20 DC Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled Off Anyway)

Comics and superheroes have been a part of American culture for a long time, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon. Some people have even theorized that these superheroes are the modern equivalent of the Greek gods, which is an interesting idea. And with superhero movies rising in popularity, a lot of people are becoming more familiar with these awesome characters.

DC comics has a pretty awesome variety of superheroes. No matter what you’re looking for, DC probably has it. And the number of fans of these comic characters have only increased as superheroes are becoming more and more popular. And how do some fans show their love? Through cosplaying their favorite characters, of course! With the rise of comic conventions, fans are getting more opportunities to show off their cosplaying skills.

But cosplaying certain characters in the DC universe is not an easy task. In fact, there are some characters that would be a cosplayer’s nightmare. The nice thing about the characters in the DC universe is that most characters have gone through several design changes and looks. So, if you don’t want cosplay a particular version of a character, there are other options.

But some cosplayers have risen up to the challenge and have made some truly impressive cosplays of characters that would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to do. So here are 20 characters that are practically impossible to cosplay and the fans who managed to defy the impossible. Let’s get our cosplay on!

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20 He’s Half Metal, All Awesome

Via: facebook.com (Knightmage), wallgazer.photography.com

You can’t blame fans for wanting to cosplay Cyborg. He’s a really awesome character who rose above his hardships to become something better. This guy lost his way of life completely thanks to his father’s efforts to save his life after a terrible accident. He could’ve spent the rest of his life mourning his loss of normalcy, but he decides to step up and become a hero. He’s actually one of the founding members of the Justice League in the latest timeline. But that doesn’t make his look any easier to cosplay.

If you think cosplaying a robot is tough, try cosplaying a human who’s part robot. But that’s the challenges of cosplaying Cyborg. He’s got a lot of intricate parts to recreate, and you have to make them exactly right; otherwise, they won’t fit together in a way that looks good. And there’s the trick of making the robotic parts look like they’ve been integrated smoothly into the human parts. It’s not an easy thing to do, but these two cosplayers have managed to pull off some pretty cool Cyborg cosplays. The first one, done by Knightmage, is pretty similar to the Cyborg of Teen Titans. It’s a bit bigger and bulkier, but it looks pretty awesome. The second one looks a bit more streamlined, and it looks pretty awesome. Good job, guys!

19 This Demon Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Via: seiren-sama.deviantart.com

Imagine sharing your body with a demon. And you turn into that demon when he takes over your body. That’s what Jason Blood and Etrigan the Demon deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately for Jason, Etrigan is actually a pretty decent demon and often helps out the Justice League, depending on the situation. It’s a combination of the whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic, and the fact that Etrigan isn’t really bent on world domination like your average supervillain is. He’ll fight other people if he feels like they’re doing something that goes against his own principles. Just don’t make him angry; this demon packs quite a powerful punch. And he can be pretty tricky to cosplay.

You can tell he used some awesome prosthetics to make his face look more like the demon’s.

What makes Etrigan difficult to cosplay is his facial structure and body. The guy definitely looks like a demon, and he has some pretty distinctive features. And there’s the fact that his skin tone is yellow. And let’s not even go into his outfit, which can be pretty intricate as well. But this cosplayer managed to pull off a seriously impressive Etrican cosplay. You can tell he used some awesome prosthetics to make his face look more like the demon’s (I like the trick he did with the eyes), and the outfit is done quite well too. He even made his hands yellow, which is a nice touch.

Cosplay by Seiren-Sama.

18 How Do These Ghosts See?

Via: vincent-h-nguyen.deviantart.com, cosplaycollector.com

Gentleman Ghost is an interesting character and not as well known to the average fan. He’s one of Flash’s villains, and his backstory is pretty interesting. In life, he was a thief named Jim Craddock who met his untimely end due to a lynching. He was cursed to roam the earth forever as a ghost since he cannot move on until his ender’s soul crosses over (and the ender happens to be a guy who’s constantly being reincarnated). Well, his actual origin and nature have changed over the years. In some versions, he isn’t even a ghost and in others, his nature is a bit more ambiguous.

