Days Gone Television Ads Cost Sony Nearly 8 Million In April

Sony's latest exclusive, Days Gone, cost the company $7.9 million for television advertising during the month of April alone, according to information obtained through a collaboration between Gamesbeat and iSpot.tv (h/t resetera).

Data presented by the source shows that the PlayStation brand accounted for over a quarter of TV spending in the United States in April.

Video game companies spent approximately $29.4 million in advertising last month, a step down from March's $36.6 million, with 19 gaming brands running 56 ads over 12,300 times. The ads hit 2 billion impressions, per the report.

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As mentioned above, Sony dished out nearly $8 million on advertising just one game. Days Gone, which released on April 26, had ads aired more than 1,200 times during the month. That resulted in 379.8 million impressions. The airing of two ads, This World Comes for You and One Bullet, cost $3.96 million and $3.95 million respectively.

Sony opted to have these ads run on ABC, ESPN, and TNT during NBA games, the 2019 NFL Draft and SportsCenter.

"First place goes to PlayStation with an estimated spend of $7.9 million on just two spots that ran over 1,200 times, resulting in 379.8 million TV ad impressions. The spend was split nearly equally between “This World Comes for You” (est. $3.96 million) and “One Bullet” (est. $3.95 million), both advertising the game Days Gone. PlayStation allocated spend across networks including ESPN, TNT, and ABC, and during programming such as the NBA, the 2019 NFL Draft, and SportsCenter."

- resetera

Mobile gaming company Peak Games came in behind for second place with a $6.6 million spend on three ads while Nintendo claimed the third spot after shelling out $5.3 million on 12 ads. Nintendo's reached 244.4 million impressions as ads were shown over 1,800 times.

The Japanese company stuck to children and teen networks, as has been customary. Their ads can be seen on Nick, Cartoon Network and Teen Nick during shows like Spongebob SquarePants, The Loud House and The Amazing World of Gumball.

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Their most expensive ad was My Way: Yoshi's Crafted World; it cost an estimated $2 million.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment came in at fourth with an estimated $.7 million ad expenditure on three TV spots. The ads were displayed over 1,200 times and reached 378.4 million impressions.

As you may have already guessed, their most expensive ad was for Mortal Kombat 11. The ad, Mortal Kombat 11: Old Skool vs. New Skool, set them back $2.4 million, having aired on ESPN, TNT, and Adult Swim during NBA, NHL, and South Park programming, among others.

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