Days Gone Trailer Unleashes A Zombie Bear

The E3 trailer for the open world zombie biker game Days Gone has disclosed a load more details about the gameplay, including a gargantuan zombie bear.

This is the first footage SIE Bend Studio has released for Days Gone since the initial gameplay footage that was released in June of last year. The E3 trailer that premiered as part of Sony’s conference, revealed a plethora of new gameplay details about the title, giving gamers a better idea of what they’re in for when the game is released.

The trailer begins in a human settlement where our protagonist Deacon St. John is asked to take care of some squatters as he’s heading out on his motorcycle to find his friend Manny. After a slippery off-road ride through forest trails in the rain, Deacon happens upon a pack of infected wolves snacking on a less fortunate biker. A lone wolf chases Deacon as he attempts to move on and he’s forced to put it down as he rides, just in time to get clotheslined by a rope pulled across the road. Two bandits emerge from the woods and start beating up on him before he’s able to retaliate, stabbing one and choking the other out with the same rope that took him off his bike. He finds Manny’s downed hog and moves on through the woods, distracting another group of bandits by snagging one of their friends in a bear trap. He sneaks past a feasting band of Days Gone’s brand of zombies, known as “freakers,” and comes across a large bandit camp where Manny is being held. Deacon decides to weaponize the band of freakers he came across earlier, blowing a protective wall open. After the wave of freakers rush in and clear out most of the bandit threat, Deacon is able to save Manny from a tense standoff. As the two embrace, a gargantuan infected bear emerges from the shade of the tree line, wrapped in the remnants of a fence. The bear lets out a roar before the trailer ends.

Via:youtube.com (Playstation EU)

The new trailer sheds some light on details of the game, including infected animals, combat with other survivors, and navigating the open world on the back of Deacon’s motorcycle. Similar to The Last Of Us, Days Gone seems to focus on the conflict between survivors of the apocalypse, while the infected are a hazard to be avoided or utilized. The E3 trailer was heavily stealth oriented, with Deacon slinking through the brush and stealthily dispatching or distracting his foes.

Days Gone seems like a solid Playstation exclusive that could give gamers yet another title to justify purchasing Sony’s console. Although video game trailers aren’t always representative of what players’ are going to play on launch day, if Days Gone’s E3 trailer is any indication the game looks to be stellar. One thing is for certain: zombie bears freaking rule.

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