25 Hilarious DC Logic Comics That Will Crack Up Any Superhero Fan

It’s a good time to be a superhero fan. Well, anytime in the twentieth century so far has been a good time to be a superhero fan thanks to Hollywood. It’s not letting up either. Superhero movies continue to smash box office records with laser beams, Hulk smashes, and Thor hammer throws. Marvel has made history with its ambitious cinematic universe, and DC has been quick to follow suit. Batman’s armored plane had hardly been vaporized in The Dark Knight rises before DC rebooted the franchise for Justice League.

The most iconic super fellas (and ladies) are in the DC pantheon too. Quick! Name the first superhero to come to your mind. Okay, you could’ve named several, but there’s a good chance you named Superman. It doesn’t get much more classic than Superman, right? Super is in his name! Then there’s Batman, Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa, the Flash, and more! Longtime comic fans were chomping at the bit when they found out all of them were going to star in the same movie a la Marvel.

Now with a few DC films in the rearview mirror, we can pick apart some of the delightfully ridiculous gaps in logic. Not even Superman can cross the gulf of these plotholes. Fortunately, we have visual aids in the form of hilarious webcomics to help us in our endeavor. If you’ve ever left a theatre asking yourself, “wait why didn’t they just…” then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 25 Hilarious DC Logic comics.

25 Double Standard Rocket


Art by: anythingcomic

This one really grinds my Batmobile gears. Depending on the universe we’re talking about, Batman doesn’t dispatch of enemies in a permanent way, if you know what I mean. That’s the Christopher Nolan way of doing things. In The Dark Knight series, Batman abides by a code of honor that forbids him from doing away with a baddie for good. Cue the new DC Universe with Bat Affleck who is like LOLZ GUNS SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT EM GONE. Fans were jarred when this new Batfleck was going around and disposing of all the baddies. What kind of honor code is that? But going by the standards set by Nolan, Batman is still totes a hypocrite. He tells Catwoman that they’re not allowed to use guns. Then you see him totes blasting away the baddies with guns on his batmobile. What, does his bat mobile get diplomatic immunity or something? I don’t get it. Batman might be using those stun projectiles. Any Trekkie will recall the phrase, “set your phasers to stun.” It was the writer’s easy way out of letting the characters use guns without the whole moral dilemma shooting out the other end.

24 The Faces Of Facebook


Art by: bestofcomicbooks

This isn’t the first time Clark Kent has been outed as Superman thanks to Facebook. As you may or may not recall from the Lois Lane comic you haven’t seen yet because it’s located further down this list (as of this writing), the Mark Zuckerberg social network has betrayed the Man of Steel’s identity before. Why does this keep happening? As we can see here, Batman is scrolling through his feed when he gets a couple friend requests.

If they were the same person, why would Clark Kent have glasses? Superman doesn’t have glasses. That means they obviously can’t be the same person. Science. Facts. Logic.

He checks them out and notices something strange— the uncanny resemblance between Superman and Clark Kent. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Kal-El didn’t bother paying for a different photo session. I guess he had to take care of the photographer. But they can’t be the same person. I mean, Superman has six mutual friends with Batman while Clark Kent has zero. That’s gotta be proof they’re totally separate people right? Yes, that puts the old theory to bed. Strange how they do look so similar though.

23 Less Dramatic, But It Works


Art by: Dorkly

Just like there are many things wrong with superhero premises (premi again?), the worst offender has to be villain tropes. It’s an axiom of superhero stories that villains have to do things in a big and dramatic way— whether it’s blowing up a city or threatening to destroy the world. They aren’t satisfied to simply go ka-boom and call it a day. No sir. They have to go to great lengths to tell everyone what they’re doing first. It’s almost like villains are starved for attention or someone hurt them a long time ago in their past. Go figure. One of the worst examples of this is monologuing. It’s an old cliche that is mostly gone now— but it’s still not disappeared enough for anyone’s tastes. I’m talking about when a bad guy has the hero at their mercy and instead of dispatching with them on the spot, the villain decides to ramble about their motivations and future plans. It’s become such a cliche that movies and shows have been lampooning monologuing for years now. There’s a line by the villain in The Incredibles where he says, “you got me monologuing!” The classic graphic novel Watchmen subverts monologuing in the most brutally real way too.

