30 Cool Things You Never Knew About The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are probably the most famous twins in the world. They started acting when they were nine months old and now own a multi-million-dollar clothing line. The twins, no matter how messy their life gets, will always be pretty hot. But how much do you know about them? Did you know that they aren’t even identical twins? That they are actually maternal twins, which means they are just as alike as any other two siblings, they just share a birthday. Bet you didn’t know that! And bet you didn’t know that if you go to try on clothes at The Row (their store and clothing line) you will be treated to lunch in between trying on outfits. These secrets are not so secret, and rather light instead of dark. However, there are plenty of darker secrets out there about the Olsen Twins. The twins are not just steamy, but shady as well.

But is it that odd since they had their own production company when they were just six-years-old? That’s bound to mess anyone up. Hearing facts like, “Mary-Kate is right-handed, and Ashely is left-handed” is interesting, but only so much so. What you want to hear are the low down, dirty secrets that they won’t tell you to your face. The stuff we aren’t supposed to talk about. Though when did “not supposed to” ever stop us? Proving our point, let’s dig up twenty-five dark secrets we’re not supposed to know about those steamy Olsen twins who are all grown up.

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30 Mary-Kate Likes To Go Buck

Via: olsendaily.tumblr.com

This isn’t some made up thing to get you interested. This is a for real fact admitted by Mary-Kate herself. Her guilty pleasure is running around the house bare. Back in 2007, when she was just 21-years-old, she admitted, “I run around my house [unclothed] with heels all the time. It’s so funny. All my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or [bare] with jewelry.”

Was she intoxicated when she did this? It doesn’t seem so because she was definitely sober when she told Harper’s Bazaar about it. This was back before her whole anorexia and substance rumors were a huge problem. If she did this on a regular basis though, how come there are no photos to prove it? She has the simple answer, “The only time people get photos of me is when I’m getting coffee, when I can’t sneak away from the camera.”

29 They Cheated The Lower-Middle Class

Via: outsidethebeltway.com

Back in the day, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s clothing line could be bought at Wal-Mart/Target type stores. The stores that we can afford. That way, all kids could wear the clothing their idols designed. But then…suddenly, they started to design runway fashion at prices that we couldn’t afford if we sold our house.

As soon as The Row fashion line came out, Barneys bought up the whole thing. Leaving us in the dust and little girls everywhere wishing they could wear Mary-Kate and Ashley clothing again. Now, only the richest of us can afford it and it doesn’t seem the girls feel none to guilty about it. But who would when your line is worth $1 billion! That’s twice as much as Johnny Depp, Beyoncé, or Mariah Carey…the humans.

28 Spencer Pratt Sold Risque Photos

Via: gawker.com

Spencer Pratt was once known as a good friend of the twins. But when push came to shove, he literally sold Mary-Kate out by selling a picture of her drinking and making a fool out of herself at a party. He reportedly made $50,000 off of it. No matter what kind of person your “friend” is, selling photos of them under the table is a dirty move. Maybe there’s a reason he hasn’t gotten a major job since 2010 when The Hills ended.

Don’t worry though, she threw shade at him when she dissed him on David Letterman, “He does not have a good temper. He used to play on the soccer team … (and) he walked out of a few games. He would walk off the field.”

27 And Ogling Photos?

Via: radaronline.com

Not only does she like to don her birthday suit, but she appreciates bareness in general. In October of 2017, she attended the Take Home A [Bare] event where celebs…take home risky photos. It isn’t known whether Mary-Kate took anything home, but the event did manage to raise over $1 million, so someone had to be buying these paintings. Other attendees do use the word “ogling” when describing the way Mary-Kate and her husband checked out John Alexander’s works of art. No idea why Alexander chooses these men for his subject, but if it raises a million dollars for scholarships then who cares!

26 They Are Out “Casts”

Via: newsweek.com

The Full House cast is as thick as custard! That is, everyone except for Michelle Tanner. The entire cast seems to love hanging out. Especially the girls. Actresses who played DJ, Stephanie, Rebecca, and Kimmie, love getting together. They often invite the twins but are always turned down. This wasn’t evident to the public until Fuller House came to Netflix. The reboot is clearly absent of Michelle Tanner who the family says is, “too busy with her clothing line.”

Producers say that they keep asking, but after three years of “nos!” they are going to give up on the twins. Creator Jeff Franklin states, “The door is open, but I’m not going to be calling them anymore to invite them.”

