Top 10 Weapons Cut From Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 has a staggering number of weapons that players can use to bash, slice, and stab their numerous opponents with. Each weapon has different characteristics that can make it a powerful weapon in the player's hands or a useless object.

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There are some weapons however that had a lot of potential, but were cut from the final game for unknown reasons. Players are left to speculate whether it was due to their immense power that would have made parts of the game too easy, if they didn’t fit in with the lore of the world, or if there was some other reasoning behind why they were left out.

10 Manikin Sabre

What’s interesting about the Manikin Sabre is that it actually saw use in Dark Souls 2. In that game the curved weapon was described as a tool used by the Queen to “beckon unknowing souls to the defiled valley”.

It’s kind of eerie knowing that players can wield this dark blade in battle and it’s strange that a weapon prevalent in previous titles would be absent in Dark Souls 3. Perhaps it was cut to make the Manikin Claws more special, but no one really knows and this weapon is left to rot in the game files.

9 Dancer’s Short Bow

This interesting weapon looks to be a bow made of two intertwining branches. There’s no description for it and it didn’t exist in previous games. It’s possible it was intended to be the weapon of choice for the boss the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

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In the game the Dancer of the Boreal Valley is a lithe figure wielding a long fiery sword. She never resorts to using ranged attacks and she draws a second sword towards the end of the fight. She seems to be the only “dancer” in the game so this bow was likely cut for aesthetic or even combat purposes.

8 Sacred Beast Catalyst

This is a strange staff that hints at being used by beasts in its description, “Catalyst used by the sacred beasts that dwell deep within the forest. The beasts employed techniques from long ago, and their magical power has become instilled in this catalyst, increasing the potency of sorcery.”

It’s unclear what beasts are being referred to as the only beings labeled as beasts in Dark Souls 3 are the Irithyllian Beast-Hounds and Sulyvahn’s Beast and neither seem likely to wield staves or use sorcery. Although this is the franchise that had a sword wielding wolf so anything’s possible.

7 Hammer of the Great Tree

This is an interesting weapon that fits within Dark Souls 3 lore. The description describes this hammer as being crafted from a “great tree” that supposedly “possessed thought, and became an object of worship for citizens of the Undead Commune.”

This has to be referring to the optional boss Cure-Rotted Greatwood, a massive sentient tree found near the Undead Commune that is supported in combat by the undead who are said to worship it. This hammer could have been a drop after defeating the boss and it’s unclear why it isn’t included in the game.

6 Missionary’s Axe

This plain looking axe was likely created to be wielded by the Cathedral-Evangelists, or as some players call them the Missionaries, found in the Undead Settlement. For whatever reason the axe was probably replaced with the mace and was cut from the final release of the game.

It does possess a rather chilling description, “Axe used by the missionaries who endeavored to propagate the Undead Commune, as well as its surrounding lands. The only salvation they offer is death, and any who disobey their teachings will be broken in two.”

5 Blood-Stained Short Sword

There seems to be a number of weapons cut from the Undead Commune’s armory and the Blood-Stained Short Sword is by far the most interesting. It’s a strange looking blade with an equally disturbing description, “Dagger used by citizens of the Undead Commune. The inner blade is lined with fish hook-like barbs, maximizing fatality when tangled in the target. It is rumored that this weapon had some sort of ritualistic use, but the truth is unknown.”

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There’s no telling what sadistic ritual a fish hook-blade would be used for, but odds are it wasn’t good.

4 Golden Dual Swords

Two golden swords meant to be wielded and used simultaneously in combat were cut from the final game. According to the description one sword is “embedded with thorns, designed to wound and wither the opponent,” and is meant to be followed up by the second sword that has “superior cutting ability”.

These swords were present in the first game with one sword applying poison damage and a high critical while the other sword dealt bleed damage. These swords would appear again in Dark Souls 2 but weren’t obtainable and were fully cut in Dark Souls 3, something many fans were upset about.

3 Ancient Dragon Halberd

This halberd is said to have been “part of an immortal dragon” though which dragon is unclear. There are wyverns in Dark Souls 3, but some fans believe it might have come from the Everlasting Dragon in Dark Souls 1.

In any case it’s a wicked looking halberd that is said to be incredibly strong and able to resist blows with other weapons suggesting high durability. It’s also supposed to be responsible for the “giving and taking of countless lives”.

2 Lothric’s Scythe

Lothric is perhaps one of the more memorable bosses in Dark Souls 3, but it could be argued he would be even more memorable if his fiery sword was traded out for this wicked looking scythe. Given the lore behind the scythe it’s even harder to imagine why he wouldn’t be carrying it.

According to the description the scythe was “born from the soul of Lothric. Forged for Prince Lothric,”. It’s hard to imagine someone leaving behind a weapon forged using their very soul and no one is quite sure why this weapon was cut from the game.

1 Four Knights Hammer

By far the most interesting weapon cut from the game, the Four Knights Hammer appears to be a simple mace-style weapon, but its description hints at frightening potential, “Hammer of the Four Knights, writhing in dark. This hammer was made for battle using a mysterious metal, its sharp edge capable of piercing shields and armor easily. Used to mercilessly crush enemies before one’s eyes.”

This has to be a reference to the Four Knights of Gwyn, one of which was an annoying boss in the first game, Dragon Slayer Ornstein. None of the knights were said to wield hammers so it’s unclear if this was meant to be a weapon forged from their souls or something, which is probably why it never made the final cut. It’s also not clear why it was said to be “writhing”.

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