of them crack jokes in battle; voila, “Secret Trio.” And for those who don’t recognize Randy here, he’s from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Basically, he’s a secret ninja with special abilities and weird slang. Now, as amazing as the three of them are as a team, there is one thing to remember: the shipping.

Shipping is basically a free-for-all and this is no different.

Oh, sure, there’s not a whole lot pairings between the three, but they exist, and clearly, foxyelie knows about it. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with ships. Sometimes, though, shipping can be… off at times. Not to say that this ship is bad, but well, the artist pretty much said it: any pair involving these three would be awkward. Even Danny is weirded out by just the idea here. It doesn’t help that in technical terms, Jake is older than Randy. Really, given the three’s personalities, it’s easier to believe they would be a best friend trio or, at best, bros.

21 The Power Of Having Glasses

via: tembrook.deviantart.com

Jokester, tech man, and overall geek: this is the best way to describe Tucker Foley. While he’s got more to him than being a geek, he pretty much coins the image of one. That said, there’s been more than a few fans who have played around with his look, and TemBrook is one of them. Though a character with glasses actually looking good when they take their specs off isn’t new, the artist made it more than work with this tech geek. Who knew that Tucker, of all people, would look fitting as a stud?

All he needs is to get rid of those specs.

Clearly, all that running around and ghost hunting really paid off. To make this even more perfect, he doesn’t even realize his new look. Danny and Sam on the other hand, clearly do, and it’s safe to say that we can’t really blame them. That and you can’t help but feel bad for them with how they look in the second panel. Look at them, they look like they’re split between being attracted to his no-glasses look and remembering that this is the same guy who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Kudos to the artist for this fabulous transformation.

20 The Girl Had Game

via: pen-and-imp.tumblr.com

It’s no secret that while Johnny loves Kitty, he’s a huge flirt. And Kitty, while also in love with Johnny, is rather demanding and temperamental. Hey, no one is perfect, but raise your hands if any of you wondered about the couple’s past. Heck, who are we kidding, plenty of us imagined different stories and pasts for the ghost characters of the series. Clearly, pen and imp had their own idea about a certain part of Johnny and Kitty’s past here. It’s no brainer that Johnny must have been a sort of flirt, but what about Kitty?

Who’s to say that Kitty didn’t play the field herself?

She’s a pretty girl and she clearly knows how to use her charm if she managed to snag Johnny. On the other hand, she has shown herself to be a rather clingy girlfriend. Chances are that she had less than good luck in keeping a guy. That does sound more likely to be her, doesn’t it? Just look at her face here; that’s the face of someone who does not want to talk about something. And if Johnny’s reaction is anything to go by, then they must be talking about past relationships. Like the guy who flirts with just about any girl when he already has room to talk.

19 A Set-Up Waiting To Happen

via: usernamedyen.deviantart.com

Remember the whole Frightmare episode? The one that basically brought a wild ride, including Dash as Danny Phantom and Tucker living as a Casanova? That was one episode that brought a whole lot of emotions for plenty of fans. Looks like usernamedyen hasn’t forgotten either. Really though, it’s never been a secret that Tucker has a thing for the ladies and a love for his tech. We just never knew that his interest in having a lady reached this level here. And poor Danny is none the wiser.

What do you think would happen, though, if Danny realized that Tucker isn’t paying attention but rather dreaming instead? Like, what if Tucker actually fell asleep and began talking about Star in his sleep? Odds are that Danny might just abandon him, but then we all know that Danny is too nice to that. Still, this would make for a classic comedy scene in the series. It seems like something that would happen near the end of an episode.

Picture it now: they just finish a fight and this happens. Then Danny learns what Tucker means, makes a deadpan face, and then the blackout. Either that, or this would make for a scene that happens just before Danny gets blasted by a ghost. Really, this is just a set-up for a funny skit waiting to happen.

18 Someone Took Initiative

via: dreamersgirl92.deviantart.com

Remember the whole Identity Crisis episode when Danny got his human and ghost half split apart? Yeah, it’s no big surprise that Tucker would redo the split just for the heck of it. Hey, though, at least Sam is showing some initiative in what she wants. And with what happened the last time Danny was split up, watching over each half is a pretty good idea. Seriously, with DreamersGirl92’s design here, it actually looks like a skit that would fit the show. Even the little poke in the end about Tucker’s clothes is a classic piece of comedy.