It’s safe to say that Michelle will never appear on Fuller House, no matter how popular it gets.

25 Mary-Kate Has A Mental Affliction

Via: hawtcelebs.com

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. The fact that Mary-Kate suffers from it is not touched upon by family members. This is different than ADHD which adds “hyper” to the mix. So no, Mary-Kate doesn’t have ADHD, just ADD. This means that Mary-Kate gets distracted easily, picks up on small noises, and comes across as paranoid. In reality, she’s not, she’s just curious and pays attention to detail.

Since ADD often results in distraction, this means that you may forget many things, such as closing the garage door or unplugging the flat iron. She also has that all too common case of, “what did I just walk into this room for?” No, that doesn’t mean you have ADD, but Mary-Kate sure does! Explains a lot.

24 They Are More Spiritual Than Gandhi

Via: YouTube.com

Unless you are a spiritual person, you have no idea why anyone would use sage in their house. Ashley is a big believer in “sage-ing” everything. She burns sage regularly to get rid of evil spirits and keep a “clean place.”

Mary-Kate admits, “I sage everything, all the time. Constantly sage-ing. I don’t want bad energy. Clean space.” This summer they also admitted to putting crystals up for the betterment of the spirits in the home, “We were going to put crystals everywhere today,” they said in August. Many call this type of behavior and fixation strange. But they call it spiritual cleansing. Sounds about right for the two who need all the extra help they can get. If it’s sage and crystals that will rid their home of demons then so be it.

23 Their Sister Is Normal

Via: YouTube.com

By now, we all know Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch. But how often do you connect her to these two gals? Not often, and that’s probably because she’s surprising normal compared to them. Elizabeth Olsen acts in various movies such as Captain America: Civil War and Wind River. Unlike her sisters, she’s also been rewarded as well as awarded for her performances. However, she is not allowed to gloat as she got her start in the twins’ movies when she was very young. In 2004, she almost quit acting when Mary-Kate was nearly exiled from the public because of eating disorder drama. But Elizabeth grew strong and decided she didn’t care what people thought. She’d do her, and not be judged based on what her sisters were going through. And that’s just what she did.

22 Mary-Kate’s Wedding Was Shady

Via: vanityfair.com

You know what went on in 2015 when Mary-Kate married Oliver Sarkozy? Neither does anyone else. But one thing we do know is that the entire party enjoy themselves…a lot. Isn’t it enough that Mary-Kate is closer in age to her stepdaughter than her husband? These girls really like older men. After all, Ashley’s last known boyfriend was Richard Sachs who is thirty years older than her. There’s a bigger age gap between them than how long Ashley had been alive at the time.

Anyway, back to that wedding. There were roughly 50 people there and no photos available to the public. Sources say there were "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night."

And no, none of the Full House gang was invited much to their dismay.

21 Dentures For Babies?

Via: pinterest.com

When Mary-Kate and Ashley started getting older and losing their teeth, to no one’s surprise, they didn’t lose them identically. Since they both appeared on screen as the same character, they were forced to wear dentures. When one twin started losing teeth, it made it impossible to screen them both on the same episode unless they had a full set. So little dentures were made for them.

Some called this cruel as no child should wear fake teeth unless medically needed. Others say it made them into the people they were as it was the first time they realized that their appearance mattered. Now they’re fashion designers who seem to act as if they own New York City. But was this all due to baby dentures?

20 They Destroyed Their Family

Via: bodyheightweight.com

Both Olsen parents admit that the reason they were divorced was because of the twins’ fame. Their mother was the one who mailed pictures of them to producers in the first place, and the reason they were chosen. But their father never really spoke to the public. It seems he hated their fame and what it was doing to them. In the end, their mother disliked it too. She didn’t want them to be famous. She enjoyed their stay at Full House, but past that, she has been known to wish it would have stopped.

For “reasons unknown” they split the year after Full House ended. To make things worse, the following year, their father remarried and now has two kids with his new wife.

19 Mary-Kate’s Face Began To Rot

Via: beautyeditor.ca

As one of the youngest cosmetic plastic surgery cases in celeb history, Mary-Kate hit the headlines of every tabloid ever when she got hers. But what they didn’t say is that not only does she look rather fake, but she also suffered from necrosis shortly after. Meaning, her face started to die, swell up, and turn black. Necrosis usually is the deadening of skin that usually occurs due to injury, disease, or lack of blood. But it also can occur after surgery as the incisions often result in “injury.”