22 Totally On Purpose


It’s true. What can you say? Batman’s costume looks nothing like a bat. Kudos to Wonder Woman for taking the time to point that out (while Superman is in the background doing all the fighting, I’d like to mention). So she tells Batman that having a couple of pointy ears and a forked cape doesn’t really recall bats in any shape or form. Batman is adamant. Everything about his costume is deliberate. Also, don’t press him on it. It’s personal. He chose the “mantle of that bat” because his parents saw a play they didn’t like that one time.

What do you think Bruce’s review of the play he saw with his parents would be like? Probably not too favorable.

Cut to years earlier. Bruce is adorably sewing his costume all alone. I love how he calls Alfred’s name like a kid who can’t figure out how to do his science fair project the night before it’s due. Like such a kid, he decides to put a new spin on his original idea and claim his costume was inspired by a bat. Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there. You’re not a failure. You just haven’t found the right spin yet.

21 Finally, Some Recognition


Okay, let me be upfront right here. We’re going to get a lot of mileage over the whole Clark Kent/Superman dynamic. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. The entire city of Metropolis suffers from a collective Prosopagnosia. What is Prosopagnosia, you may have googled? It’s facial blindness aka the inability to recognize faces aka what Prince Charming totally has in Cinderella because he needs a show to recognize the woman he danced with all night long. So Clark Kent is working at newspaper day in day out with only a pair of glasses as his disguise. Nobody is the wiser. He could outright change in front of them and nobody would really know it was him.

Superman is no match for his latest foe— Facebook’s privacy violations.

He’s saved Lois Lane multiple times as Superman and she works with him. She can’t tell the difference. That is, not until she uploaded her latest image of Superman to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithms are built to recognize faces. You can’t say the bots suffer from Prosopagnosia. Lois Lane is in for a rude awakening when she sees that the man she’s been working side by side with for years is the same guy who flies around in spandex and save her from falls.

20 Bodies Of Steel


Superman and Wonder Woman have a couple things going for them. Namely, they have bodies of steel. They can jump super high or fly. They also have super strength. Batman has… none of these things. Not a single one. He doesn’t have a superpower to speak of. He’s in the Tony Stark realm of superheroes. In the Avengers, Steve Rogers calls out Tony on this fact. He says, “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you?” Tony replies: “Genius billionaire philanthropist.” That about sums up Batman as well. He doesn’t have any powers per se, but he’s got loads of money. That makes him a superhero in America beyond a doubt. Congress would bend over backward for him before Superman without missing a beat.

Batman’s superpower is basically capitalism.

So it’s funny that Batman is one of the main DC characters alongside such immortals. The entire premise of Batman v. Superman seemed like Batman was outside of his weight class. Superman could easily zap him with laser beams and call it a day. To make things fair, the writers included Superman’s weakness for kryptonite and anybody else who shares the same name as his mother.

19 Far Out, Kal-El


Art by: SoyCaboReyes

While this comic is very funny it may not be what you call a “logic comic.” It doesn’t really point to any logic hole in the DC Universe… not directly at least. Superman and Batman are lying in the grass talking about philosophy and the big questions, bro. We’re off to a great start already. The style is perfect. It’s a deliberately basic aesthetic with Superman and Batman as a step up above stick figures both mentally and physically speaking. Superman asks Batman if he thinks they’re all alone in the universe. That’s a question any of us might ask sometime when gazing up at the night sky with a bro. His bro responds that Superman is from another planet. Superman forgot. So the logic this indirectly draws on is the alien appearance of Superman’s homeworld. Forgive me if they address this in any of the old comics, but why do Superman and his parents, who are aliens, look exactly like earth people? It’s easy to see why Superman would forget his planet in the case. He’s on one that looks exactly the same. Gotta say, it’s not too nice for his parents who saved their baby boy with their last breath as their world collapsed around them. Nice. Real nice.

18 Cheaper Than Therapy


Art by: shortpacked

Batman has his own unique way of dealing with things. Unfortunately, it’s not the healthiest form of therapy. As you no doubt know, Bruce Wayne lost his parents when they were shot outside a theatre after a show. It was a random mugging. The loss and trauma left such a scar on young Bruce that he went emo for a long time and then decided to deal with his own pain head on in a mature way. Only he did not that.

Batman decided to clean up the streets using punch therapy instead.

