25 Surprisingly Cool Facts About Disney World

Did you know that Disney World cast members can never point with just one finger? It’s because that’s considered rude in many countries. That’s actually pretty considerate and I’m proud of them. But not everything that goes on is on the up and up. There are some things that they would pay us not to reveal. It may not surprise you to hear that cast members must smile at all times, but what if I told you that Cinderella is practically a "worker of the night" or that there have been multiple deaths in the past on Disney World…land? That’s pretty dark. But it gets darker. Did you know that there is a rumor that Walt Disney is crypto-preserved in ice beneath the streets of Disney World? That’s just a theory, of course, that has been “proven” false. However, the things on this list are just the opposite. They have been proven true! Or at least most of them, sometimes the best stories are those that are based on true events with a little bit of wacky conspiracy takes on them.

Anyway, let’s move onto these twenty-five messed up things that happen in the “happiest place in the world.” Haters will deny the truth, but look very far yourself and you’ll realize that there is more truth than you realize. Hiding from it won’t change the facts, so you might as well accept it and live a more connected life…or ignore it and live a happier one. The choice is yours, it’s only Disney we’re talking about.

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25 A Jar Of What?

Via: Pinterest.com/parksandresorts.com

This is pretty disgusting. But some of the Imagineers that work at The Tower of Terror once were really into playing pranks on each other. At one point, it was an ongoing thing to jump out and surprise each other with a jar of pickled…well, sausages, floating around in murky red liquid. No one knows how the prank got started, but we know how it ended.

One day, someone forgot the jar, and that night when the prop guys came in, they glued it down with the rest of the props. To this day, it sets behind the photo pickup area as part of the ride. Nothing creepier than a jar of rotting sausages in red juices. At least they look completely inconspicuous and not like anything we’d not want to be jarred.

24 Ducks Were Burned Alive

Via: laughingplace.com

Once upon a time, Disney put on their regular Fantasmic show on the Rivers of America attraction. During the show, a large dragon sets the water on fire. Magical, yes! There isn’t supposed to be anything in the water. Not fish, and definitely not ducks! But does that mean there isn’t any? Nowadays, yes, but it hasn’t always been that way.

The original show had ducks sneak in during the show and were slowly burned alive as the water burned. There was little they could do about it at first…the show must go on! After a while, they did find a solution. They made the water bubble. Not to hide the ducks as you’d expect, but to scare them away. Everyone thinks the bubbles are to build tension, but it’s really to prevent like twenty roast ducks…who’s hungry?

23 The Characters Like To Do The Deed In Costume

Via: Time.com

This is no secret at all, but many cast members have gotten in big trouble for sleeping around in the tunnels or the back of restaurants/storage units. Not every cast member has slept with Jasmine, but you can bet that at least three of them have. Of course, that was just an example. It isn’t always Jasmine that’s promiscuous, but from what I hear, there is always that one.

If superiors ever find out, it’s game over, but oftentimes, the cast members will cover for each other. Because nobody wants the Mouse in on what’s going down backstage. If Cinderella asks you to cover for her why she has a chat with Peter Pan, you do it! No matter how odd the combination is. We don’t judge!

22 The Deadliest Place In The World

Via: Huffpost.com

That may be an exaggeration, but in total, there have been over 100 deaths and major injuries at Walt Disney World Resort. Out of all of these, only a handful hit the headlines. One was a small child who drowned after falling in a pool at the Disney’s Art of Animation resort. Another, rather popular story was in 2015 when a driver at the Walt Disney World Speedway lost control and crashed.

Others include Pluto who was run over by a float and killed, as well as a four-year-old who had a heart attack after Mission: Space. But none of those measure up to the death of Debbie Stone in 1974. She was mysteriously crushed between two walks while backstage at the America Sings play after her performance.

21 Goofy, Predator?

Via: YouTube.com

As you can imagine, predators are attracted to employment at Disney due to the clientele. Over the last ten years, over 35 Disney employees have been arrested on abuse charges. Those are counting the ones that have been arrested alone. Not the ones who were never convicted or the ones still working there without a single drop of a criminal record. Everyone from security guards, to customers, to actors, and more, have been accused and most of them convicted.

One man tried to meet with someone, another sent photos to another. A janitor even downloaded photos at work while writing a sermon for his church! He was one of many arrested for these accusations. However since many of these men don’t have bad backgrounds and polygraphs are illegal to use on employees, there’s not much they can do about hiring these men!

