Speedy Days Gone Update Fixes Most Bugs, But Not Audio Glitch

Following a three-year wait, Sony exclusive title Days Gone is finally here and though the game only released on Friday, Bend Studios has wasted very little time putting out a patch to deal with the game's issues, save one.

Like almost every other game to drop lately, Days Gone had a few things in need of correcting. A stuttering framerate, various bugs and glitches, as well as crashes are among problems players have experienced, while an audio glitch is also a major point of concern.

The devs have since released Update 1.05 which, at 136MB, is smaller than the previous four updates.

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The changelog is listed below:

- Added fixes for crashing issues with Days Gone version 1.05.

- Added stuttering and lag fixes.

- Days Gone 1.05 improved framerate drop issues.

- Various performance and stability improvements.

- Added fixes for glitches with Days Gone 1.05.

- Added minor bug fixes and changes.

"This doesn’t seem to fix the audio glitch many have encountered. Perhaps 1.06 will soon be on its way," the devs add.

Bend has made sure to mention that this patch has not sorted the audio glitch, which is one of the most reported issues in the game thus far. In fact, it's actually a huge problem, as bugs pop up that mute environmental sounds, turning Freakers (Days Gone's version of zombies) into silent killers. You don't have to be a gamer to know that there's probably nothing more dangerous than a zombie you can't hear coming, so it's likely not an enjoyable experience for players who have encountered this issue.

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The glitch also affects dialogue from various cutscenes and missions, which is also no fun whether or not there are subtitles. It's just not the real thing.

As Bend puts it, perhaps 1.06 will soon be on its way. However, the sooner the better, as the game - despite doing well with first-week sales - would do well to keep its fanbase, especially given that the pre-release reviews weren't overwhelmingly positive.

Days Gone beat Mortal Kombat 11 on the UK charts quite comfortably, as it turned out to be last week's biggest seller (in terms of physical copy sales). It has also been announced that the game will be getting free DLC in June, inclusive of a new difficulty mode and other challenges.

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