But Gentleman Ghost can be rather hard to cosplay since this ghost doesn’t have a head. He’s kind of a cross between the Invisible Man and a ghost. And even besides that, his fancy white suit can be a bit of a pain to recreate. But these two cosplayers did a very nice job with Gentleman Ghost. The idea to use a white wire to hold up the hat appears to be a common one, but it’s a smart idea. It gives off the illusion of being this headless ghost. Though I have no idea how they can see out of those costumes. Maybe the fabric is sheer enough to see through.

Cosplay by Vincent-H-Nguyen.

17 This Villain Will Make A Mess Of Your Life

Via: plotless-monster.tumblr.com

Clayface is definitely one of Batman’s more unique villains. He was originally a famous actor who had a terrible accident that scarred his face. He turned to this experimental cream that was supposed to fix his scars, but he ended up turning into a shapeshifting monster. And his resting form became this mass of melting clay and sludge. That makes him a fairly formidable foe since he can look like anybody. Even eliminating him is proving to be almost impossible, since he can just melt and get away. While the form may not look that great, it does come in handy for a supervillain. But it’s also incredibly hard to cosplay.

Clayface’s form is really hard to recreate mostly since he’s literally a mound of sludge that has a vaguely human shape. So, it’s not surprising that not many fans have attempted this incredibly difficult cosplay. But this cosplayer managed to do an amazing cosplay of this villain. What’s seriously impressive about this cosplay is how surprisingly realistic it looks. I don’t know what materials the cosplayer used to make it, but it somehow looks both formless and solid. It’s amazing and a bit terrifying. And the eyes that light up are a great touch. Well done!

16 His Heart Is Frozen

Via: reddit.com (ThunderMustache)

Mr. Freeze was mostly your run-of-the-mill villain until Batman: The Animated Series fleshed out his backstory, transforming him into one of the most tragic villains in the DC universe. This guy was only trying to save his wife through cryogenic research but ended up getting shut down by Roland Daggett, who saw his attempts as pointless. In the ensuing scuffle, Victor Freeze is exposed to chemicals that transform him into a being that can only survive in below zero temperatures. You can’t help but feel for this guy who’s still desperate to save his wife but is also seeking vengeance against those who wronged him. And his supervillain attire is pretty striking.

The trick is to create the look of a glass dome that you can still breathe in.

It’s also really hard to cosplay. The suit itself is a bit intricate, and to top it off, there’s that glass dome over the head. The trick is to create the look of a glass dome that you can still breathe in. And that’s no easy feat. And finally, there’s the ray gun that can be tricky to do. But this cosplayer, known as ThunderMustache, has pulled off an amazing cosplay, complete with a pretty impressive freeze ray gun. This guy looks like he walked off of a Batman movie; the cosplay is that good.

15 Don’t Mess With This Croc

Via: facebook.com (Titan Cosplay)

While Killer Croc isn’t a particularly deep villain, he does have a pretty fearsome appearance. What’s interesting about this villain is that he’s always straddling the line between human and animal. Killer Croc’s more animalistic nature tends to show up when he’s fighting, and he can be a seriously terrifying villain. While he’s shown to not be very bright or cunning, he is ridiculously strong and fast. And if he gets his claws or jaws on you, you don’t have a prayer (He’s not called Killer Croc for nothing). You don’t want to mess with this guy ever.

And cosplaying Killer Croc can be very difficult, if not impossible. While he may be humanoid, his whole body is covered in thick, reptilian scales. Cosplayers know that imitating thick scales on your skin is a huge pain. And then there’s the head. This guy’s face is somewhere between humanoid and that of a crocodile. He has crazy sharp teeth, a flat nose, and more folds of skin around the eyes than a human normally would. It’s this weird mesh of reptilian and human features that make him seriously difficult to cosplay. But this cosplayer, known as Titan Cosplay, has managed to do a fantastic Killer Croc cosplay. It looks like he used a combination of body paint and prosthetics to create the scales and facial features. Nicely done!

