The Days Gone Story Trailer Shows Off More Enemies And A Depressing World

Upcoming PS4 game Days Gone got a new story trailer today. Like much of the preview content for Days Gone, this new trailer focuses on the relationships between protagonist Deacon "Deek" St. John, his absent wife Sarah, and his best friend Boozer. However, this trailer also focuses heavily on the various enemies and obstacles players can expect to face in the game's dark world.

The story trailer brings back Mark "Cope" Copeland, the survivor encampment leader who first made an appearance in the 2017 gameplay demo. This new look gives players more insight into Cope's character, especially his mercenary attitude towards Deek and the other survivors. He's obviously not a person to trust.

The trailer also introduces a new encampment leader, Iron Mike, who says of Deek, "I know what kind of man he is. He done any worse than you? Rikki? How about me?"

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This question is followed by a shot that visually opposes Iron Mike and Deek, making it obvous that there will be some major conflicts between these two characters. Even from his name alone, characters should expect Iron Mike to be a strong presence in Days Gone.

Finally, the game introduces two characters who are more focused on building community among the survivors, Rikki Patil and Addison Walker. Rikki is shown to call Deek out on his unwillingness to stay with any one encampment, and Addison emphasizes the importance of survivors sticking together.

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In addition to new allies, players also get to meet new foes. Players have already been introduced to the Newts and Hordes through gameplay demos, but haven't been shown too much in the way of human enemies, besides random marauders.

The new story trailer includes a glimpse of an unnamed antagonist who appears to belong to the Rest in Peace cult, a.k.a the "Rippers". The antagonist has Deek bound and at his mercy (or lack thereof), and seems intent on using him in ritual sacrifice or torture.

And, of course, there's the mysterious NERO. Deek appears to be talking to a white-suited member of the organization, but it's unclear whether the character is friend or enemy. However, considering their logo is stamped on literal death trains, it's pretty safe to assume NERO will not be a friendly presence in the Days Gone.

Days Gone will release on April 26th and will be a Playstation exclusive.

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