20 The Brutality Of The Secret Police

Via: mydisguises.com/huffpost.com

If you’ve ever been to Disney World you have probably noticed the absence of any law enforcement officers. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. The secret police of Disney World hide in two places. One is in the underground tunnels, waiting for a call from staff. The other is where you’d least expect it. Walking around the parks in tourist clothing. While there are a few police officers in Disney-officer gear, the next stage officers are hidden in plain sight. Disney hired over 1200 security guards and officers who often dress like tourists so they won’t take away from the magic of the parks. They keep a close eye on guests and use their undercover radio to contact backup if they are suspicious of any guest. They even have high-frequency transmitters that will locate your missing person via the magic band they were given at the gate!

19 The Original Costumes Of DEATH

Via: elitedaily.com/imgur.com

The costumes that the cast members wear today are all sunshine and rainbows. But decades ago, the costumes gave nearly every kid that visited nightmares. At the time, they were normal, but looking back we realize just how awful they were. Not just badly made, but pure nightmarish. No wonder there are so many theories surrounding the old Mickey and the three little pigs (pigs is not used loosely).

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ecstatic that they change the costumes because they could never get by with these horrific monsters today. The only people visiting really would be horror movie fanatics or those who are out hunting for ghosts. Those costumes better not exist anywhere as I pray they’ve been burned down into ashes.

18 Those Bones Look Real For A Reason

Via: smugmug.com

This one is actually at Disneyland, but it’s well worth the listen. It’s all about that Pirates of the Caribbean attraction with skulls sitting and hanging all around. All of these skulls are fake, however, except for one. The skull that sits above the bed in the treasure room near the beginning of the ride is a real human skull. For the longest time, this was just a rumor until a Disney cast member was asked about it.

This is what she said, “In Pirates, there is a real skull, it’s actually in the captain’s quarters. It’s the skull on the headboard right above the bed. It’s the only one I know of that’s real, I heard there are two more but I haven’t found them yet.” Spooky!

17 What Is A Code V!?

Via: yesterland.com

We got a 2219! There are many, many secret codes at Disney World, but one of the most common is Code V. If you hear someone say “white powder alert” it means that someone is trying to spread a dead person’s ashes. Signal 70 means “lost parent” because kids are never lost at Disney World. Signal 25 means there’s a fire. But none are as common as Code V, one that the custodians especially hate to hear. V, of course, stands for vomit.

If someone yells “Code V” then they mean that someone is throwing up in a bush or over the rails of a ride onto Elsa’s head. So, duck your head and try to keep your eyes closed if you eve hear this while you’re at Disney World.

16 Why Is That Sidewalk Brown?

Via: collinsrace1.com

It gets more disgusting here! Ever wondered why the sides of the pavement at Liberty Square are brown? This wasn’t because it’s what’s most appealing. The reason is because Liberty Square is supposed to be exactly like colonial times. In colonial times, there were no restrooms. People relieved themselves in chamber pots. Know what they did with these pots? Threw them over the balcony and onto the street. The curbs here are meant to represent that as the color blends in.

There actually aren’t any restrooms in Liberty Square in order to make it feel authentic. The nearest restroom is outside its boundaries. Those who frequent Disney World know this, but really, they don’t know why the streets are brown! Rather disturbing yet accurate. At least they don’t make the scents of Liberty Square accurate.

15 I See Dead People

Via: viralthread.com/travelandleisure.com

No, we’re not talking about the people who died at Disney World, that comes later. Right now we’re talking about one of the happiest places in the world. You would not believe how many people have spread someone’s ashes across the park. It might be from the top of their favorite ride (a gift to those below them) or across the Rivers of Light. This has happened surely hundreds of times, and it’s not stopping now. It seems everyone wants their loved ones to rest at this joyful getaway.

But what about the living? Do they actually want dead people floating onto their hotdog? Not likely. The cleaning crew cleans up what they can every night, but can they ever really get it all? Dead people have a way of never letting us rest.

14 The Secret World Below

Via: messynessychic.com/solarius.com

Underneath the entirety of the Magic Kingdom lies what they call a utilidor system. It is said to be Disney’s backstage area where only cast members are allowed. Without the crowded streets, it supposedly makes it easy to travel between rides. This also allows them to “appear out of nowhere” giving a magical sense to the characters.

However, there are many legends that surround these tunnels. We know that “park operations” take place here out of guests’ sight. But what sort of operations are there? The whole idea of underground tunnels is really creepy, but what if it’s creepier than we can imagine? It’s out in the open that waste removal, emergency services, and armored cars full of thousands in cash take place here, but what else could be hiding below the most magical place on earth?

