Dauntless Release Date and Features Announced For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Monster-hunting game Dauntless is close to a release on both PS4, Xbox One, and PC, after only three weeks in open beta. The free-to-play ARPG has garnered attention recently and is looking to be a strong game. While the official launch is May 21, developer Phoenix Labs also expects to release on the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms in the latter part of 2019.

On the PC, players will be able to access the game through the Epic Games store, which seems appropriate as many are comparing the look and feel of the game to Fortnite, at least in terms of its color palette, player movement, environment setting, and finally, coveted cosmetic skins.

The game has now been in early-access officially since May of 2018. In that time the overall game mode that has developed is one where players take on the role of Slayers tasked to eliminate dangerous creatures known as Behemoths. They then take the loot from those creatures and craft their own equipment and weapons, similar in theme to the Monster Hunter series, but more playful and carefree in its presentation.

With this in mind, choosing the Epic Games store does seem like a logical solution if the idea is that players of Fortnite will enjoy the familiar look and feel of a similar game that emphasizes teamwork over the now saturated market for Battle Royal. Perhaps Epic Games is seeking to balance out its own library of games to ensure that no matter what the player is in the mood for, it has an answer to keep them on platform, rather than go back to Steam.

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At the moment, Dauntless has been made with the idea of cross play in mind, but specifics on the matter have not been disclosed. This may simply be that they are not ready to release the details available, or, Sony might be creating some form of obstacle, which we have seen recently in their initial refusal to allow for that or the merging of Fortnite accounts used on other platforms.

In line with other free-to-play games, Dauntless introduced their own version of a Season Pass at the end of 2018, known as a Hunt Pass. These are seasons that rotate every six to eight weeks. On May 21, Hunt Pass Season 5 will begin to coincide with the official launch. For now, the seasons consist of challenges to complete for the reward of cosmetic items. So far the rewards in previous seasons have been popular among the player base, which currently numbers around 3 million people.

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It seems now that successful free-to-play games that sell Season Passes seem to be both the popular norm right now and some of the most enjoyable, allowing players to customize their looks but not providing any form of a competitive edge. The release of Dauntless should be strong, and players cannot wait to start finding those monsters on their own!

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