14 Let’s Hope This Villain Doesn’t Rule The Universe

Via: facebook.com (Knightmage), facebook.com (The Smoke)

Darkseid is one of those guys who wants to take over the whole universe. Yep, ruling his own planet wasn’t enough for him; this guy wants to be the ruler over everything and eliminate all free will. And he almost succeeds a couple of times. Darkseid is one of the big villains in the DC universe that poses a serious threat to all heroes. If he succeeds, not only does Earth suffer, but the whole universe suffers as well. Darkseid is also one of the few people that can make Superman lose his cool (besides Lex Luthor, but he ticks off everybody). And he’s one of the few people that Superman has to go all out one when fighting. Even when his planet Akropolis exploded with him on it, he somehow survived. You don’t want to mess with this guy.

Cosplaying Darkseid is not for the faint of heart since his body structure and facial features can be difficult to recreate. And if you add in the armor that he often wears, you’ve got a pretty complicated cosplay. But these two cosplayers, Knightmage and The Smoke, have created some seriously impressive cosplays. The Smoke, in particular, did a fantastic job on Darkseid’s armor, making this supervillain look larger than life. And both did great with the villains’ face. The two look like they’re etched from stone, and it looks amazing.

13 She’ll Put A Spell On You

Via: aminoapps.com (Brenda V), dtjaaaam.com

Before the movie Suicide Squad, not many people were that familiar with the character Enchantress. And while she was the main antagonist in that movie, Enchantress has been more of an anti-hero in the comics over the years, and she’s flipped back and forth between being a villain and a hero. And she’s usually a regular member of the Suicide Squad in the comics. (Plus, did you know that she and Killer Croc dated? Wow, I wonder what that was like.) This character is definitely striking and has had quite a few redesigns over the years (like many comic characters). But it’s her Suicide Squad version that caught the eye of many people and is what a lot of fans attempt to cosplay.

If you’re not comfortable walking around in what’s basically a bikini, this may not be the cosplay for you.

But Enchantress is not an easy cosplay to do for a couple of surprising reasons. One of them being that while her outfit is not super intricate, there are elements of it that are tricky to do (like the chain armbands). And there are the markings and tattoos all over her body that you need to do. Plus, if you’re not comfortable walking around in what’s basically a bikini, this may not be the cosplay for you. And her later version just gets more complex with the addition of armor. But these two cosplayers did excellent cosplays of Enchantress. I love the addition of contacts to make her eyes white. It’s a nice touch and looks amazing.

12 It Came From The Swamp

Via: facebook.com (Knightmage), samuraijosh.com

Swamp Thing has a pretty sad origin story. He starts out believing he is the scientist Alec Holland who, due to a lab accident and running into the swamp, became this weird human-plant hybrid. But it turns out that the real Alec Holland perished in the accident and thanks to the chemicals on his skin, accidentally transferred his memories to the plant life in the swamp, giving it sentience. Swamp Thing went crazy for a while after learning his true origins (can’t really blame the guy). While he does look pretty fearsome, Swamp Thing is generally a good guy. He’s faced off against some supernatural beings, the military, and more.

Cosplaying Swamp Thing can be insanely difficult, if not impossible. You basically have to look like a sentient mound of plant life, which is not easy to accomplish. But these two cosplayers went above and beyond to create some amazing cosplays. The first cosplay is done by our favorite Knightmage, who’s proved his cosplaying skills once again. What’s also crazy is that his is done so well that you almost lose him among the other foliage. The second one makes use of many different types of plants, so this version of Swamp Thing looks pretty colorful. Well done, you two!

11 Don’t Cross This Bat

Via: conmenwebseries.deviantart.com

Man-Bat, while sounding a bit dumb, is actually a pretty clever name for this particular villain. Kirk Langstrum is a scientist who specializes in bats and ends up turning into this massive humanoid bat creature during an experiment gone wrong. What’s great about the name is that for a while, the bat creature is mistaken for Batman (I guess if a huge bat-like creature is terrorizing the town, Batman would be the first culprit). But once discovered it’s not him, the name Man-Bat was born. It’s a bit silly, but it’s a funny touch to how Batman is related in all of this.