On that note, raise your hand if you were late in realizing the whole traffic light thing. There were different kinds of pokes that went on in the series, weren’t there? Well, aside from the comedic piece going on here, does anyone else realize that Sam may as well have dragged Danny off on a date? If this was early in the series, there is no way she would make that kind of expression. That’s the fun of fan art, though; we get to see more looks and sides to characters that we don’t normally get to see. That and we all want more content one way or another.

17 All It Takes Is One Slip

via: ruisetsuna.deviantart.com

This is something that should have happened in the series, so thank you ruisetsuna. With how much antagonism went between the two, it’s a surprise that something like this hadn’t happened. Her denial game was strong, though, so there is that. Still, if something like this had happened then maybe there would have been less awkwardness between the two. And just look at Danny’s reaction here, ain’t he just adorable. Looks like this was the point that he was getting over his crush on Paulina. We all knew that Sam and Danny would be endgame from the start.

The receipts proving the two were meant to be together piled up throughout the series.

All it would have taken was for Sam to lose control of her emotions just once. That, and Danny actually paying attention for once. Aside from the whole emotional awkwardness on Sam’s part and obliviousness on Danny’s, there also something else that could have been avoided if this had happened. The whole thing with Valeria and Gregor... did anyone else think that things just got a tad complicated when Danny and Sam had their romance with them? Admittedly though, those two don’t compare to the biggest problem of the romance department of the series: the COP-OUTS. Say what you will about Sam’s development, but that doesn't compare to the cop-outs.

16 All She Needed Was A Good Possession

via: pureevilinabottle.deviantart.com

Okay, raise your hand if you thought this was really Sam deciding to be bold for once? Yeah, PureEvilInABottle has you fooled, this is Sam being possessed by Kitty. Remember the Lucky in Love episode when Kitty had possessed Paulina to make Johnny jealous? This is pretty much the artist’s ‘what-if’ idea of her possessing Sam instead. Of course, Danny would realize what’s going on sooner or later, but look at Danny’s face here. All that’s missing is her giving him a flirty look and him turning into a tomato.

Seems like all it took was the right swimsuit.

That, and a good boost of confidence and flirtation via Kitty, apparently. Can you just imagine the montage of her flirting with Danny and leaving him all flustered now? Of course, Tucker would be on the sidelines recording everything for future use. He’s the one who's had to deal with the whole song and dance between the two. It’s an easy bet that once this blows over he’s going to hang this over Sam. Either that, or he’s going to be facing Danny ranting to him about what’s going on with Sam, or Sam ranting to him about how her being possessed may have messed up her and Danny’s friendship. Hey, at least the romance gets more or less complicated with this.

15 Meanwhile, In Another Dimension

via: amethyst-ocean.deviantart.com

Does anyone think that the three of them just look better as the opposite gender here? If you do, then we have Amethyst-Ocean to credit this for. Just look at their style here, you would think that this was an alternate episode from the series. Really, though, Tucker catching Sam and Danny trying to have some alone time? Definitely, something they would do no matter the gender. With this version of the tech geek, though, it seems that she’s more than able to work her way around the social media world if those views have anything to say about it. It’s also easy to imagine this Tucker as some sort of unexpected social media queen who’s keeping up with the trends and racking up friends and fans with geeky content.

Going back to Amethyst's piece, you can already hear the commentary she’s dishing out while Danny and Sam try to collect themselves. Clearly, these versions of the characters has a different relationship story to them. Guess that one of them decided to take a chance and this is the result. If you think about it, this would be rather hilarious if this was when their relationship was still new and they hadn’t known how to break it to Tucker, AKA Trish here. Yeah, she seems like the type you can’t hide anything from, to be honest.

14 He Needs A Hobby More Than Anyone

via: askdannyphantom-sketchbook.tumblr.com

Danny as an artist? While him having an artistic side isn’t all that new of a headcanon, it does have its moments like with this piece. We only got to see some sides of the guy, such as him liking video games and wanting to be an astronaut throughout the series. It would have been nice to have seen him have more downtown and enjoying one or two hobbies like his one. Honestly, him secretly having Sam as a model? Real cute. What’s more, the idea of him drawing different things as a way to relax makes more sense than it should.

Can you just imagine the amount of stress that the guy has built upon him? Well, the fans certainly do, with how many photos there is that touch on the show’s drama. Amazing drama and darker works aside, a more lighthearted and cheeky Danny is always a fun look for him. He just looks so relaxed here, and the whole subtle shipping going on is a sweet touch. Can we just get a scene of him with Tucker and Sam where they’re all just relaxing and he’s sketching away? Because that would be nice; even a short skit would be good.