13 Highway To H E Double Hockey Sticks

Via: YouTube.com

So, it’s not a highway, but there used to be a ride in Disney World that actually took you to Hell. Not like…real Hell, but it did take you to a fictional Hell. The ride was called Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and was an underground roller coaster of sorts. The whole thing is kind of off and rather creepy, but it’s all fun and games until the end. The thing is, the whole ride is inspired by the book or movie (The Wind in the Willow and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) except for that last scene.

The room is heated (quite warmer than the rest of the ride) and small devils lurk everywhere. Then up front, there’s a large devil who acts as your judge. He says you deserve “redemption” but just as the ride ends, a fire-breathing dragon tries to burn the guests to smithereens. The whole idea of going to Hell was too much, and it had to be taken down in 1998.

12 13 Reasons To Be Afraid

Via: parisinfo.com/pursuitist.com

What’s creepier than dying after accidental injury? Taking your own life at Disneyland! This has happened not once, but twice (that we know of) at Disney locations. Once in Disney World and once at Disney’s Paris location. Once in 2016, when someone jumped off the central A-frame tower of the Walt Disney World Resort. This happened to be a guest that was later found out to be depressed.

What’s even worse is that two accidents have taken place in Disneyland Paris, both of them employees. Most believe it was due to new management as both suicides happened the same year and were done by cooks. Franck had cooked for Disneyland for 10 years when he scratched a message on the wall that read, "Je ne veux pas retourner chez Mickey" (I don't want to work for Mickey anymore).

11 The Tree of Life? Or Pollution?

Via: Parksandresorts.com/pinterest.com

Disney’s Tree of Life is a beautiful, majestic “tree” that stands in the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. The tree has over 300 amazing carvings of animals, both extinct and existing. The tree represents the will to preserve the life of animals everywhere by living a green life. The tree is anything but eco-friendly, however, as it was created from an oil platform! At least they recycled, right?

So much for going green when you create trees out of steel devices used to extract oil from the earth. This is just one of the many secrets behind the construction that Disney just can’t keep buried. You don’t even want to know what is in the waters surrounding the tree in the Animal Kingdom.

10 Walt Was A Control Freak

Via: D23.com

Not in the sense you think, but in all of the other senses. Back in the day, Walt Disney made sure to control what you saw, heard, smelt, and felt, at his parks. One of the most atrocious of these is the scents. It’s not all that malicious when you think about it, but he sprayed “cookie scents” and such along the streets to give you that fresh, homey, and happy feeling. He used the underground tunnels to pump the scents into the streets. He also had many other secrets about the setup that we still can’t figure out. Like how the buildings appear taller than they are because the stories get shorter and narrower as they go up. This gives the skyscraper illusion.

Let’s not even talk about colors. He picked out colors that would draw your eyes to certain areas and make them appear more charming than they actually are. Maybe Walt wasn’t a just a control freak, maybe he was a mind control freak.

9 They Were Once Gender Bias

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Not too long ago, women were not allowed to work at Disney World unless they were a princess. Way back in 1938, a woman named Mary sent a letter to Walt Disney asking if she could work as an animator. She received a letter that said, “women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that work is performed entirely by young men.”

This was kept secret and wasn’t found until the woman died and her grandson found the letter stowed away in the attic, with happy Snow White smiling on the front. The funny thing was that the letter was signed by a woman who worked for Disney. However, she did no creative work and simply answered mail. The only job in animating for women was an $18 a week job as an inker, where the men worked as animators making $300 a week.

8 What Time Is It?

Via: mousechat.net/disneydining.com

In case you didn’t know, at Disney World, above many of the rides is a timer that supposedly tells you how long the wait will be. You would assume that since they know how many people are there and how long the ride lasts, that it would be at least kind of accurate. But it surely isn’t. This timer always says that it will be longer than it actually is. Why would they make you think it takes a long time? Isn’t that bad for business? Nope!

Imagine I tell you I’m going to give you five dollars, then stick out my hand and “unknowingly” hand you a ten-dollar bill. Would you come back for another five dollars if I offered? Of course, you would! So, low expectations give high results, and well, long wait lines make you subconsciously think, “wow, this must be good since there’s such a long wait!”

7 The Monorail Gases

Via: Imgur.com

Just the name sounds pretty creepy, and many say it’s a legend, a simple myth. But some former cast members even say that it’s true. So, read for yourself and decide the truth. Sources say that they are always experimenting at Disney World with all sorts of things such as, “eugenics, pharmaceutical engineering, even gas.”