Believe me when I tell you that you don’t want to see this and you’re glad that Mary-Kate hid away until she healed up with heavy antibiotics. This could be the reason her surgery ended up looking so odd. It was just an unfortunate case of necrosis.

18 They Hate Acting?

Via: Pinterest.com

This isn’t exactly a secret, but from everything they’ve said, the girls hate acting. Mary-Kate herself has said that she wouldn’t encourage any child to go down the path she did. In her words, she says, “I look at old photos of me, and I don’t feel connected to them at all…I would never wish my upbringing on anyone.”

It wasn’t just their bad ratings that made them quit after 2004, it was so much more. They never enjoyed acting and they never want to go back. While Mary-Kate has had a few very minor roles the last few years, Ashley hasn’t had one credit since she was a teenager. You wonder why until you remember that ungodly priced fashion label. It’s worth it for them, by a long shot.

17 Mary-Kate Needed Help

Via: gawker.com

I’m sure by now you know that back in the early 2000s, Mary-Kate suffered from an awful case of anorexia. But did you know she was admitted to rehab for it? Just before the dawn of the twins’ 18th birthday, Ashley was left alone to celebrate due to Mary Kate’s absence. It was all obvious when we remembered how frail and sickly she was looking that year. Her rep finally spoke with, “This is a challenge that Mary-Kate has made a decision to face. This is a challenge she will meet.”

Her father was one of the ones to swoop in for the intervention. Her therapists said, “They finally reached the point where they had to act. They didn’t want to find her dead on the floor from not eating.”

It seems these days she’s doing alright, but as any anorexic will say, “the problem never really leaves you.”

16 Mary-Kate Took Part In Heath Ledgers Death

Via: intouchweekly.com

Back in January of 2008, the beloved actor Heath Ledger said goodbye to this world when he died of having more than he could handle. Rumor has it, she played a part in what happened to him. Why else would she want immunity? The two were rather close when he was alive. Authorities’ suspect that the itemsthat Heath had were given to him by Mary-Kate. After all, he did talk to her that day and was supposed to meet her as well.

When asked to testify and give the DEA info, she refused, saying that she would not speak unless she was granted immunity. Suspicious indeed considering your good friend just died and all you can think about is saving your own hide. This does not mean she did it, but to even have time to think about that is astounding.

15 They’re Colder Than Elsa

Via: imageevent.com

As you might assume, inside sources have said that Mary-Kate and Ashley are rather cold. They aren’t mean like many stars, but they keep to themselves and aren’t afraid to blow you off. One close friend says, “They’re kind of emotionally uninterested in friends. We aren’t talking about normal people here.”

Other friends say that even boyfriends don’t have access to their inner circle. It’s the two of them against the world. They say while Ashley tries to be mature, she’s still cold as ice. And while Mary-Kate wants to be the life of the party, she still remains distant from her friends. We can’t say that they’re total witches, as we don’t wish to judge, but it is a fact that they refuse to keep friends and even their family remains outside their circle.

14 They Weren’t Allowed In The Same Classroom

Via: abcnews.com

As children, whether being privately tutored like most famous kids or in a public school for celebs, the tow had it rough. They acted so much as one that they depended on each other so much that they were separated. Their teachers would not allow them in the same classroom. It’s ironic that what they used to function was taken away from them. But it seems that they were unable to do anything their self and were constantly cliquing, meaning they left other kids out.

It may seem mean to keep them apart, but if you’ll remember in the episode of Full House when Nicki and Alex rejected friends because of each other, it all makes sense. When they learned to be without each other, they learned to make friends.

13 Their Clients Don’t “Know” Them

Via: popsugar.com

When you think of The Olsen Twins, you think of Full House, their movies, and their change into adulthood. It’s just how the world works. However, most of the clients that they deal with at The Row and beyond, have no idea who they are. Even those that meet them don’t know them as we do. This is because most of their clients are a lot older than us, and thus, don’t connect the two. If their clothes are so hip, why don’t they have young clients? Maybe because only old people who have been saving up for decades can afford their line.

No offense, really. But it is weird that their fans can’t wear their clothing and those that can don’t even know who they are.

12 Ashley Wants Privacy

Via: pinterest.com

You might wonder why most of the info you see is about Mary-Kate. The reason for this is because Ashley wants a private life where she can work on her clothing line. She doesn’t even have social media accounts. Mary-Kate likes to stay off the internet too as she has no active social media accounts either, but isn’t that good at it. It seems she’s always willing to do an interview whereas Ashley seems to have sworn off of them.