13 Antics Are Incoming Here

via: casepsart.tumblr.com

This right here, is the ideal future image for the future of this ship, kudos to Casey for making this adorable piece. The way that Danny reacted to the chance of Sam being pregnant is just precious. And Sam being so chill about it is just like her. The question now, though, is how exactly does one handle this kind of pregnancy? Technicalities aside, who exactly is going to help through this? It’s a sure thing that they can’t go to a normal doctor. Chances are that they’re going to go to Danny’s parents, heck they might even get help from a ghost or two. You never know, things might have mellowed out between Danny and the ghosts.

Going back to the whole dealing with the pregnancy thing. Does anyone else see Danny’s parents coming up with different inventions to check on the baby? Like can you just imagine them coming up with a way to do a ghost sonogram? There’d be explosions and antics with ectoplasm abounds. And since the artist stated that Sam’s whole intangibility is because of ectoplasm seeping in, does that mean she’s getting other ghostly powers during her pregnancy? Cute as this is, there are just all kinds of antics waiting to happen right after.

12 Prime Shipping Material Here

via: prosonic.tumblr.com

There have been all kinds of crossover stories featuring Danny ending up in another universe as a hero. Nice as they are, though, how about the other ghost characters? Oh, sure, they’re pretty comedic at the core, but think about it. The Danny Phantom world has all kinds of colorful characters and there are a whole lot of shows featuring some fun supernatural characters. ProSonic’s Dude That’s My Ghost and Danny Phantom piece here is a perfect example. Don’t Ember and Billy just make a cute looking pair here?

Think about it, personalities aside, they’re a great match.

They’re both blue, both musicians, and they both have songs that can basically hypnotize people. Just look at their eyes here; you can already see the sparks going off here. Well, there is the matter of Skulker, but given what we know about the two, Billy has bigger chances. On the other hand, though, there is a chance that the two may have accidentally hypnotized each other by accident… but that’s a whole other thing. Isn’t it better just to imagine how these two would end up together? Imagine it now, a Billy Joe Cobra and Ember duet... yeah, that’s a toss-up between awesome and terrifying, ain’t it?

11 Someone's Matured

via: promsien.tumblr.com

If there’s one thing that Promsien is way too good at, it’s art featuring muscular men. Just look at those biceps; where did the scrawny ghost boy that we all know go? No complaints, but it’s just a little unfair that Danny would look so good filled out as he is here. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise with how he looked as Dan. However, seeing how Dan is basically a fusion of Danny and Vlad’s ghost forms, it doesn’t really count. That aside, him being as muscular as he is here really gives him a more mature look.

Honestly, the guy pretty much looks like he could be a model for a fitness magazine. Of course, some might be wondering about the whole line about Vlad here. To give a little context for Promsien’s works in the Danny Phantom universe, basically, their Vlad and Danny are now allies. Case in point: Danny here has been training with Vlad and clearly, he’s been getting more than good results. If you thought Danny was steamy material here, you should see their pieces of Vlad. And not just Vlad, too; this one artist who’s got more than a few original and other fandom pieces that will leave you feeling hot under the collar.

10 The Problem With Dangerous Guys

via: desdemonia.deviantart.com

Before anything, here’s some context behind Danny’s design by Desdemonia. This is basically as design based on when Danny was hypnotized in the Control Freaks episode. He does seem more menacing and ghostly here doesn’t he? Those red eyes and hoodie really fit him, and added with the tan skin, it really brings the whole look together. It’s no wonder that Sam is reacting the way that she is here. It doesn’t help that it looks like he must be sporting some sort of deep rasp or gravelly tone with that speech bubble.

If the girl had trouble dealing with her feelings for Danny before, we can only imagine how she’s dealing with this version of the guy. Really, though, there’s a thin line of dangerous and attractive going on here and we all know it. With the way that Danny is looking here, it’s way too easy to imagine him as some sort of bad boy type of ghost who scared others for the heck of it. His first line here would make sense if that was the idea. Going back to Sam being all flustered here, does anyone else see Tucker just slipping in to grab Sam and just booking it? Cause that sounds like fun, and the most likely aftermath for this work.