Batman and Spider-Man share a very similar backstory. Whereas both Batman’s parents were lost, it was extra sad for Peter Parker because both his parents weren’t around from birth and then he had Uncle Ben go and get got too. There was an added layer of irony in the first Spider-Man film. Peter allowed the hooligan who would later attack Uncle Ben to go free at first when he had the chance to stop him. While those backstories would be cliches today, they are considered classic comic book hero backstories now. Not that expired parents weren’t around since storytelling burst on the scene as the hot new medium back in caveman times.

17 Say My Name


Art by: shortpacked

I am Batman. If there’s one thing Batman sure says a lot, it’s “I am Batman.” Did you hear me the first time? I am Batman. There’s a wonderful panel from a DC comic where Wonder Woman has Superman and Batman hold her Lasso of Truth and make a pact. As you should know, the Lasso of Truth, as advertised, forces the person holding it to only make truthful statements. She asks them to say their names. She says her is Diana. Superman says her is Kal-El. Batman then says, “I am Batman” or he just says “Batman.” How cool is that though? Let me break it down. No, it doesn’t mean Batman has the ability to lie despite the Lasso of Truth’s hold. It means Bruce Wayne believes Batman is his true identity and not Bruce Wayne.

He is bat to the bone. I’m sorry.

Okay I know I made that terrible pun and it’s out in the world forever now. There’s no taking it back. Yes, I can press the delete key but I’m not going to do that, am I? You’re probably asking why I talked about an entirely different comic than the one I’m supposed to be discussing. To that I say: I am Batman.

16 Meet You There


Art by: ninyocubano.tumblr

Hey. Look. It’s another comic about how Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. Like the others. Remember when we laughed together about how Batman can’t fly but Wonder Woman and Superman can fly? Those were good times. And if this comic ends up coming first in the final edit, then this is the first time we’re discussing it so that’s fun for you. Wonder Woman and Superman have all these awesome superpowers. They can fly anywhere they want. Their bodies are made of steel. Batman, on the other hand, has a suit made of hard armor sorta? That counts for something right? Okay, he’s got a lot of money. But as we see here, that means he’s gotta walk to the battle site. Yeah he’s got the Batmobile. That can take him pretty far. But it doesn’t quite do the job when he has to navigate rough terrain. Besides, this comic is a metaphor for more than just walking. It’s about how Batman has a handicap compared to the other superheroes. However, his failings only make him stronger. He’s a mortal man who’s risen up to fight alongside immortals with superpowers thanks to nothing but sheer discipline and perseverance and loads of money.

15 The Most Terrifying Creatures


Art by: piecomic

Batman strikes fear into the heart of his enemies. Everything about him screams fear. It’s best summed up by the opening of The Dark Knight Rises when a smalltime crook is too spooked to go about his illicit business because he’s afraid of being busted by the bat. His would-be co-hort in crime says that he’d had better chances of winning the lottery than running into Batman. Still, they don’t go ahead with the crime. It has worked. Batman has helped curb crime in Gotham. Then… there’s Robin. Let’s say there’s a reason that Robin wasn’t featured until the end of the Dark Knight series. He doesn’t quite evoke the same terror that Batman does. His name is Robin. Bats are scary, but Robins? Birds twitter and flee the moment you approach them. Bats make people scream and flail their arms up madly. Here’s a tidbit by the way: real bats often get a bad rap. They’re responsible for a staggeringly low amount of expirations throughout human history. As author Bill Bryson points out, more people have kicked the bucket at church picnics annually from food poisoning than bats have offed throughout all of history. Batman’s enemies don’t know that though.

14 Caving In


Art by: gersonbeltran

Once again, Batman and Robin have been thwarted by new technology. In the past, it was much easier for the old duo maintain their secret identities and hideouts. That is not the case now with modern social networks. Now when you write a post, it shows where the post was originally written. This has been bad news bears for some governments around the world and their propaganda campaigns. So Robin has checked into a site called Fourwhere, which is a parody on Foursquare. Checking in means literally posting where you are in real life. Unfortunately, Robin is in the Batcave.

You see, people had no object permanence before the invention of social media. If you left a place, it was commonly believed that you didn’t exist anymore until you showed up again.

Now the whole world knows that the Bruce Wayne’s facade isn’t real and that they live together. That’s going to make for some awkward conversations. More importantly, The Joker and The Riddler and Bane and every other bad guy in the Batman Universe now know exactly where they live. That would make a wonderful scene in one of the movies, now that I think about it.

