Dataminer Claims To Have Discovered Everything Set To Happen In The Division 2's New Raid

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is finally here and many gamers are likely actively engaged as they battle through challenges while looking ahead to fresh content.

The game promises an exciting new feature, eight-man raids, something likely to interest most players old and new. But possible details on The Division 2's Operation Dark Hours has been leaked by a dataminer on Reddit.

The raid was recently announced, yet not much was known save the fact that it is set to be the title's first-ever eight-man raid, plus the location, which appears to be an airport near Washington.

According to kevindavid40, however, the Ronald Reagan Airport is where it starts but Arlington Island is the final destination. The dataminer claims to have also discovered the raid's icon, the designated route, the trophies, and objectives.

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via mmorpg.com

"Morning Agents!" he posted this past weekend. "I managed to decrypt the game asset file, and got more interesting info on the upcoming Raid. I'm just going to say it looks true hardcore end-game activity based on the size of the map, and the objectives involved in this Raid."

He's also listed the objectives - detailed below - but pointed out that they aren't in chronological order.

- Survive the assault on the bridge

- Find the stolen GPS coordinates

- Protect the named agent on your team

- Confirm the kill of 2nd hand Lieutenant

- Rendezvous with your team

- Survive the blackout attack

- Find the activation code

- Extract your team to safety

- Split teams and flank the target

- Stop the convoy from leaving the runway

- Takeout bombarders from high ground

As for the trophies, Operation Dark Hours will hand gamers the opportunity to achieve the following:

- Relentless – Make it through the bridge in one hour or less

- Extreme Measures – Have your most kills with Signature weapons

- Reminder of Me – Kill any of the Hunters who killed you before

- Gone Baby Gone – In less than 2 minutes flee from Interceptors

A subsequent edit also points to an extra mission called "Nighthawk" but the details therein remain unclear.

The Division 2 launched on March 15 and is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft has already outlined its one-year roadmap in which the game's creative director revealed that the raids will offer tailored mechanics and boss fights while eight-person teams will be working as a group that can also be split for select activities.

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