But Man-Bat would be a major pain to cosplay. Cosplayers run into the same problem with cosplaying any kind of animal character. You’ve got to somehow make yourself look like an animal. And let’s not even get started on the wings. Bat wings can be seriously tricky to do in cosplay and they’re even trickier to wear and be mobile. But this cosplayer did a fantastic job with a surprisingly realistic Man-Bat cosplay. What really impresses me about this cosplay (besides the wings because that goes without saying) are actually the ears. A lot of cosplayers would be too focused on the wings to worry about other details like ears, but this cosplayer paid attention to every little detail, and it pays off.

10 He’ll Strike Things Into Your Soul

Via: flickr.com (Kimihiro-kun), angelabermudez.deviantart.com

Scarecrow is seriously one messed up dude. A professor that’s obsessed with the effects of fear on people, Dr. Jonathan Crane is a little unstable, to say the least. I mean, when your reaction to getting fired from your job for doing unethical experiments is to put on a scarecrow outfit and terrorize (literally) the people of Gotham, that’s a pretty good sign you’ve got some issues. There have been quite a few different versions of Scarecrow along with several different designs. Sometimes Scarecrow is just out to steal money, other times he’s waging war on Gotham itself. But he is one of the few villains that throws Batman off, thanks to his fear toxin.

These cosplays are different versions of Scarecrow, but they’re both very intimidating and recognizable.

You’d think cosplaying Scarecrow wouldn’t be that hard. After all, you’re basically just wearing a burlap sack over your head. But there is a surprisingly large amount of details that you need to get right in order for your cosplay to be recognizable. And depending on the design you do, his outfit and design can get seriously complicated. I love both of these cosplays since they’re different versions of Scarecrow, but they’re both very intimidating and recognizable. And the details that these cosplayers have put into the outfits are seriously impressive. I wouldn’t want either of these Scarecrows anywhere near me.

9 Who Wouldn’t Want Those Wings?

Via: geeknative.com, facebook.com (BrittanyChaosCosplay)

It’s a shame we haven’t seen Hawkgirl in any of the live-action movies, both past and recent. She’s a seriously underrated character; she’s this tough lady from another planet, has these amazing wings, and she can kick your behind with her mace without breaking a sweat. Plus, the story surrounding her in the Justice League animated series made her a rather interesting character that was torn between the place she grew up and the world she had come to love. Come on DC, you need to do a TV series about Hawkgirl! That would be awesome to watch. And you’d have quite a few different versions to choose from since there have been several people taking up this persona.

Hawkgirl’s design is a bit complex, made even more complicated by her wings. This lady is usually decked out in some kind of armor, and let’s not forget her awesome helmet. She definitely knows how to look fabulous and intimidating. But that does make her a royal pain to cosplay. I’m really impressed with these cosplayers. The wings on the first cosplay are gorgeous to look at, and the armor on the second cosplay looks absolutely fantastic. These ladies aren’t messing around, and they did a wonderful job.

8 A Beetle Has Never Looked So Good

Via: aminoapps.com (IK Mimun), twitter.com (IK Mimun)

You think wearing an armored high-tech suit is hard. Try doing it while the suit is sentient and often talking to you in your head. That’s what more or less happens with those who don the title of Blue Beetle. There have been quite a few versions of Blue Beetle with several people taking on the title. But it’s stayed fairly consistent that the armor of the Blue Beetle tended to have a mind of its own. That’s partially what caused Jaime to be taken over by the Reach in the Young Justice series. It can be both a blessing and a curse, apparently.

Cosplaying any character that has a lot of armor is always hard. And when the armor covers your entire body and has some incredibly intricate and stylistic pieces, like Blue Beetle, it’s tempting to throw your hands up in the air and be done with the whole thing. But this cosplayer didn’t give up and created a seriously awesome Blue Beetle Cosplay. This cosplayer, known as IK Mimun, definitely showcased their talents with this cosplay. The design looks incredible and I love the detail in everything, especially the helmet and the gun. That is a fantastic job!