“Have you ever noticed that on both Space Ship Earth and the Monorail that you get a strange calm feeling on those rides?” one former security officer asks. “Well, they are pumping low doses of laughing gas in those areas. Ever heard of Room 0? They were wearing gas masks for a reason. Ever hear of Gascots? Well, that’s not important right now, I would encourage you to research it.”

This is just one man’s account that sounds pretty sketchy, but it’s not something that Disney wants spread around even if it is a rumor alone.

6 B. Jones RFD #82

Via: Allears.net

Much like the address 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, the address B. Jones RFD #82 seems to stick in your head. But where did it come from? Well, there is a house located in the Living with The Land attraction. The number 82 stands for the year Epcot opened. Now, let’s talk about Epcot. You would not believe the stories of that creepy orb. Living with the Land is in Epcot, and all seems to be well aside from in that house located at B. Jones RFD #82. Rumors say that the house is haunted, others say that it’s used for human experiments.

There’s one thing for sure…something is up with it, whether paranormal or abnormal, that may never be found out. I guess that’s probably best in the end.

5 Why Is The Water Green?

Via: Yesterland.com

Long ago, the waters of the Animal Kingdom were crystal clear, and all the animals lived in peace and harmony! Until the pollution nation attacked. In reality, the water is polluted, but that’s not what makes it green. They dye it for two reasons. One is to “preserve the magic” and the other is to hide something dark.

Every day, dozens of cameras, sunglasses, loads of vomit, and food are dropped into the waters. The green dye hides all of this as well as the track that the rides set on, making the waters appear natural. However, just below you, is little Timmy’s hat, stroller, his left shoe, and what’s left of his lunch. All this, piled on top of the track that keeps you moving. No wonder there are so many technical difficulties.

4 Facebook Is For Dreamworks!

Via: Facebook.com/parksandresorts.com

What happens at Disney World, stays at Disney World. If you’re planning on signing on as a cast member, I hope you’re not a fan of Instagram, because social media is banned inside the gates for members. When outside, you’re not allowed to talk to anyone online about your job. You are your character inside and you outside. The two are not allowed to mix.

If someone is caught posting about their job online, they will be sued or simply fired for the confidentiality agreement breach. Yeah, there’s one of those. Pretty much no one online can know about your job, hardly even who you play. Selfies, in general, are prohibited, and the only pictures you are allowed are the ones taken by guests. Better phone a friend if you want a photo in costume.

3 Where’s Cinderella?

Via: Parksandresorts.com

Remember that episode of SpongeBob where he blocked out everything he knew expect for fine dining and breathing? That’s kind of what it’s like for cast members. They are not allowed to have any knowledge of outside affairs. The Magical Kingdom is its own world and the only celebrities are Disney characters. If someone asks a cast member who Demi Lovato is, she is supposed to give them a blank stare. However, if someone asks them something about a Disney character or ride, she must give them the correct answer. “I don’t know’ is off limits. If she doesn’t know, she has to stay with the guest as she phones someone who does know.

This crazy way of life is all-inclusive and must be upheld…or else.

2 The Darkest Theory Of All

Via: Parksandresorts.com/scarymommy.com

There are thousands of theories surrounding the happiest place in the world, but none more messed up than that of the child dungeons. We pray there is absolutely no truth to it. This story was told by a “former secret service man” who worked for Disney. The worst part is that this isn’t the first tale of child dungeons in Disney World. Not child dungeons where they force labor, but something far more heinous. The creepy thing is, again, that address we talked about earlier pops up. The house with the chicken out front.

You may not want to read the story if you’re faint of heart, but know that the man speaks of leather armchairs, a murderous employee, red velvet carpet, and a performance platform surrounded by phones. Yes, we’re talking about an auction house.

1 They Serve It When You Know They Shouldn't

Via: chipandco.com

You would assume that a place built for children would not serve a drop. But I guess with times changing, they thought it would be in their best interest to find a few places that serve. They don’t advertise this because the people that want it…will find it. And those that are appalled, will lose them business. They say that the best place for it in all of Disney World is Trader Sam's Grog Grotto, a tiki area found in the Polynesian resort. If you want in, you’ll have to wait hours!

Aside from a select few locations, it is banned from Disney World, so you’ll have to keep it contained. There’s even only one restaurant in all of the Magic Kingdom that serves it and that’s Be Our Guest.

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