25 DC Logic Memes That Prove Their Movies Make No Sense

Memes are an excellent way to burst one’s bubbles over their favorite type of media, whether it concerns films or comic books there is some lack of logical reasoning that escapes the confines of reality. Even in worlds where magic is commonplace or fantastical beings exist there are still certain laws of common sense that need to be adhered to.

Alas, it is inevitable there would be some slippage between the cracks of reality. There’s nothing one can really do about them as they have to be overlooked for the sake of putting together a superhero movie, but you’d be surprised how certain logical oversights ruin the experience of watching a movie. Also, what's surprising is how these oversights could have been avoided altogether without sacrificing logic.

DC isn’t doing all that well in the film world as of late. It would seem whatever move they make some more criticism is thrown their way and scrutinized endlessly. This has given way to a set of memes that establish the nonsensical nature of their films. These are so wide-ranging that some memes aimed at fans of DC movies have also been made.

Some included in the list are up to the viewers’ interpretation as well. Others could very well be classified as some personal gripe the creator of the post has. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no doubt these memes are hilarious to sift through.

Without further ado, here are 25 memes that prove DC films make no sense.

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25 Good Guy Bane

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The Dark Knight Rises was filled with plot holes of all kinds. A whole list could be dedicated just for this movie alone. And yet the most striking of all would be with the plot hole of the Pit prison seen midway through the movie.

What kind of prison has such helpful inmates who nurse one back to health? Also, where exactly was the Pit situated? It seemed as if it was somewhere in the middle of Asia but Bruce was back in Gotham within a couple hours upon escape.

The other prisoners had no hint of malice in them. When Wayne was about to make his ascent out of the pit, they cheered for him! Inmates around the world would wish they got a prison like this. There’s even free cable.

24 Happy And Sad

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The original Superman films set the bar for the superhero genre for decades to come. The films haven’t really aged all that well and look rather hammy by today’s standards but we’ll let that slide because of the difference in technology. What doesn’t get a free pass is the manner in which Superman dispatches of General Zod. DC films in recent times have been branded as more mature compared to other films, maybe the idea has been set firmly in everyone’s minds as the inevitable comparison of Man of Steel with the older Superman film featuring Zod makes both story line’s rather illogical.

Yes, they are both different interpretations of the character but they are still the same character, aren’t they? Thus, the difference between the reactions of both Supermen is hard to believe. One’s pretty cool about it while the other is a weeping mess.

23 Parental Angst

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Had Thomas and Martha Wayne not gotten gunned down in that alleyway decades ago we would never have been bestowed with the presence of the dark knight. Bruce never got over his parents’ demise. In every interpretation of the character, he is haunted by their passing.

However, he’s still well into his forties in most stories and by this point, he should have dealt with this issue.

While Bruce had to undergo tragedy at a young age there’s no ignoring the fact that millions of other children in the world have had it worse and you don’t see them crying about it all their lives. At some point, it’s time to grow up. To this end, it doesn’t make sense for Batman to bring up his parents’ loss at every turn. The above meme serves to highlight this while also amusing us at Bruce’s expense.

22 Bringing Kids To Fight Supervillains

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The DC universe villains are a notch higher than villains of other comic series. Villains such as Darkseid do not take a second to vaporize their targets, no matter how young they may be or if they even pose a threat. The Joker, in fact, takes great pleasure in tormenting his enemies and Batman is at the top of this list.

In the DCEU, the Joker ended Jason Todd’s life to antagonize Batman. This was evident when Todd’s Robin suit was on display at the Batcave with the words ‘Joke’s on you, Batman. HAHAHA’, spray painted on it. It doesn’t make any sense to recruit children anyway. Not when a superhero could find an adult partner as well. Batman seems to love having very young sidekicks in particular which doesn’t align with his own childhood trauma.

21 Aquaman's Powers

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As Jason Momoa takes the reigns of the portrayal of Aquaman the character has turned cool. It has to be attributed to the actor’s appearance and aura of strength that has convinced the people he is not one to be shunned. Before this, though, Aquaman was long termed as the most useless hero in the Justice League.

It’s hard to get behind a guy whose most touted power is to talk to fish.

