Dark Souls 3: Every Estus Shard Location (And How To Find Them)

Developer From Software's latest Dark Souls game is the final and most action-packed addition to the series. Its gothic themes and role-playing elements are astounding. To make your task of returning the five Lords of Cinder to their rightful thrones in order to link the flame possible, the game is filled with items called "Estus Shards" that increase a player's Estus Flasks.

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Not a single person has beaten Dark Souls without drinking an Estus Flask. You could be the first, but for everyone else, this Estus Shard guide will help you along the way. Conquering bosses like Pontiff Sulyvahn and the Nameless King is made possible by the healing powers of Estus Flasks. This is Dark Souls 3: every Estus Shard location (and how to find them).

11 Firelink Shrine

For some people, this is the first Estus Shard you'll encounter in the game. For others who wait to get the Tower Key, they will obtain this Estus Shard last. For newcomers to the game, beating the boss Iudex Gundyr is an insurmountable task. If you manage to get by this boss, then finding the first Estus Shard will be easy.

While standing at the Firelink Shrine bonfire, head up the stairs and walk to the top until you find three archways side-by-side. Walk through the archways and go up a small hill. Turn around, and you'll see the roof, which you can jump on. Continue walking on the roof and proceed until you see another archway. You'll now be on top of Firelink Shrine, and you can find the Estus Shard on a narrow walkway situated above the Firelink Shrine bonfire.

10 High Wall Of Lothric

Beginning at the High Wall of Lothric bonfire, head down the stairs, walk into the first room, go down one more set of stairs, and take the first exit. You'll come to a ladder that you can use, and after this, you can choose to run by all the enemies.

Take the first ladder down and do a 180° turn into the room beside the ladder. Keep running straight and take a right to go down more stairs—you'll find a room that contains an anvil. On top of the anvil, you'll find your Estus Shard.

9 Undead Settlement

Starting from the Undead Settlement bonfire, take a right and walk outside the bonfire area. Continue up the path and walk into the house straight ahead. You'll pass some enemies at the entrance of the house.

Walk down the stairs inside the house until you've gone down two floors. Exit the house, and you'll be in a new area with a giant bonfire (not a resting bonfire) surrounded by enemies, including  an "Evangelist." Next to the giant bonfire is your next Estus Shard.

8 Road Of Sacrifices

This Estus Shard is a relatively easy one to find. You'll find this Estus Shard in the Road of Sacrifices, but it will be easier if you start at the Halfway Fortress bonfire. Run outside, and you'll find a path. Go down the path and run by all the enemies. Go left and keep running until you see a large archway.

Walk through the archway, and you'll soon find a building. Hug the left and you'll walk beside the building through a narrow path. Keep walking straight and you'll see a small cliff. Below the cliff is the Estus Shard for Road of Sacrifices.

7 Farron Keep

This is one of the easier Estus Shards to find because you don't have to move far from the bonfire. Starting at the Farron Keep bonfire, walk outside and you'll see three different fires in the distance.

Walk towards the fire that is the furthest to the right. Just before reaching the fire, you'll see an oddly shaped broken structure next to an Estus Shard.

6 Cathedral Of The Deep

Starting at the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire, head outside the church and take your first right to head up the stairs.

You'll come to a shrine with a prayer group surrounding it. They don't pose much of a threat, so you can defeat these enemies and obtain the Estus Shard that they're protecting.

5 Smoldering Lake

So you made it to the Smoulder Lake bonfire. At the Smoulder Lake bonfire, you'll be in a room that contains an illusory wall. The wall part of an archway, which shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Open this illusory wall by striking it with your melee weapon. Head down the revealed path and take your first left. It comes quickly so be sure not to miss this left turn. Once you've turned left, walk to the end of the narrow passageway until you reach the end. The Estus Shard will be next to someone's remains.

4 Irithyll Dungeon

This is one of the most difficult Estus Shards to obtain since it requires you to defeat a few different fierce enemies and complete several navigation steps. Defeating the Mimic in the above photo may not be easy for some people.

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Starting at the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, walk straight and continue until you can take the first right. Continue walking straight until you take the first left. Walk straight and take the first left. Then take a quick right, which will bring you to a set of stairs. Go down the stairs and exit the room, taking another left turn. Keep going straight till you hit a staircase that leads to the right. If you managed to follow these steps correctly, you'll find the Estus Shard by slaying a mimic in the next room straight ahead.

3 Anor Londo

Okay, so you made it this far. You should be proud that you did since so many others have already quit by now.

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Starting at the Anor Londo bonfire, head up the large flight of stairs and proceed to enter the cathedral. Stay close to the left side of the hall and you'll see a chest next to a few goopy enemies. The next Estus Shard is found inside this chest.

2 Consumed King's Garden

Starting at the Lothric Castle bonfire, leave the room, taking the exit that is closest to the bonfire. Take a right and jump down a floor. Continue down the stairs and back up the next set of stairs. Continue straight and defeat the tough enemy called a "Consumed King's Knight."

After defeating this enemy, walk through the doorway to the right, and you'll come to an elevator. Simply take the elevator down, step outside, and take your first right. The Estus Shard will be on top of a deceased person.

1 Grand Archives

Make your way up the small staircase to the right of the Grand Archives bonfire. Take the elevator up, and you'll find yourself in a room with a red floor mat. Exit the room by walking to the right then take a quick left—this will bring you to a large set of stairs.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you'll notice that a section of the railing is in ruins. You'll have to run across the rooftop until you find the area in the above photo and the Estus Shard.

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