10 DC Character Easter Eggs You Missed In The Batman: Arkham Games

Just like the Christopher Nolan films, the Batman: Arkham games set a new standard for superhero entertainment in a given medium. Most of the superhero licensed games preceding the Arkham games were movie tie-ins or titles that suffered from a lack of budget or direction.

Rocksteady and WB Montreal showed what a Batman game could be if you focused on engaging combat, an interesting narrative, and a world ripe of references, easter eggs, and cameos from the DC universe. Let's take a look at 10 DC character cameos you missed in the Batman: Arkham games.

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10 Killer Croc

Some of the best easter eggs in games are the ones that require a little bit of effort to witness. In Batman: Arkham City there's a brief opportunity after defeating Ra's al Ghul to see Killer Croc in his natural habitat.

All you have to do is ignore the current objective and throw a Batarang through a hole near the easternmost part of the Subway Maintenance Entrance and hit a button. Killer Croc will burst through the wall like the Kool-Aid man and threaten Batman before quickly departing and going about his way. It's a great callback to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

9 Cassandra Cain

The second Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, does indeed make a cameo in the Batman: Arkham games. More specifically her voicemail can be heard in Batman: Arkham Knight where she addresses Bruce Wayne. She currently goes by the name Orphan in the DC comics and is currently featured in the ongoing Batman & the Outsiders series.

She'll also be making her big screen debut in the Birds of Prey movie starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Cain's black and gold take on the Batgirl costume is one of the best designs for the characters.

8 Great White Shark

The best references and easter eggs are the ones that persist throughout a series, and the Great White Shark, otherwise known as Warren White is one such case. After pleading insanity which led to him being sent to Arkham Asylum, Warren White undergoes a mental and physical transformation that turns him into his predator alter ego.

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His mutilated body parts can be found throughout the games as well as the storefront that serves as the base of operations for all of his criminal behavior. Warren White is a prime example of Joker's philosophy from The Dark Knight.

7 The Ventriloquist

Like clowns, ventriloquists are an easy sell as things that are scary to children as well as adults. When you hear about a villain who goes by that name you know he's either terrifying or the bud of every joke imaginable. In Batman: Arkham City you can hear plenty of references to characters via the Cryptographic Sequencer.

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One of these references mentions an Arnold Wesker who has kidnapped a hostage. Wesker, is, of course, the Ventriloquist and not the cousin of Resident Evil's Albert Wesker. There's no mention of his puppet Scarface, sadly.

6 Killer Moth

In Batman: Arkham Asylum players come across nods and hints to Batman's rogue's gallery of villains in every nook and cranny of the asylum. One of the cooler nods happens to be towards the Killer Moth. He's a lesser known Batman villain who's as creepy as the name leads you to believe he is.

His cocoon gun victim can be found in the game and players gain access to a profile of the low-tier villain. In follow-up titles, you learn that he survived the events of Arkham city but was eventually taken out by Red Hood in the Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC.

5 Sweet Tooth

One of the coolest parts about the Batman: Arkham video games is that easter eggs are sprinkled throughout the games in a multitude of ways. One of the more common delivery methods is through non-playable character dialog that Batman hears during active combat or while sneaking around alleys and rooftops.

Thugs in Batman: Arkham Knight can be heard discussing the villain from the New Adventures of Batman, Sweet Tooth. They mention that he poisoned donuts by injecting them with arsenic. Hopefully, they weren't the glazed ones from Krispy Kreme.

4 Solomon Grundy

While Solomon Grundy was a boss fight in Batman: Arkham City. Unfortunately, Solomon Grundy only makes an appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight  via a movie poster for a self-titled film that can be found on Miagani Island. Solomon Grundy is the DC universe's Frankenstein, so it should come as no surprise as to why his existence in the Arkham universe is nothing more than a movie poster.

Considering he's pretty much a behemoth zombie his make up may just be a bit too fantastical for what the games are trying to go for. Many people have likely heard his name, but due to his lack of screen presence in TV, film, and games, he hasn't ascended to the role of a noteworthy villain.

3 Clayface

Clayface is a character that's ironically sported many different faces over the years. When it comes to including the character via character model, voice, or easter eggs there is a bevy of options available. Funny enough, a movie poster that players can find in Batman: Arkham Knight features the names of several people who went by the villain name Clayface.

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A quote featured on the poster from a critic also mentions that the main actor molds and transforms into his defining role which is an overt reference to his abilities as Clayface.

2 Black Canary

Black Canary is a close ally of Batman and an important member of the Justice League. She's a great mentor to up-and-coming heroes and was an important teacher during the second season of Young Justice.

In Batman: Arkham City players can come into contact with several Black Canary signs throughout the city. Though she's never seen or heard the simple addition of these signs help with narrative world-building and confirm that she's part of this specific Batman: Arkham universe. Fans are hoping she makes the cut of the rumored Justice League game.

1 Batwoman

An easter egg that plants the seeds for future entries in the Arkham game universe happens via a voice message at Wayne Enterprises. A woman tells Bruce Wayne to attend an engagement related event coming up and that he should keep up appearances considering she learned that lesson from him. This is none other than Kate Kane, otherwise known as Batwoman.

Plenty of rumors and speculation for WB Montreal and Rocksteady's next games have included the idea of a Bat-family game. Could we possibly take on the role of Batwoman in the next game?

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