Days Gone Gaming Detail: When You Create A Makeshift Gun Silencer, Your First Shot Makes The Hole

As the latest PS4 exclusive, Days Gone has a lot of hype behind it. Sure it promises a gritty, biker gang approach to a genre many thought was done to death by The Walking Dead, but mostly fans are hoping for another notch in the PS4 belt. Another reminder that while Nintendo is focused on bringing back couch multiplayer and Xbox is doing something with subscription services, PS4 is the place to go for robust single-player experiences. While Days Gone reviews are currently decent at best, it seems to have one crucial thing down. The details.

A Reddit post shows just how much care Days Gone developer SIE Bend put into the game's world. While scrounging around the world for materials, user probably420stoned picked up an oil filter from a nearby car. The item could apparently be attached to his gun to act as a makeshift silencer. He did just that, and decided to check out his creation in the game's photo mode.

Other redditors were quick to point out how confusing probably420stoned's rambling was, so let us translate for you. As he looked at his new orange silencer, he joked to his girlfriend that it had no hole for the bullet to escape through. They then went on to suggest that maybe firing a shot would create the hole. They laughed at that notion, as that's an extreme amount of detail to put into a game. Except that exact thing happened.

Days Gone isn't the first zombie game that lets players rip off pieces of the environment to use as weapons. A lot of them even let you modify your weapons by taping or hammering things onto them. The difference here is that we actually see the process of creation. There's no menu, no "poof" and then suddenly your baseball bat has nails on it. Bend actually included the crude process of turning an oil filter into a silencer.

We'll have TheGamer's review of Days Gone ready soon, but this amazing bit of detail shows at least some passion on the developer's part. Now let's see if the gameplay and story deliver as well.

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