Days Gone’s Open World Was Designed By A Small Team Of Only Five Or Six Devs

If you had to, you'd probably guess that Days Gone's open world map was developed by a huge team. However, a designer from Bend Studio has revealed that this is far from the case as the map's dev team was comprised by just over a handful of people.

The PlayStation exclusive, which released late last month, has left the masses pretty impressed, although a few issues - mostly relating to audio - have been noted.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA on Wednesday, Bend's lead open world designer Eric Jensen disclosed that only five or six devs were responsible for constructing the game's open world.

“The thing I’m most proud of is how diverse and dynamic we were able to make the open world with such a small open world design team (5-6 people),” he said. “We had to think smart and efficient with all of our design choices knowing the manpower limitations.”

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“Seeing all of the crazy videos and screenshots that people have posted of the open world coming for Deacon or even interacting with itself has been incredibly cool for our team to see!"

Days Gone was April's second most purchased game in the US, behind NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat 11. And it has already passed God of War's lifetime sales in Japan, having led the charts over there for two straight weeks.

As recent PS4 exclusives go, God Of War sets the benchmark, while Marvel's Spider-Man did amazingly well too following its launch last year.

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Bend's zombie shooter is clearly making a name for itself, though, and there's much to be had from its large open world, which seems all the more impressive now that we know the design team wasn't a big one.

As TheGamer's review puts it, "Days Gone is at its best when Deacon happens upon a Freaker horde, or when the horde finds him. Surviving a horde attack is chaotic, intense, and terrifying - and that’s exactly how it should be. Saber Interactive’s recent World War Z does a great job with its swarm attacks, but Days Gone does it better."

You could read our full review of the game here.

The game is exclusively available for PS4 and is still too young to go on sale. But, given that both GOW and Spider-Man saw their prices slashed by $20 months after their release, it's safe to assume that Days Gone will be cheaper by, say October?

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