New Dating Sim Hooks You Up With Instagram-Famous Egg

Available on Itch.io, a new dating sim lets you romance the Instagram-famous egg that has more likes than Kylie Jenner.

It's time to talk to your significant other and update your celebrity hall pass because a new game will let you date the Instagram-famous egg, currently the most-liked photo on the platform.

Developed Chibixi, the creatively titled The World Record Egg Dating Sim is a visual novel that lets you interact with the social media star across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and, of course, Instagram. Uploaded to ichi.io, players will have 30 days to lay the foundations of a relationship by finding where the cackleberry will show up on the web, talking to it, and answering questions. If all goes well, gamers can get 100% love, and a high score. On top of all that, according to the game's creator, there are two endings with the potential for more along with a number of secrets. Yet, we should note there is a "horror" tag at the bottom of the page along with the jump scare warning at the title screen, so be alert!


Via chibixi.itch.io

Since this is a video game website, we know our reporting on this viral trend has been scarce, so here's a little bit of a backstory. On Jan. 4, 2019, a weirdly high-resolution photo popped up on an account called World_Record_Egg. Its purpose was simple: to become the most liked photo on Instagram — and it happened. The post now sits at over 50 million likes and over nine million comments, beating out a photo of the 21-year-old Kylie Jenner, who was sitting pretty at 18 million. The account—which is now verified—posted two more photos, each showing a crack forming and growing across its upper right side. So, hopefully, this news gets to you before the big hatch and the fun inevitably ends.

Via chibixi.itch.io

Now, the unhatched chicken (at least we assume that's what it is) has jumped into the world of gaming, meaning this bad boy has made it to the big leagues of viral stardom. We're just waiting to see who can come up with the screenplay chronicling this meteoric rise to fame.

All kidding aside, The World Record Egg Dating Sim is an entertaining little romp to kill some time, and since most of us will never get the chance to actually date a celebrity, this is a great consolation prize (if you don't mess it up)!


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