FromSoftware Announces Dark Souls: Let's Go! Ornstein & Let's Go! Smough For Nintendo Switch

FromSoftware has recently announced its newest games, Dark Souls: Let’s Go! Ornstein & Let’s Go! Smough, which will be available on Nintendo Switch.

FromSoftware will be supporting the Nintendo Switch with two new exclusive titles that are set in the world of the first Dark Souls game. Dark Souls: Let’s Go! Ornstein & Let’s Go! Smough will give kids the chance to explore the Lordran region alongside two of the mascots from the series.

At the start of the Dark Souls: Let’s Go! games, the player will be given their first Soul by Professor Oscar of Astora and will have to choose between the Electric-type Ornstein or the Normal-type Smough. The player is then free to travel the hellish landscape of a realm that has been condemned to madness while meeting new people and battling rivals along the way.

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The Dark Souls: Let’s Go! games are intended to be a tie-in to the upcoming Dark Souls GO mobile game, which will let players track down monsters using their smartphones and be devoured by Mimics.

The player won’t just have to worry about the insane warriors trapped in a realm whose lifespans have been artificially lengthened with terrible sacrifices, either as there is also the villainous Team Darkwraith to worry about, which loves to invade people's games and steal their Humanity & Rare Candy.

In order to reach the final battle against Champion Gwynn, you first have to defeat the Elite Four Lord Souls in battle. This means taking on Gravelord Nito and his Ghost-type Souls, the Bed of Chaos and its Grass-type Souls, the Four Kings and their Steel-type Souls, and Seath the Scaleless with his Dragon-type Souls.

There will also be an Estus Flask controller for the Nintendo Switch that will be compatible with the Dark Souls: Let’s Go! games, which will come with a free Great Grey Wolf Sif Soul. Players can use the Estus Flask controller to try and heal themselves in a moment of pitiful desperation as the enemy horde surrounds them - just don’t forget to keep the wrist strap on.

The Dark Souls series is known for its dark fantasy and hellish boss battles, but FromSoftware might just be able to top its previous games with this family-friendly one that allows young players to form precious bonds with creatures like the Asylum Demon and the Gaping Dragon.

Dark Souls: Let’s Go! Ornstein & Let’s Go! Smough will be released on April 1, 2020.

(Note: If you are reading this after April 1, please be aware that the above article is an April Fools' Day joke. The artwork for Ornstein & Smough was provided by littlemissluna, whose work can be seen here.)

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