The reason that it’s harder for Mary-Kate is probably because of her 2004 rehab trip and her “smoking” marriage to someone so much older than her. Let’s face it, the girls may want left alone, but with the media still breathing down everyone’s neck, that’s likely never going to happen.

11 The SECRET Stuff Bag

Via: Gawker.com

This was likely their absolute worst idea ever. They decided to create a handbag that was covered in pills of all shapes and colors. This insensitive item was not only ugly, but it cost $55,000. Who would even buy that? This wasn’t ages ago either. It was in 2012, just five years ago.

What’s worse is that those who can’t afford it (99%) are making their own by gluing vitamins, Tylenol, and more on a department store bag. How illegal is that in most places? The world exploded when they heard about the bag. Some speaker for the line tried to cover up the blunder by saying that part of the proceeds goes to UNICEF “a children’s rights organization that works on issues such as immunizations, childhood development, gender rights, and HIV/AIDS transmission around the world.”

10 Twenty Minutes

Via: nerdreactor.com

Kids at the time were only allowed twenty minutes of acting time at a whack. That’s the only reason that twins were hired for the role. The producers “cheated” by using twins (albeit smartly) so that they could get the most out of the kids as they possibly could. That way, they could get double the time. They had Mary-Kate act for twenty minutes, let her rest for twenty minutes while Ashley took her turn, then started over. That way, they didn’t have to stop hardly at all…if at all.

This is more smart than dark, but when parents everywhere found out they assumed producers were using it to make them work harder than if there was only one of them. How is unknown, but you know how 90s parents were.

9 Paparazzi Exhibit Had A Dark Past

Via: huffingtonpost.com

In case you didn’t know it, there’s a for real exhibit of paintings that are of Mary-Kate and Ashley hiding from paparazzi. Sound interesting? Eh, it’s okay. The real secret is the background of the exhibit. Not the contents, but the location. It was an abandoned doctor’s office with illegal activity in its recent past. There were the already present “bio-hazard needle drop bins.”

But that was standard. What else they found was rather insane. “We found some clipboards that had some very demonic things written on the back of them,” claimed Olen, the man who started it all. “There was something taped to the wall. It was the only thing left behind [in the former lab room] and it just said something like, ‘Blood Cult.’”

Along with this, a bottle of holy water was found behind the curtain in the messed up old office. Today, the exhibit sits there, full of Olsen paintings, waiting to be abandoned yet again.

8 Their Movies Aren't So Great

Via: eonline.com

This may sound like an opinion (an all too common one) but it’s actually a fact. None of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s movies have good ratings. I’ll be the first to tell you that I was a huge fan as a tween, but in reality, even their Emmy-nominated movie, Too Little Time, was hardly deserving of the three stars it got. The movie can’t even be found on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even their latest movie New York Minute that appeared to do fairly well was actually the worst-rated box office that appeared in over 3,000 theaters...ever. You may say that sounds like the worst of the best, but actually, getting an 11% on Rotten Tomatoes means trouble all around. No wonder it was their last film. Perhaps it was because this was in 2004, the twins’ worst year ever.

7 PETA Hates Them

Via: inhabitat.com

PETA hates anyone who ears real fur, but do they call them a "no-talent fur hags" or the “Trollsens: Fur Hags From Hell?" Not likely. They even said that the twins were, “draping their malformed bodies in the skins of tortured animals."

PETA actually posted all of this hate on their home site. I guess that’s what you get for making millions at the expense of helpless animals. Or in PETA spokesperson’s words, “unfortunately using their vanity and the pursuit of making a blessed buck at the expense of innocent sentient beings.”

Note for the future…don’t wear real fur and definitely don’t mess with PETA. They bite like a rattlesnake. Is wearing real fur really worth getting thrown down by the people whose life purpose is to give animals a better life?

6 They Resent Online Shoppers

Via: YouTube.com

The twins have said that they refuse to shop online, and have only ever purchased one disclosed thing on there. They hate online shopping and hate that everyone else loves it. However, they understand why people do it. Because people hate dealing with other people.

“People like shopping online because they've made it so easy," Mary-Kate says. Ashley agrees with, “You don't have to deal with people.”