13 The Greatest Superpower Is 20/20 Vision


Art by: direman

Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, is notorious for having about the worst disguise conceivable. His face is perfectly visible during his escapades. All he does is remove his glasses. How is that a disguise, Clark? Okay, he also curls his hair a little. Where does he find the time do that? It’s like everybody in Metropolis is a real dum-dum. That’s especially true for the people working alongside Clark Kent in his newspaper office. Also, how does he even hold down a full-time job while saving the world? What is he, some kind of a Superman? I don’t know what Clark sees in Lois. She’s obviously not that bright if she can’t recognize Superman. That’s one theory anyway. I have another.

Clark Kent glasses are the most potent type of glamor imaginable.

That’s right. Clark Kent’s glasses are akin to a witch’s glamor that allows the glamoree to go about their business undetected while everyone around them sees somebody completely different. In Game of Thrones— SPOILERS— there’s a certain character that mumble mumble wears a glamor. It’s like that. Much likelier, though, is that all the humans in Metropolis are super racist and think all of Clark’s alien race looks alike, so that’s why they can’t tell the difference.

12 The Reboot We Need


Art by: Bizarro

Another Bizarro classic! One of the main criticisms levied against Batman and Robin is that their costumes aren’t realistic. You can’t go around in full-realistic animal costumes if you want to fight crime, but I think you can do a little bit better than pointy ears. Batman and Robin have taken your criticisms to heart and they’re here to tell you that they’re working on it. They are clearly much more vain than any of us have given them credit for. Gotta say, these new styles are going to be a major hindrance when it comes to fighting crime.

I don’t know how Batman is supposed to see, but I guess that’s also realistic-- although bats aren't really blind.

This comic reminds me of one of the best graphic novels of all time, Watchmen. In one of the newspaper clippings interspersed throughout the narrative, we learn that a superhero wearing a cape was overtaken by bank robbers when his cape got caught in the bank’s revolving door. Watchmen offered a highly realistic take on superheroes and their tropes. If you haven’t read it, it’s a classic and basic comics 101. LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof is writing his own spinoff for HBO.

11 Don’t Scare Him Away


Art by: Bizarro

Bizarro is simply the best, you guys. They seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of Batman and Robin. I can’t say I blame them. Here we have the caption: “first sign of spring.” Lo and behold, Robin has appeared. You know, like how regular robins show up around springtime? Pretty funny huh? Now that we’re done with the joke, we can take in the oddities in this panel. Say, for instance, the framed picture of a chicken. Why is that there? I have no idea. It’s my job to know these things, but I don’t have the first clue. The author John Skipp needed to decorate the scene to make it look like a regular home with details you might miss just to deliver the joke. That meant having to put a picture on the wall, as it’s a regular feature of most houses. The Bizarro writer had to then ask himself what should go in the picture. Why not a chicken? Peripheral details such as these have always interested me in comedies of all media. Artists or set designers have to build a relatively realistic surrounding in order to stage their gag. That means stuffing the scene with often unfunny material just so the punchline can shine.

10 See-Through Disguises



Art by: Dorkly

Clark Kent has no chill. Let it be known. Batman has always been the stoic and serious type. Clark Kent has always been… well, the stoic and serious type as well. They make a heck of a pair. Still, depending on the incarnation of the characters, they can be either mortal enemies or best pals for life. In Batman v. Superman, they were, uh, mortal enemies. Bruce Wayne often outwits Kal-El. Yes, Clark Kent is the one who works for a newspaper. He’s supposed to have some degree of journalistic chops. Money always trumps that, however. All Bruce Wayne needs to do is pay enough and Lois Lane will quickly betray Clark. That’s how Bruce finds out that Superman is really Clark Kent. Superman, having no chill, sees through Bruce— both literally and figuratively. Superman has X-Ray vision. It allows him to X-Ray whatever he pleases. While that would make him the greatest weapon of the TSA, he uses his powers for good instead. At least he tries. He looks through Batman’s cape with his X-Ray vision to try and find out who is hiding underneath. Turns out it’s bones. Yeah it’s bones. That’s why his alien race thinks all humans look alike, it’s because they only see bones.