7 Don’t Mess With This Cyborg

Via: facebook.com (Kherperacosplay)

Brainiac is one of Superman’s more well-known nemeses (besides Lex Luthor, but that man is iconic). And he’s a pretty difficult guy to beat. He started out as an alien cyborg, but he’s gone through a lot of changes and redesigns over the years. Some include a human scientist, a supercomputer, a virus, and more. And he’s been “ended” so many times and has transferred his consciousness to other people, machines, etc. that it seems this guy is practically indestructible. He’s relentless and has proven to be one of the hardest villains for Superman to defeat. Basically, you don’t want to catch this guy’s attention. Ever.

This cosplay goes beyond impressive to absolutely incredible.

While some versions of Brainiac would be fairly simple to do, others would be impossible. The fact that he’s often a cyborg or android makes the whole outfit a bit tricky since robots are always insanely difficult to cosplay. But this cosplayer, known as Khepera, did a very unique and amazing cosplay of Brainiac. I love everything about this cosplay, from the seriously intricate outfit to the impressive headpiece, to the awesome lights that light up. This cosplay goes beyond impressive to absolutely incredible. And I always like to see how fans do female versions of characters. It shows off their amazing creativity. Well done, Khepera!

6 Let’s Meet The Guy Who Ended Superman

Via: knightmage.storenvy.com, twitter.com (Christian Hart)

Doomsday is the villain in DC that became famous for doing the impossible: he ended Superman. In fact, the whole reason Doomsday was created was because writers wanted to come up with a character that could defeat Superman by sheer strength and physical prowess alone. And that’s how Doomsday came about. Though if you look at the guy, you can see how Superman met his end by this guy. This monster, created in prehistoric Krypton, practically radiates power. Between his massive size, fearsome spikes, and incredible muscle, he could probably break you just by looking at you. This is a creature that you pray you never come across, for if you do, you definitely won’t survive.

What’s difficult about cosplaying Doomsday is mostly his body design. This guy is ridiculously huge, has tons of armored spikes everywhere on his body, and, frankly, doesn’t look very human at all. And there’s the fact that he doesn’t really wear much clothing, so you’re going to have to get creative with this cosplay. And creative these cosplayers got. Both Knightmage and Christian Hart pulled out all the stops with these cosplays, and they are absolutely incredible and terrifying. I wouldn’t want to come across either of these versions of Doomsday.

5 Talk About Split Personality

Via: comicconsociety.com, facebook.com (MurgBurgler)

Two-Face has always been a pretty fascinating character, especially since he was previously a good guy: the famous defense attorney Harvey Dent. There have been a few different versions of Two-Face and he’s had a couple of different origin stories. Some versions have him as a lawyer with a split personality that gets brought out when he falls into a toxic vat. Others have him just going crazy after he gets caught up in an explosion. But no matter what, Two-Face is always this guy with a coin that will determine your fate. He’s a testament to one of the people that Batman couldn’t save, and that tends to haunt the Dark Knight.

This is definitely not a cosplay for beginners.

Two-Face’s outfit isn’t particularly complicated. Depending on the version you’re going for, you would just have to make a suit that has two different colors or a suit that has half of it burned. It’s the face that makes Two-Face a rather difficult character to cosplay. You’re going to have to get familiar with either a lot of body paint to make half of your face a different color or a lot of facial prosthetics to make it look like half of your face is burned off. This is definitely not a cosplay for beginners. But these cosplayers did a great job with Two-Face. Both versions look amazing and rather realistic. Well done!

4 Watch Out For This Mercenary

Via: imgur.com (GymElmer), vasiliel.tumblr.com

Lobo is both pretty entertaining and seriously intimidating. He’s one of those characters that you never really know whose side he’s on (though being a mercenary and a bounty hunter will do that). He’s kind of a loose cannon and will basically help whoever has the best deal for him. He has worked with various members of the Justice League like Superman, Green Lantern, and even Aquaman. Ever since his first appearance in1983, he’s been pretty popular among fans. His iconic design that looks like he came out of a Kiss concert is probably partially what makes him so recognizable. You wouldn’t forget this guy in a hurry.

