Dauntless To Release Its First Major Content Update In "Fortune And Glory," Including Trials And New Cosmetics

Developer Phoenix Labs has announced a number of exciting additions in the next season of Dauntless, including new ways to earn cosmetics, cells, and new attacks, all within the brand new Trials arena.

The new season, named High Skies, brings a new character to the city of Ramsgate named Lady Luck. She has brought with her an entire arena to test the best Slayers against some of the nastiest hybrid Behemoths the developers could imagine.

Each of the next six weeks will bring a new challenge to overcome in the arena, which can be attempted in either Normal or Dauntless difficulty.

Defeating a behemoth on Normal difficulty with award a new currency named Steel Marks, which Lady Luck will take in exchange for Cells and new weapon attacks. Completing the Dauntless difficulty will award Gilded marks, which can be exchanged for cosmetic rewards.

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The trials will also have leaderboards to show off who the fastest Slayers are in the game.

Via: Playdauntless.com

Now, one may wonder exactly what makes these challenges so difficult. The answer lies in the idea mentioned earlier a hybrid behemoth. Travis Day, the senior designer for Dauntless, stated "Imagine an Embermane but now equipped with Stormclaw’s electric fencing and Shrowd’s black hole ball on the top of its other inane abilities."

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Day goes on to explain that such a combination did not make it past testing for being too brutal in its synergies, but that the concept was the launching point from which they began to design the Trials enemies over the next weeks.

In particular, it seems that one goal of the Trials is to encourage Slayers to bring armor sets and modifiers that they may not often see use. In one week's challenge it could be Medic, Fireproof, and Shockproof that are essential, and in the next, they may not.

Via: Playdauntless.com

Those who dominate the Dauntless difficulty faster than others will occupy the highest spots on the leaderboards and will receive prestige cosmetics that are unique and only obtainable in this way. Similar to how World of Warcraft awards mounts and titles based on the total points accumulated at the end of a PvP season, so too will this be a mark of how strong a Slayer has become.

We don't know yet exactly how difficult this will actually be, so for now we'll have to wait a little while longer until the launch of the new season on July 16 which includes a new 50 level season pass that can be purchased with its own unique cosmetic rewards. As this season's themes are pirates, we can expect plenty of related thematic rewards for Hunt Arrivals and Flares.

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