9 Carrying The Franchise


Art by: msloveless.deviantart

Hey, look. It’s another joke about how Batman can’t fly. This is a stitch-popping funny take on how Batman might get by around the world to fight crime alongside his bestie while he can’t fly. He gets a lift from Superman— literally. The whole process can leave Batman feeling slightly emasculated. There are a lot of versions of the famous Batman fable that address how he gets around in the sky. When he goes to China in The Dark Knight, he has a souped-up cape that allows him to glide. It’s not unlike how Spider-Man gets a sweet new hi-tech costume thanks to Tony Stark in the Marvel films. That’s one way Batman deals with it. He also has his trusty grappling hook. Where does he grapple to and from? That’s like Spider-Man again. Peter Parker often is web-slinging from off-camera locations. We see Wonder Woman exercising her right to fly here. In the movie— SPOILERS— she didn’t fly very much. not until the end when she was squaring off against Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. She doesn’t look like she cares that Batman can’t fly. I guess it’s the superhero equivalent to having a car for teenagers.

8 Holy Hardcore Reboot, Batman!


Broodier is better! Grittier is better! Say it with me, folks. There was a time when Batman and Robin was a campy delight, a cheerful romp. It wasn’t nearly as hardcore as today’s Batman. And why not? This was in the sixties, a time where there was no violence to speak of anywhere in the world. Flash forward to the twenty-first century. The obsession with Batman has surprisingly not abated. But the Batman of today is not like ancestors. Nay, not even like his George Clooney forefather from the nineties (and George Clooney would be the first to agree that it’s a good thing). There have been all sorts of takes on Batman, including an animated series which is much beloved and gifted us with Mark Hamill’s incomparable Joker. It wasn’t until Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy that Batman cemented his place in the classic film. Kevin Smith called The Dark Knight the Godfather II of comic books movies. And dangit, he was right! Never before had Batman been portrayed in such a compelling and realistic way. Add on Nolan’s unparalleled direction and knack for screenwriting, and you’ve got a classic on your hands.

7 A Good Investment


Art by: Sephko

There are many things wrong with the Batman premise— or all superhero premises (premi?) for that matter. A lone vigilante decides to don a mask and spandex and go on a crusade fighting crime. It sounds cool and romantic and everything until you try it literally once— and get shown a thing or two by a baddie. Such is the case with Batman. After losing his parents in the single worst thing to happen in a theatre since Abraham Lincoln went to take in a show that one time, Bruce Wayne decides to put his billions towards fighting crime. No, he doesn’t do it in a philanthropic way. He decides that he alone can punch crime into submission. If we’re going by the Christopher Nolan version of things in The Dark Knight series, he only does so after going through several necessary brooding years. This comic points out the absurdity inherent in that idea. It works well enough in comic books and film, but Batman really has to encounter one gun for him to be a goner. That’s a lot of resources and millions wasted on one dude.

6 Sip On Defeat


Art by: Loldwell

Bane’s mouthpiece poses several logistical issues. Namely, eating and drinking. I get that he needs the thing to be scary like Darth Vader— sorry, he needs them for plot reasons. But when he takes it off, it’s gotta be pretty rank knahwhatimean? So here Batman devises the perfect way to break Bane’s spirit. It’s not unlike how Bane broke Batman’s back in the movie. Batman offers Bane a drink with a sippy straw. Bane thanks him and accepts, thinking nothing of the fact his mortal enemy just gave him a Trojan Horse drink. All that punching must really wear a fella out. Alas, one sip is all it takes for him to realize he’s not like the other boys. You can forget sometimes, you know? When I had braces, I kept putting all sorts of no-no foods in my mouth at first. I was slightly less attractive than Bane was at the same, but that’s mostly due to genetics. Braces are the way to go, kids. Bane has a cry. Batman wins. Gotham is saved. Except that’s not what would happen at all. Bane just defeated Batman, remember? He would be extra ticked off now and destroy Gotham even HARDER. Nice going, Batman.

5 Peter Parker Ain’t Playin’


Ice cold, Parker. Batman decided he would have some fun pranking the members of the Marvel universe. He calls Spider-Man and asks to speak to Uncle Ben. The joke, of course, is that Uncle Ben is dead. That’s harsh. Spider-Man don’t give a heck though. He instantly ripostes with the barb, “no, he’s at the movies with your parents.” You know, like the time Batman’s parents got mugged and eliminated by that stick-up guy? This is some hardcore material. Now I know why it’s called Dark Knight, you guys, because it just way too dark for me. I don’t know why you all insisted I included this. What is wrong with you? Ah yes, I alone curate this content. Also, is nobody going to point out that Spider-Man is A) dressed in completely costume even though he’s at home, and B) he’s reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? I’m not going to make any comment about Ayn Rand’s writings (PM me). But seriously, this comic is another very cute take on a serious subject — there's nothing quite like Batman and Spider-Man digging at each other.

