What Does Darkest Dungeon's New DLC Include?

Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court has been released, and adds a lot to the original game, including vampires and new buildings for the village.

Everyone’s favorite Lovecraftian dungeon crawl, Darkest Dungeon, has just got a new expansion which brings a ton of new content to the game.

The Steam Early Access darling has been a phenomenal success, selling over 1 million copies across all its platforms. And it's not hard to see why - the game is a brooding, dark, and disturbing exploration of the party-based RPG, as punishing to your sanity as it is rewarding. Players are compelled to have just one more dive into the deep to see what rewards that quest will bring, but death or insanity could be lurking around every corner.

Darkest Dungeon’s new DLC, titled The Crimson Court, adds a little bit of everything to what made this indie darling great. Here are a few of the new additions to the game.

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5. New Campaign

Along with the main story of trying to cleanse the evil from your inherited mansion comes a new campaign that sheds light on the early days of The Ancestors. It also comes complete with new cutscenes that are sprinkled into the main quest.

4. New Hero - The Flagellant

Some guys take their faith a little too seriously. The Flagellant does that and then decides to add a little crazy and self-harm besides. As the name might suggest, he loves pain and is at his best when he’s just an arm hair short of death. If he does die he’ll heal the whole party, while leaving you a man down for the rest of your quest.

3. New Location - The Courtyard

Added to the other locations in the game comes The Courtyard, a lavish garden turned swampy mire. Yes, your estate has seen better days, and The Courtyard is proof of it. Along with a bunch of other-worldly insects is a definite case of bloodsuckers - and I don’t mean mosquitoes. It may appear early on in your quest, but I wouldn’t step foot in here without a highly leveled party.

2. New Enemies

The new location brings new enemies in the form of bloodsucking insects, people, and insect-people. And one insect-crocodile. All of which want nothing more than to feast on your party’s inner juices- that’s vampire talk for blood. There are also 4 new unique boss monsters to be found with all new mechanics to figure out or die trying. More than likely die.

1. The Crimson Curse

The expansion’s namesake curse turns your hero into a vampire, which sounds a lot better than it turns out to be. While afflicted with the curse your hero will become weaker and weaker until they finally feast on blood, at which point they enter “bloodlust” and reveal the curse's hidden power.

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