9 From Fruit Loop To Kook

via: ghostlazer.tumblr.com

If it isn’t clear, mons has clarified that this here is a younger Vlad flirting with Maddie. Of course, if there was anyone who would find a way to make themselves younger just to do this, it would be Vlad. We all know how cuckoo the guy can get when it comes to making plans to have Maddie fall for him. Him basically turning himself into a reverse cougar though? Yeah, this is a new level of weirdness even for the nicknamed fruit loop. It’s kind of wonder though that Maddie didn’t recognize Vlad. Well, his style here is rather different than the one that was shown in the flashback, so maybe that’s the reason.

Danny, who’s had to deal with Vlad’s plans, would, of course, see through this one. Unless he doesn’t recognize the man and is simply being protective of his mom, then that’s pretty sweet. Seeing that smarmy grin that Vlad’s sporting here, it’s no wonder that Danny that reacted the way that he did. Did the guy really think that this would work out well for him? Oh sure, Maddie’s clearly flattered, but with the way that he is now, Danny’s got a chance to make him regret his choice.

8 Behold, Teddy Ghost

via: pinterest.com

We first knew him as typical jock and bully, and then we learn about the teddy bear collection and his pet chihuahua. Added to him being a Danny Phantom fan and actually showing Danny Fenton respect more than once, the shipping was pretty inevitable. You have to admit though, this is one of the cuter pairings of the series given how much of a sensitive side Dash was shown to have. Honestly, this here is pretty much half of Teddy Ghost.

They’re pretty much the slash version of a hero and a damsel.

With the way that they both have contrasting sides and Dash had Danny as his main target, this was one of the easiest pairs to ship in the series. Oh sure, it’s canon that Dash has a crush on Jasmine, but have you seen the jock’s fanboying over the hero? Yeah, it’s no wonder that these two are one of the top slash pairs of the series. Just look at how the jock is dealing with just his hand being held by the hero here. The poor guy looks like he’s about to break down from excitement. Can you just imagine how he would deal if he somehow ends up in being bridal carried by the hero? Anyone else thinks he might be the swooning type? He seems like the swooning type.

7 They're Too Easy To Mess With

via: promsien.tumblr.com

Looks like somebody needs to run. That and you all know that something like this was going to make it on the list. Other than muscled men, Promsien is also skilled in creating pieces that tease relations between characters like this one here. Sure, they don’t necessarily ship Danny and Vlad but they’re an easy pair to get into teasing situations.

Remember, these two are the most popular slash ship of the fandom.

Creating pieces like this and catching the attention of shippers is way too easy. That and their banter has way too much room to go wrong like what happened here. Seriously, Vlad ended rather messed up as the series progressed, but you have to admit, he made for an interesting character to go against Danny. Honestly, though, the universe that Promsien has created with Danny and Vlad as allies gives them a far more interesting dynamic of teacher and student. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that Maddie and Jasmine are reacting the way they are here. The looks they’re sporting seem to also say, “We trusted you” amongst the clear looming doom for Vlad. It’s results like these that make it so fun to mess around with the pair and the implications they might have.

6 They're Getting Close

via: promsien.tumblr.com

Seriously, these two are way too easy to make suggestive pieces on and Promsien clearly knows it. Remember, this is a universe where Danny and Vlad have become allies, so who knows, maybe he’s feeding Danny a strawberry because he’s worried about his health. The boy’s a scrawny thing, it’d be no surprise if this is the scenario. Okay yes, we all see the piece for the tease that it is and clearly Jasmine and Maddie do too. Come on though, that’s too obvious of a thing to tap on. How about the idea of them becoming something like friends and Vlad looking out for him? That’s cute. Sure, canon-wise, this would never happen, but again, we’re talking about Promsien’s version of the characters here.

There are all kinds of funny and cute works on these two. Barring the suggestiveness here though, the reaction of the other characters is a great piece of comedy. Just think about what the aftermath of this might be. Chances are Jazz will grab Danny while Vlad ends up being chased and blasted by Maddie. When it comes to this artist’s work, there are all kinds of fun ideas to have with them. If it wasn’t for the second panel, you would think this is a shipping piece, wouldn’t you?

5 Feel The Chemistry

via: pinterest.com

You want to know what makes this scene so great? It’s not the fact that Sam is still rocking a skirt and ponytail or that they seem to be a more aggressive fighter. It’s the chemistry that’s going on between these two. The light banter, the boldness...is it bad to say that they seem better as a couple being the same gender? In the series, Sam is known to be rather shy with her emotions. If she were the opposite gender, well, it’s pretty obvious from the piece that there would be a few differences in personality. Seriously, just look at the two of them here. You can practically feel the sparks coming off the two.