4 Flawless Logic


If there’s one person worse than Lois Lane at figuring out identities, it’s Commissioner Gordon. He’s got no clue who Batman could be. One of the dime cops here has the gall to suggest Bruce Wayne could be Batman. It can’t be Batman, Gordon points out with unfailing logic, since Bruce Wayne hates bats. He’s always hated Bats since that time he fell down the well during the flashback in that George Clooney Batman movie I think.

The suspect list of buff billionaires in the city with the tech resources to be Batman is just too long.

Why would he BECOME the thing he hates? That’s some weird counter-intuitive superhero thinking right there. No way it could be Bruce. Seriously though, Clark Kent gets a lot of flack for only hiding behind glasses and not much else. Bruce Way has a better alter ego and costume, I’ll grant. But any reasonable person couldn’t put two and two together— meaning that you can’t put the two of them in the same room at the same time. There’s also nobody else in Gotham with the ability to make Batmobiles and bat jetpacks and what have you.

3 Superman V. Logic


Art by: Dorkly

Wanna know one of the reasons Captain America: Civil War is so good? The film addresses what happens to all those pesky people in the buildings The Avengers destroy during the big superhero battle sequences. In the beginning of the film, a mother of one of their victims confronts Tony Stark. He feels deep shame. It leads to the rift between Captain America and himself. It’s not only compelling narratively, it asks the question if justice is truly served when there has to be collateral damage. Now let’s take a look at the logic of Batman v. Superman. That film seems to need to come up with a reason why the two are fighting. The reason? DC needs to get in on that Marvel money, yo. Superman confronts Batman about how he’s taking the law into his own hands. Batman right points out— um, say, isn’t that what you’re doing? That’s a good question. It’s answered with fists and kicks. Another logic problem of that movie is that Superman is, well, super whereas Batman has a strong suit. Superman can destroy buildings with his eyes. Would a suit— no matter how powerful— really stop Superman?

2 They Have Lines?


Art by: Dorkly

It’s true. These superhero ensembles are getting so jam-packed that even A-List stars aren’t getting any screen time. Avengers: Infinity War glittered with the light of a billion stars— not the astronomical ones but the important ones, celebrities. In my opinion, the film did a terrific job of balancing the screen time given the roster and how many characters they needed to cram in. But there’s always that one character who gets left by the wayside. Ridiculously, it’s Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman in the movies and Wonder Woman in real life too. I guess they weren’t sure whether or not the Amazonian Warrior’s first feature film would be a success when Justice League went into production, but if that’s the case boooooy was it a mistake. It’s said that Wonder Woman has super strength because she is single-handedly carrying the DC Universe right now. Not only was Wonder Woman a box office smash, it was also a critical darling and a fan favorite. Nothing else in the DC offering has come close to Wonder Woman. That’s a bit sad, considering it’s a good movie but not earth-shatteringly good. It seems that Marvel is always coming out with another hit that puts DC to shame.

1 Taking It To The Next Level


Art by: Dorkly

This hysterical comic from Dorkly asks how Superman and Batman take their relationships to the next level. This excerpt is part of a series. If you like what you see here, you’re advised to go ahead and click over to Dorkly. So naturally taking things to the next level means opening up and showing your SO a new side of you. Often, it’s a very vulnerable time. You may share one of your passions. You may introduce them to your friends. You may show them to your place. That’s what Superman and Batman do here. Naturally, Superman brings Lois Lane to his Fortress of Solitude in the middle of nowhere. It’s a winter wonderland. Lois is about to start belting out “Let It Go” any minute. Batman, by contrast, has to be weird. His super vulnerable place he takes his date to is his lair. It can’t be a normal lair with like cool gadgets and stuff. No, it has to be the weird museum of the fallen. He’s collected all sorts of paraphernalia from his battles, including Robin’s costume after he was struck down in battle. No wonder his date is looking creeped out. Now that you mention it, we never see her again throughout the series.

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