Mary-Kate adds, “That can be unpleasant. If you are going to deal with people, you have to make it a pleasant experience." So in their stores, they try to make it homey…like rich people homey. However, when asked why their stores looked too high end for anyone to feel at home, Mary-Kate snappily replied, “I didn’t say your home.”

5 Mary-Kate Wants A Baby

Via: shespeaks.com

Close friends have revealed that Mary-Kate is trying to get pregnant as we speak. I’m sure even if she is pregnant, we wouldn’t know it as they try to keep their life private. What’s scary is the Olsen Twins reproducing! They seem so young still and like they have so much to focus on that being a parent wouldn’t fit into their agenda. It’s possible that we won’t even know she had a kid until the kid is old enough to make their own decisions. She’s definitely not going to be blowing up Instagram or telling People as soon as the baby pops.

She doesn’t seem like the type to want kids but to each their own. Hopefully, her and Oliver will be strong, happy parents when the time comes.

4 Mary-Kate Olsen Is Our God

via production-globe.com

You guessed it, on January 10, 2018, a Mary-Kate experience took place in Brooklyn’s underground club. For only $5, you could enter into Cloud City and worship Mary-Kate Olsen. One of the creators said they were inspired to hold it underground as people were quick to ridicule Mary-Kate for not returning as Michelle Tanner to Fuller House.

"We were in shock and horror, how could someone forget all the love and movies that Mary-Kate had given us?" Jessie, one of the founders said. "How dare they ask her to share a role again with her twin! She needed to be honored, she needed to be worshiped."

Exactly what goes on at this Mary-Kate is our God Experience is unknown. Only true followers know and no one is willing to share. We do know that one member spoke ill of Ashley with, "She's officially separated from that twin (of whom we DO NOT SPEAK) and found herself an old French man. It's every little girl's dream!"

Is this for real? Or that bi-monthly comedic worship night? Gotcha!

3 Mary-Kate Loves To Get Down And Dirty

via glamor.com

With horses! Michelle Tanner and the Olsen twins may not have a lot in common, but one thing is for certain. Mary-Kate loves horses. As recently November-December of 2017, she actually competed in horse jumping competition. Her most recent publicized event being when she participated in the Hampton Classic Horse Show in August in Bridgehampton, New York while Olivier Sarkozy, her husband, watched. She wasn’t just there for the fun either because she finished third in the $10,000 “amateur owner jumper classic.” How much is that? Like enough for an Olsen handbag?

Anyway, the real star is Dunotaire V, Mary-Kate’s beloved horse who is probably treated better than Oliver to be honest. “Having horseback riding as an outlet was super important because it allowed me to have another life and outlet outside of work and school,” she said. “I came back to the sport because I missed it every day that I wasn’t riding. It was the hardest thing to leave and the hardest thing to come back to.”

2 The Hadid’s Are The New Olsens

via teenvogue.com

Say, what? Well, you probably know the gorgeous models Bella and Gigi Hadid. They aren’t twins as there is a year between them, but they do act like it. In fact, they’ve just recently been called the “new Olsens.” Honestly, as far as the Olsen’s niche goes, they could take it soon. They will always have their clothing label, but those who like it because they are who they are, may soon drop it. The Hadids are known to be warm and friendly, something that gets the Olsens in trouble.

The Hadids have been coordinating their outfits and refuse to compete. They’ve even copied some of the Olsen looks from teen movies lately to a tee. “Most of the time our markets are completely different, and if we get booked on a job and she gets it or I get it, we’re both happy for each other,” Bella says. “There are enough jobs in the world for both of us. There’s no reason for us to be mad at each other or competitive. So if she gets it, then good for her. We’re in the family, so she can buy me a pair of shoes.” Although…Gigi does have twice as many IG followers as Bella does. That may catch up with her.

1 Ashley’s One Night Depp Stand

via reddit.com

A scandal that wasn’t very publicized, in 2012, Johnny Depp was seen messily leaving Ashley Olsen’s apartment one morning. No one knows whether they had been dating awhile or if they just got swept up in the moment together. Since this was between her relationship with David Schulte (2013-2014) and Justin Bartha (2008-2011) it’s safe to assume that something big went down. Especially since Depp is so into young blondes, as we can assume from his history with women.

However, this was when he was dating Vanessa Paradis, so chances are, if they did hook up, it was an affair. Yikes! No wonder it was kept undercovers and he was “trying not to be seen” when he left the apartment. Then again, didn’t he and Vanessa split that year?

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