In the above meme, we see how fans perceived Aquaman. They would rather be saved by Batman who has no powers at all. Some blame can be given to DC as they promote Batman to be much stronger than he actually is. It makes no sense for one to overlook Aquaman when they need rescue from drowning but it’s funny nonetheless.

20 Skipknot's Quick Finish

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In the build-up to the release of Suicide Squad, every character featured in the movie was hyped greatly. Each one of these characters had their own snazzy poster to go along with an extensive attention to detail to their appearances.

Slipknot was promoted as the real deal. So what did DC decide to do with this character? They blew his head off instantly upon the first appearance. There was foreshadowing to this in the movie, however, as every other character was given a lengthy introduction that lasted the first 20 minutes of the film while Slipknot arrived without notice. Still, what was the point of promoting this guy in all the media only to finish him off within mere minutes? Besides, what kind of superpower is climbing anyway?

19 Batman's Lack Of Powers

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Somehow DC was able to convince people Batman could take out Superman. And although that was how it played out in Dawn of Justice, Batman only made it so due possessing a Kryptonite spear and the fact that Superman held back. Most Batman followers would still relentlessly argue that the Dark Knight could beat the Man of Steel despite being an ordinary human.

But things would be put in perspective if one were to point out how useless he was in the battle against Doomsday.

Only Superman could bring an end to Doomsday, even recovering from a nuke detonated at him, and eventually sacrificed himself. Batman had no clue what to do up against a foe that would not hold back and had no discernible weak points. Thus, there’s no logic to how the trailers promoted Batman having any chance of squaring up against Doomsday at all.

18 Lex's Ugly Hairdo

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One of the biggest gripes most had with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the clownish portrayal of Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg. Eisenberg is no doubt a talented actor but he has no clue how to play Lex Luthor. His interpretation is one that mixes the flamboyancy of The Riddler with the insanity of The Joker, none of these traits are reminiscent of the stoic and ingenious Luthor from the comics.

Appearance wise, what was up with the mop on Eisenberg’s head? If it wasn’t bad enough we had to put up with his jumpy attitude we also had to bear the wig that flopped around on his crown. Nothing about this version of Luther screamed intimidating or shrewd and unfortunately, as the stinger of Justice League revealed, this eccentric Luthor is here to stay.

17 Keeping Joker Alive For So Long

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It has never been logical for Batman to spare Joker. The reasoning they have given to us, for his incarceration in Arkham each time he is caught instead of being executed for his crimes against humanity, has been the Joker’s insanity.

But there comes a point even insane criminals need to be executed.

Batman’s rule of never taking a life has no justification where the Joker is concerned. He has been responsible for numerous tragedies and his lack of sanity cannot be seen as an excuse. Superman finished Joker off in a story arc that was the catalyst for his turn to the dark side but Batman here is more concerned for the end of his job as he has no left to run after. Maybe now he’ll realize his no life taking rule is nonsensical in some contexts.

16 Why So Excited?

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This is the most popular and quoted line when referencing the Man of Steel and for good reason, as it’s quite catchy. It’s so effective that we overlook the illogical meaning behind this. Why would the first two people be excited to see a bird or a plane?

Have you ever seen someone point at the sky excitedly when seeing these two things? If we take the line in the literal sense that is what the conclusive meaning would be. In comic book terms, it surely does manage to build up one’s excitement. But if we were to see this in live-action it would be ridiculous. Not to mention Superman looks nothing like a bird or a plane.

15 Highest Form Of Flattery

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There was a time when the DC Animated universe ruled the cartoon scene. Its shows were a breakthrough as they appealed to viewers of all ages, naming those shows solely for children would be incorrect. However, with Marvel’s runaway success with the MCU – and its style of putting comedy at the forefront – thy have taken the mantle as the leading comic giant in the world.

DC has copied some of Marvel’s style to replicate their success.

Justice League was noticeably lighter in tone compared to previous entries in the DCEU. The studio even fired Zack Snyder as their director to bring Joss Whedon to the helm. To those who don’t know, Whedon directed The Avengers. At the very least, Wonder Woman seems to be doing its own thing and the red portion of the pie chart above should represent this.

14 Easy As That

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In the comics, it might have worked to bring in a rather ludicrous reason to make Batman and Superman the best of friends. Comic books have transcended logic and are given a pass when they are crossed. Movies don’t get the same benefit.

