PlayStation's Croatian Branch Sent Actual Bikers To Deliver A Review Copy Of Days Gone

A lucky guy in Croatia had his review copy of upcoming PlayStation game Days Gone delivered by real-life bikers.

Sony's next exclusive title, set for release on April 26, will put players in a post-apocalyptic world as drifter bounty hunter Deacon St. John and pit him against a relentless horde of zombies called "freakers."

St. John makes his way around the open world on a trusty motorcycle, so PlayStation Croatia saw it fitting to have bikers personally deliver review copies of the game to gamers - in one case at least.

Redditor obrisi_me, who works as the chief editor for a Croatian gaming website, was quite surprised to open his door to see five motorcycle club members bearing his review copy of the game.

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"I'm chief editor of Croatian gaming portal FFA.hr," he posted on Reddit, along with a photo of the de facto postmen. "We started our project little over three years ago basically from nothing, without any experience, but worked our asses off during our free time, while working on our main jobs.

"Today, the local branch of PlayStation (PS Croatia) delivered us Days Gone review copy. More precisely, they hired these guys, genuine motor club members. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the bikes parked in front of the building :( Moments like this are what we fantasized about when we started our project. Hard work pays off!"

via Reddit

Days Gone, which is now available for preorder, comes after God of War's wild success. The PS4 exclusive was voted in as 2018's Game of The Year several times and snagged several other awards.

Developer Santa Monica is going through a week of celebrations as the game's one-year anniversary (April 20) approaches. Sony is probably hoping that this upcoming release follows suit, with other titles such as Uncharted and Bloodborne also counting as other exclusives garnering remarkable acclaim.

The game is being developed by Sony's Bend Studio and it will be its first console title since 2007's Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, which released on PlayStation 2 and PSP. Since then, the devs have worked on games for Sony's handheld devices but, with the PS Vita getting killed this year, it appears that they will be keeping the focus on console gaming.

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