Days Gone Will Have Post-Launch DLC

According to Days Gone developer and community manager, David Lee, the team at Sony Bend already has post-launch DLC plans for the upcoming action-adventure survival horror video game.

The news came during an interview with GamerBraves, in which Lee responded to questions regarding Days Gone, ranging in everything from the game’s skills tree to in-game items.

Responding to a question regarding potential DLC that might contain expanded historical background on the main cast, Lee said:

“I think the main story will give that information to you. We have announced DLC, but we haven’t really announced what that DLC is yet. So, I’d keep an eye out for that. With the main story, yea, that should be sufficient enough to tell you the characters’ backstories and make you care about them one way or another.”

Days Gone - a PlayStation 4-exclusive - will feature a single-player story mode that will take players on a roughly 30-hour adventure through the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. Due to the story-driven nature of the game, it would be pretty surprising if there wasn’t some sort of call-back to the main characters’ pasts. Other games, such as The Last of Us, have been able to create bonds between players and characters by successfully tying together the past and present. It’s also hard to imagine that a studio like Sony Bend would gloss over its characters’ backstories, especially considering their work on other character and story-driven titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Resistance: Retribution.

The question remains though: what kind of DLC might be in store for Days Gone? The obvious answer (and hope for many gamers) would be the inclusion of multiplayer. Days Gone will not include a multiplayer or co-op mode at launch. The open-world nature of the game lends itself nicely to a co-op mode, while what we’ve seen in terms of level design would seem good enough for a team deathmatch type of multiplayer mode, similar to The Last of Us’ multiplayer mode.

Perhaps the DLC could come as an additional chapter in the Days Gone single-player story, maybe even featuring other characters. Again, this would follow The Last of Us’ lead, with its Left Behind DLC becoming available after the original game launched.

Days Gone could do worse than to follow The Last of Us’ post-launch blueprint. Either way, we are looking forward to finally getting our hands on Days Gone, and are excited to see what the team at Sony Bend has in store for us.

Stay tuned to TheGamer for our review of Days Gone when the game releases on April 26, 2019.

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