The live-action films hit closer to home and fans need solid justification to stomach it. It has been brought up numerous times when illogical matters are discussed and this occasion is no different. The fact that Batman’s and Superman’s mothers had the same name led the two to become such fast friends from bitter enemies is among the pinnacle of nonsensical decisions taken by DC.

What’s worse is that Batman and Aquaman both have fathers with the same name so there’s room left for a future movie where those two become friends due to that fact.

13 All Orphans Become Superheroes

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There seems to be a ‘Parents Passed Away Syndrome’ that goes around in the comic world. Ever noticed how all the superheroes have one thing in common? They all have lost either one or both their parents. Clearly this is done to give these characters some backstory from the get-go and establish an origin that seeks to explain some flaws in their personality.

It’s a tried and tested method but one that has been exploited too much.

In the DC movies, not only is Batman parentless, Aquaman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg have all faced the loss of their parents. In Aquaman and Batman’s cases, they have neither mother nor father while the others have only one parent remaining. What are the odds of every superhero losing a parent?

12 She's A Fan

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This is quite possibly an oversight by the director but contributes to making this part of the scene illogical. You’d think Zack Snyder would have felt the area around to make sure there were no Superman supporters around.

In this particular scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a rally of people are protesting against Superman owing to his part in the destruction of most of Metropolis. One of the things that are ridiculous about this is that Superman had been fighting off Zod to protect humanity, and here they were protesting against them. But what makes even less sense is someone holding a banner that says ‘Marry Me, Superman’.

Why is this person even here at an Anti-Superman rally? Plus the poster seems to be designed by a teenage girl attending some concert.

11 Blending In

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Part of the appeal of the Justice League is just how human they might seem despite being among the most powerful beings in existence. Compared to their counterparts in the Marvel universe the Justice League is still on another level. They can easily be classified on God level considering their immense power. And yet these super beings would love to be among normal humans, even possessing empathy far greater than the average person would have.

Thus, one might say these gods would love to be humans themselves.

Wait a second, there’s one guy in there who actually is human! Batman is such a master of stealth that no one noticed he doesn’t have any powers. There’s always the lack of logic when Batman battles super-beings such as Darkseid and lives to tell the tale.

10 'Nuff Said

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This time we’re taking a shot at the fans of the DC movies rather than the studio themselves. Go out and have an argument with a Batman fan and you are guaranteed to receive the statement ‘Because he’s Batman’ as a period to mark the end of the argument. It would appear Batman can lose to no one in the eyes of his fans.

Taking logic completely aside, these followers ignore all of Superman’s powers which include Ice breath, Heat vision, Super speed, Flight, Super Strength, Super durability, Solar radiation power increase, just to name a few! And apparently, Batman needs just one point to name him victor – he’s Batman. It’s near impossible to have a logical argument with these hardcore fans and for the most part is a waste of time.

9 So Much For That Idea

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This meme is funny when considering how the trailers built up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to be. It seemed to have been leading up to a collision course between the two characters where neither men would hold back.

Although many had their doubts as to how Batman could hold up to the ever powerful Kryptonian, we all saw the end result.

Of course, Batman did had the advantage of a Kryptonite spear among other Kryptonite laced weapons that nullified Supes’ powers. It still didn’t make much sense to promote the film as having both characters full of bloodlust, when in actuality Superman was always holding back. Had he been allowed free rein, the outcome of the battle would’ve been different. Yet it’s still funny to see it from the original perspective and how badly Superman failed.

8 He's Still A Looker, Ladies

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Let’s just all agree to accept the DC universe’s ineptitude in identifying Superman from Clark Kent. Time and again this has been made fun of and yet never referenced to within the films. When geniuses the likes of Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are unable to crack this secret, who are we to object?

This meme doesn’t argue over the Clark Kent identity but lays shade over the women in that universe who don’t give Clark Kent a second glance. Even though Clark maintains a mild-mannered personality to separate himself from Superman, there’s no denying he is still a very handsome man. Thus, it doesn’t add up why no women ever seem to find him attractive. Lois Lane generally doesn’t regard Clark much and fantasizes about Superman, yet being in close proximity to Kent should have gotten her notice.

