Datamine Uncovers Four Unannounced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Characters

After less than a day being released, Ultimate Alliance 3 has been subject to a datamine that revealed four secret characters.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has been out for less than a day and already datamining has revealed four more upcoming playable characters, including Black Bolt, Medusa, Vision, and Valkyrie. The information comes from Demonslayerx8, and are probably going to be released as free additions to the game since the developer stated the paid DLC is an all-or-nothing purchase consisting of the three themes Marvel Knights, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four, meaning that unless they are changing their minds, there is no standalone DLC to purchase for the game.

These will add to the other characters we already know are being added in the near future. Both Cyclops and Colossus are in the game but not as selectable characters, at least until August 30 when they are added to the permanent roster.

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Via: nintendoworldreport.com

The first DLC pack, called Marvel Knights, was announced at Comic-Con and includes the vampire-hunting Blade, justice-dealing Punisher, Moon Knight (Marvel’s very own Batman), and Morbius, a vampire. It makes for some awkward discussion at the office when Blade and Morbius meet at the water cooler.

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It appears that Valkyrie will not be based upon the MCU character played by Tessa Thompson. This is not altogether surprising since the characters in the game so far seem to be a solid mix of both comics and MCU elements. As Marvel is releasing a Valkyie comic series, we can safely assume it will be modeled as seen below.

Via: Polygon.com

Medusa and Black Bolt meanwhile may be based upon the Inhumans show, despite it only lasting a short while before it was cancelled. If so, it was likely that the character design was in place when everyone assumed the series would succeed. Finally, there is little to say about Vision, as everyone should be familiar with the character from the last decade of Avengers films, and unless they decide to go for an old-school retro design with Vision looking like a phantom, we should recognize him immediately.

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Any changes to the character designs and costumes is likely to otherwise remain superficial. At least in terms of the heroes that have been seen so far, nothing stands out as too different. Scarlet Witch, seen below, is a perfect example of the blending on both the comic and MCU outfits that fans recognize.


The announcement of more incoming characters, seemingly for no additional cost, is likely part of a long-term strategy to keep the game interesting and relevant to existing players as well as those wondering if it will still be worth purchasing six months from now.

If the developer maintains a healthy addition of content and new characters, they likely have a solid title on their hands. This is great news for players not only because everyone loves more free characters to use in the game, but also because this seems like a formula to maintain a healthy base of online players.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is out for the Nintendo Switch as of today!

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