What if they do this kind all the time? Like just before they get into a fight, they do this kind of pep talk. Then there’s that bat that Sam’s sporting here. Usually, Sam and Tucker at the sidelines aiding Danny when they can, but the idea of this Sam just jumping into the fray and whacking away at enemies? Pretty awesome to picture. Now we see how different things are with Sam and Danny here, but how about Sam and Tucker? One thing’s for sure, there’s going to be head noogies.

4 Subtle, Real Subtle

via: myriamsaviniart.tumblr.com

They weren’t the most popular of ships, but they do have some sweet works about them as a couple. If they ever did make up and got together, Mychron presents a sweet image of them explaining what they like about the other. You’ve got to admit, the show gave some rather interesting chemistry.

And then you realize what exactly is going on in this work here.

Kudos to the artist for being roundabout in what the characters like about the other here. Don’t act like you didn’t realize what they’re actually talking about. Those faces may seem gentle at first glance, but the minute you read those lines, you know what they’re really talking about here. Just look at where his eyes are directed at, that ain’t no look of bashfulness he’s sporting. Then there is the way that Valerie is working her hands here. She’s not using her hands just to express her thoughts here.

Okay, let’s put aside the subtleness here and take focus on the cuteness we started off with. You want to know what would make this even better? If Danny just continued listing things that he liked about Valerie and she’s just left steaming red while trying to hide her face.

3 What Could Have Been

via: pinterest.com

Are there any words really needed for this one? Come on, can you say that this isn’t a sweet piece with how they look here? True, their relationship didn’t work out all that great in the series, but you have to admit that the pair has some rather great photos of them like this one. Without any dialogue, you can easily guess that they’re out on some sort of date and are simply enjoying each other’s company. If you think about it, should that to have resolved their issues and actually tried, this could have been a real thing. Oh sure, there would have been a high chance of them not lasting and Danny ending up with Sam. However, it would have been nice to have see Danny having a nice and simple relationship.

While he may get that from Sam, the idea of him having a wholesome relationship with Valerie makes for an interesting story idea. Just look at this piece; don’t they just seem so relaxed? Nothing against the Sam and Danny pairing, but pieces like this really tickle the imagination. Honestly, the one pairing that everyone can agree on is Danny with happiness and peace. The guy has to deal with a lot, the least he should get is a loving relationship.

2 The Payback That Should Have Been

via: neoslashott.deviantart.com

Among the different ships of the series, Danny and Ember were one of the biggest to be dished out from the fans. You have to admit, they do look good together and would make for an interesting punk couple. And just look at this passionate kiss, Danny certainly knows his moves. Still, NeoSlashott brings up a good point for this episode. If you don’t remember it, it’s the Fanning the Flames episode where Ember placed Danny under a love spell keyed to Sam. Sam had kissed Dash to break the spell, and Danny ended up beating Ember.

Question is though, why get mad at Ember? Sure, if the spell broke, the whole fight makes sense, but we all know that’s not the usual reaction to your “love” kissing somebody else. True, with these characters, this would be an unexpected turn. For someone who got their heart broken like Danny was here, some sort of payback against the offender is expected. Saying that, however… anyone else willing to bet that the guy ends up being literally burned by the musician? With the way that Ember had reacted here though, there is the slim chance that the hero gained an admirer, it’s a 50/50 chance.

1 She'd Wear The Pants In The Relationship

via: leneeh.deviantart.com

We all knew that Sam and Danny were going to be the endgame ship of the series. It was just a matter of time and how much could be stretched out between the two. Three seasons later and the fans get what they want. Now when it comes to comes to comics involving the two, there is surprisingly not as many comics as you would think, but they’re cute, like this one here by Leneeh. Given how slow on the uptake Danny is in romance, it makes sense that Sam would take most of the reigns in the relationship. What’s more, if you think of what their relationship would be like, it’s pretty much an upgrade of their friendship.

Now though, he’s at the mercy of her charm.

Just look at his face here, he’s beyond hyper-aware of what she does to him. And of course she would give him a nickname like that, really, this work is just bringing out all sorts of cuteness for the two. Let’s just not say anything about why she’s wearing Danny’s shirt and her hair is ruffled. Just focus on the cuteness of her trying to comfort her boyfriend and him becoming a flustered beanpole.

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