7 Literally Light Logic

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DC has been mulling a change in tone in recent times. Justice League was more humorous in its style. Although it received mix reception it was still better received than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Following the latter film, DC has shown to favor a shift to edgier yet simpler material. Take Suicide Squad, for instance. The marketing for the film heavily targeted its cooler tone while the film itself was on the edgier side of things.

However, we still need to see some definite shift in style rather than DC forcing it upon us.

Changing its logo in the film’s opening credits to highlight this doesn’t make any sense. Still, at least they’re trying so we have to give them some credit. Let’s hope this logical oversight remains one of the few ones in the future.

6 The Greatest Battle

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The DC extended universe has been plagued with a number of problems ever since its inception. Man of Steel was not initially expected to be the birth of a cinematic universe, and the film did not receive much scrutiny when it was released. Upon the announcement of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the attention was increased tenfold and the anticipation of critical reviews was much awaited.

When Rotten Tomatoes deemed the film unworthy there became a great divide between the critics and the fans. Loyal fans have lambasted the site for showing favoritism toward marvel and harboring prejudice for DC. This is evident in this meme that aims to take a shot at those fans as they don’t realize that Rotten Tomatoes only aggregates reviews.

5 Who Needs Diversity, Right?

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Marvel’s recipe for success has to do with branching out and testing the waters with a slew of different characters. At one point it was inconceivable to suggest releasing films like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Black Panther, but they’ve made it work to perfection. DC hasn’t quite grasped the idea of shaking things up and have been content with their usual set of popular characters.

To make it simple, they’ve relied on Batman and Superman films to keep them relevant thus far.

Over time, this formula can’t work as consumers need new material to stay interested and DC’s offerings with Batman and Superman have been less than satisfactory. With Wonder Woman’s success and the releases of Aquaman, Flashpoint, and Cyborg in the works, DC might be looking at an upswing.

4 Batman's Ridiculous Logic

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You know Batman has some serious skill in striking fear in the hearts of men when he is feared far more than Superman, who could backhand anyone into oblivion. The Caped Crusader has perfected the art of interrogation, meaning there’s almost no one who could get by him. It’s even more impressive seeing that he never intends to finish his targets. Yet there’s a pretty glaring flaw in this logic.

Batman’s weapons are more lethal than just using a gun. His utility belt houses weapons such as bombs, razor blades, electrical charges and even poisonous gases. He’s not exactly shy about using these against his foes either. Therefore, it would seem while he doesn’t end his enemies, he does leave them in a worse fate.

3 Who Can Understand Women?

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Rachel Dawes played around with the emotions of Bruce Wayne more times than Joker tried to end him. She never could figure out whether her feelings for Bruce were genuine enough to overlook his identity as the Caped Crusader.

The annoying part is she never made up her mind why she couldn’t be with Bruce.

Their relationship had never progressed beyond friendship beforehand. When she found out he was more than the facade he put up, she decreed his dual life as something impossible to accept. Then what exactly does she like about him? It would have been easier on the poor fellow if she had told him once and for all they could never be together, but kept him on the hook by claiming if he gave up being Batman they could have a future, which was also a lie.

2 Superman Needs A Map

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It might be a little-known fact nowadays, but the full form of Justice League is, in fact, the Justice League of America. While the Avengers are known as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Justice League openly state their main intention is to protect just the USA.

Superman calls himself the protector of Earth, and yet when have we ever seen him away from Metropolis? Surely the one who shields the Earth from enemies should have some input in other countries? However, we never do see the Man of Steel in places like Iraq or Afghanistan, where innocent people need his help.

Even his attire is inspired by USA’s national colors. Then again we can’t fault the guy too much; all the aliens that invade Earth solely attack the USA.

1 Bruce's Budget Issues

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In a study over which cartoon or comic book character has the most riches, Bruce Wayne came out on top. Wayne even bested mega-rich characters such as Tony Stark and Scrooge McDuck. Suffice to say, the guy has a lot of money.

Seemingly, though, Bruce’s budget cuts short when it comes to masking his voice.

In the Arrowverse, Green Arrow effectively employs a voice manipulator that changes his voice. Although his mask is rather terrible, the voice does an effective job of hiding his identity. In the Dark Knight trilogy, Bruce Wayne’s genius idea to cover up his voice is to simply growl and hope no one notices. You’d think Wayne would invest perhaps a couple thousand to get a voice changing tech of his own, but maybe the budget just didn’t hold.

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