What makes Lobo rather difficult to cosplay is both his outfit and his skin tone. Since the guy is chalk-white, using body paint is inevitable. And his outfit usually has a lot going on and looks like a cross between a biker, a rocker, and a heavily armed criminal. And let’s not forget that he’s got red eyes. He’s definitely not an easy look to recreate. But a couple of fans managed to do it and look amazing. I love the female version of this cosplay since she looks very alluring but also seriously scary. This lady will mess you up and you will probably enjoy it. Well done, you two!

3 The God Of War Is Looking Good

Via: lovingthor.deviantart.com

Not a lot of people knew that Ares and the other Greek Gods were a part of Wonder Woman’s origin. Well, not at least until the latest Wonder Woman movie came out. It was actually kind of common for a lot of comics to include various Greek Gods. (There’s a comic where Thor fights with and alongside Hercules.) But Wonder Woman is where we get a lot of these Greek gods and it’s pretty cool to see them. Ares is probably the most recognizable villain and one of the main villains that Wonder Woman has to face. Since this guy is the God of War, he does cut a rather impressive figure. He is all about power and strength, but he isn’t above manipulation in order to get what he wants. This is a guy you really don’t want to mess with.

Like many other characters with armor, Are’s armor is what makes cosplaying him rather difficult. The armor is this combination of classic Greek with its own style. And let’s not even go into his crazy helmet. But this cosplayer does a seriously impressive Ares cosplay. I love the helmet; it’s very intricate and detailed, but also looks seriously intimidating. Every inch of this cosplayer looks terrifying and regal. I’d bow down to this God of War. That’s a job well done!

2 You Don’t Want To Mess With This Lantern

Via: stabithastabs.tumblr.com, pictasite.com (Britta Fite)

Atrocitus may be a particularly vicious character, but it kind of makes sense when you know more about his backstory. Atrocitus, who previously known as Atros, somehow managed to survive the horrific Massacre of Sector 666. This guy watched his wife and child get eliminated by androids and become only one of five people to survive this massacre. I think that would make anybody snap. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s ended a lot of people and that he founded the Red Lantern Corps. This guy is bad news and you really don’t want to cross paths with him ever.

Atrocitus can be tricky to cosplay since his body structure is a bit different from a human’s. And there’s the fact that his skin tone is bright red. But these cosplayers have come up with some pretty cool cosplays. The first cosplay does a great job with his face, giving him that alien look that seems pretty realistic. The second cosplay is pretty unique and has an awesome variation of Atrocitus. This one is seriously impressive since it makes Atrocitus look like some sort of demon, which is probably what he looked like to some people. Well done, you two!

1 This Green Man Deserves More Love

Via: facebook.com (Kalel Sean), reddit.com (Redwoodcreate)

Martian Manhunter is actually one of my favorite heroes from the Justice League. (Besides Batman, but Batman will always be my absolute favorite.) And I think he doesn’t get enough love and attention from fans. He’s a Martian who has quite a few awesome powers like telepathy, telekinesis, becoming invisible and intangible, and having quite a bit of strength and endurance. His backstory is also pretty interesting since, in most versions, he’s a refugee who fled from Mars after his people were wiped out by another alien race. This is a guy who had to face the horrors of watching his people be massacred. The fact that he had the courage to continue on and help the people of Earth is impressive.

What makes Martian Manhunter rather difficult to cosplay is his body. He’s got green skin and some pretty unique facial features. Even his more humanoid form has him looking bald with a pretty defined brow. But these two cosplayers met the challenge and passed with flying colors! Both do an amazing job of portraying his more humanoid form and his more alien form. The second cosplay, in particular, done by Redwoodcreate, is very impressive. I wouldn’t be surprised if this cosplayer had some professional training.

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